Zaroori Tha|I’ll snatch you from sky too|note

Zaroori Tha | I’ll snatch you from sky too |


Well as all ishqaaz fans i mean Surbhi fans know what fuel is added on different social media that makers are trying to push Surbhi out from Ishqbaaz that turned it to fire now.






We all know that already ishqbaaz losted it’s charm year back and now the gem of Ishqbaaz is to get lost.

Don’t know it’s a stunt by makers for publicity but literally it’s all not acceptable by fans.

As Ishqbaaz was a product of gul khan but Anika (Surbhi) made it a “Brand” and now without her Ishqbaaz will just remain a by-product and soon it will be smashed under feet too.

I was about to update tje next shot but a news made me change my mind and filled my eyes with tears and heart with pain.

I know it was a show which has to end some day but not like this. If Surbhi left it for me it will also end the day i won’t be able to see her in Ishqbaaz more.

“NoSurbhiNoIshqbaaz ” So still i don’t get good news that Surbhi will part of IB till then i’m not gonna update the next shot.

“Sorry but Linu is heart “???????

Bye bye signing out Linu

  1. Your words are true even i can’t imagine ib without anika she is great wall of ib though story started with shivomruv but anika became life of ib
    1)Anika shivay ki billu billi laddai pleasure to watch.
    2) her dictionary
    3) her caring and loving nature towards omru ladli bhabi
    4) dadi ki fav jhalli bahu
    5) sahil and shiv ki lifeline
    6) team of anishivomru ?
    7) aniriya team a caring and protective sister and sister in law
    8) enemies ki tai tai phis karne wali
    9) her khidkithod ideas
    10 ) her red champa
    11) khanna ki fav madam
    12) kapoor sis ki lovable enemy
    Anika ke bina shiv nahi shiv ke bina om nahi om ke bina ru nahi ru ke bina ib nahi aur ib ke bina hum nahi

    1. Nati

      Your words are exactly mine dear. That’s why i request Nati di too that i would update i’m crying like babies. Nor can sleep all the time imaging nd waiting for good news that makers give us our Anika back.

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is very sad.. But maker are decided… #nosurbhinoishqbaaz.. I am quitting the show with last episode of Anika..

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