Zindaan – The Golden cage Chapter 1 (Beginning)

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A girl was running from someone in between the forest. Suddenly, she gets to stop because of the cliff in front of her. An unmasked person push her from the cliff. She woke up to this nightmare, sweating badly. She switches on the light while breathing heavily. She pours water in glass & drink in one go. She then wipes her sweat by picking tissues from a nearby table.”That accident has happened so long, Why these nightmares are not leaving me?”She said holding her head in stress. “There is no way of moving out from this. I just hope that it won’t affect Ani” She thinks, looking at her sister picture on a nearby table, while tears flow down from her eyes.

Suddenly, her phone starts ringing and she received it. “Yeah, I am coming. U take care of other things ” She replied to someone. She sees time after cutting the call & her phone screen shows 1:30 a.m.

She tied her messy hairs in a bun & change her nightdress in a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt without wasting much time. She picks up her phone and move outside but stopped in front of another room.

“Ani, I am going,” She said while entering in her room but found it empty. “Where the hell this girl gone in the night?” She said looking here & there. “Woohoo,” A girl shouts from behind while she gets scared. “Ani, Where were you?” She asked while calming her fast heartbeat. ” I was in the washroom but look at your scared face,” Anika said laughing while she looks her annoyedly. “Why are u awake at this time?” She asked. “I was seeing a movie,” She said excitedly.

“Are u serious? You only tell me that u have to prepare design for new job and here u are watching a movie. How can u going to wake up tomorrow? ” She complained while noding her head in disbelief. “This is fun & life should be adventurous, not boring like you” She chuckled. “Accha, I am going. There is an emergency case in hospital” She said. “In this much night, I am telling u that this profession of yours is over boring,” She said to her.

“Ani, Don’t forget to lock the door & windows. I will warn security too” She said while caressing her face. “Ohh Madam, I am not a kid. Moreover, you are going alone, you need this lecture” She said while she smiles on her cuteness. “Accha, you also give me a lecture in return. Take care ” She smiled & move toward the exit.

She was driving her car in the direction of the hospital. Suddenly, she saw a man in front of her car and apply the immediate break. Her head almost dashed on steering due to the sudden force. She immediately rushed outside to see the person without caring about herself but there is no one. “What’s wrong with you Drishya?” She said wiping away the sweat on her forehead. She immediately rushed back toward her car & start driving. “How can u be so careless? How can you forget about the hospital?” She drives fastly while blabbering. She stops the car in front of the hospital & rushed toward inside.

She immediately enters in operation theatre wearing mask & gloves. She sees her patient lying unconscious. “Did u give general anaesthesia to her? ” She asked to nurse examining her while the nurse nods her head in positive. “Why? Didn’t you need to opt for normal delivery first,” She asked sternly. “Mam, Dr Rhea told to do so. She said that she is not able to tolerate the pain that’s why she suggested caesarean surgery ” She replied. She glared her & start operating. She successfully completed it. “Put the stitches & Make sure to clean the baby ” She commanded before leaving OT.
“Congratulations, You got a baby girl,” She said informing the family which is outside.

“Where is Dr Mehta?” She asked to nurse while throwing gloves on the nearby dustbin.”He has got some emergency in a home that’s why he is not able to do night shift” Nurse told her. “And you have informed me this when a patient’s life is almost in danger. Can’t you think of informing me before? ” She said.

“Hey Drishya, What about your operation ” Rhea said, seeing her standing with other doctors .”Who the hell told you to experiment on my patient” She shouted. ” That means ur operation was unsuccessful,” She said smiling. “In your dreams. Don’t you dare to play with any patient lives because of personal grudges? I am going to tell this to Sir .”She said angrily. ” Go ahead, He is going to do nothing. You just think about yourself. I mean just stop taking profit of being his son’s girlfriend….oops ex-girlfriend” She said smirking. “You better stop here,” she said gritting her teeth. “Rhea, You are crossing your limits. Ishu is here because of experience. Our relationship is a private matter, so just keep out of this” He sternly said from behind. She turns on his voice. “Swayam, I was just…” Rhea said but he interrupts in her between. “I don’t care what you were doing or not? Just stay away from Ishu” He said holding her hand, dragging her with himself. “Be in your limits?” Drishya said jerking his hand. “Ishu, Are you alright,” He asked with concern. “It’s Drishya, You might be forget my name. ” She replied staring in his eyes. “Dr Mehta is calling you Dr Drishya” Nurse asked, breaking their eyelock. “Yes Sister, I am coming. Excused us Dr Swayam” She said & moved past to him with the nurse. He turns back & stares her leaving.

“Dr Drishya, Pardon me as u have to do night duty because of me,” Advik said genuinely. “No, It’s alright. I hope your problem get solved” She said. “You can go home if u want. I will do ur day duty ” He suggested. “No need ” She replied. “Please accept it ” He insisted. “Sure, Thank you,” She said with a smile. She walks toward her cabin & picks up her white coat. She sees the watch & it shows 4:30 a.m. “Ani is going to kill me for sure. Normally c-section didn’t take much time but that case was complicated .” She sighed & walked toward the exit after locking her cabin.

“I warn you to be careful about Ani & you are sleeping here” She shouts on the security guard, looking him sleeping. “Sorry Mam, I thought that Anika madam doesn’t go anywhere in the night” He replied. “Did I ask ur opinion? Be careful next time” She said & enter in the house. She hung her coat on the chair. “Who is there?” She asked after listening to some sounds from the kitchen. “You, What are u doing here at this time?” She asked to cook. “I am preparing for breakfast. Do u need anything Madam?” She replied while she nods her head in negative. She moves upstairs to become fresh. “Where is Ani?” She asked to maid after searching her. “She went outside” She replied. “At this time. Did she told that where she is going?” She asks while maid nods her head in negative. “Listen, What about Dad? Did he came back?” She asks while she replied negatively. “You go, I will ask from Ani,” She said & dialled her number. “Where are you?” Drishya asked. “I am on the beach” Anika replied. “Have you gone mad Ani. What are you doing on the beach? ” She frowned. “Ishu, I was completing my designs. This nature is helping me a lot.” She said cheekily while she patted her own forehead. “You are impossible. Well, Are you coming back for breakfast?” She asks from the other side. “Nope, I will come with good news after the interview. I have to complete my design” She said & cut the call while she nods her head in disbelief on her carelessness. “Mam, Breakfast is ready ” Maid informed her. “I am not going to do alone. No one is here, neither Dad nor Ani.” She replied & move upstairs.

The whole building maintains well & it’s glass reflecting rays of the sun. On top of that, ‘Oberois textiles’ are carved beautifully which is shining because of light. A man enters inside, opening the glass door. “Good morning Sir” A female employed wish him with a rose while he enters in his cabin, ignoring her wish. “How rude? At least he should wish in return. He has so much attitude ” The same female employee commented. “Nope Nisha, He doesn’t mingle with girls much.”Another female employee said. “Aditi, Don’t tell me that he is gay,” she said. “No, He is just introvert” Aditi replied. “Hmm, Is he married or committed?”Nisha asks back while she shrugged her shoulders.

” Khanna, What’s the schedule for today?” He asked with his male secretary. ” Sir, we have an interview for choosing new designer ” He informed. “Fine, Do collect designs of all. I personally choose the best one. Do remember not to accept who are late” He ordered while he nods his head and leaves from his cabin.

“This car also needs to break down only” Anika said while stamping her foot while seeing the smoke coming out of her car. “If I wait for a mechanic, I would surely become late ” She blabbered. “If I will book a cab, then also it going to take fifteen minutes,” She thinks in her mind. “Today is indeed an unlucky day,” She said holding her head, thinking about a way. She then hires an auto & starts covering the distance.

Precap – Anika met Shivay….. Maya and Shivay watch movie together.

Kindly ignore grammatical errors. Proofreading is not done yet.

Which character introduction u like more?

Which character does u find more interesting?

The main story is going in the second part as this part is for character introduction. Next part has more of Shivay & Anika.

The second chapter will be updated tomorrow. Don’t forget to tell your views in the comment section.



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    Loved this episode…u nailed it dear😘😘just fall in love with it writing skills..eagerly waiting for the next episode..and I like Swayam’s character😄..take care

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      Thanks dear, Glad you like it. Your kind words matter a lot, I think I need to improve more in writing skills. I am glad you like Swayam’s characters. Take care and next parts are already posted 💕💕❤

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