Zaroori tha | I’ll snatch you from sky too|shot 10

Hey everyone this is the 10th shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.

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“Shivaay glare her ” Are you wearing this dress or want this nuptial to be broken? and” you know when this nuptial breaks”

I won’t ,do did you get that ” i’m not that Anika to whom you can force to do anything according your will and wish”
I’m not prey of yours that will beg you, plead you for mercy as today’s Anika is not weak , she’s not weak that……
Ke jis ka jab dil chaha meri kamzooriyo ko apna hathiyaar bana kar mujh par he waar kar diya……
( that people use my weakness as weapon to stab me back)

Ab na meri koi kamzori hai aur na mein.

( Now I do not have any weakness and nor i’m)
Is liya apne dil aur dimagh se yeh khayal nikal ke phank de ke ap mujh majboor kar paye gay. Na mein majboor hoon aur na kamajor.
( So for your heart and mind throw away this thought, you will be forced to compel me. I am not compelled or weak.)
Is liye yeh apni dhamkiya aur tadi kisi aur ko dikhiye Anika ko nahe
( threat someone else not me and don’t show your Tadi to Anika)
“Understood !!”

Wow!! Such an impress speech an Oscar winning , itni bhari barkam shabad OMM please give me strength to pick the weight of these words. Because the one who’s using these heavy weighted words…..( Shivaay clutches Anika from elbow ) is the most weakest and……( Anika cuts)
Shivaayyyy!!! Anika shouted

Don’t shout when Shivaay Singh Oberoi is speaking zip your mouth….. now were i was ” Yes i was showing mirror to somone ” who’s the most weakest and minor….. jis nay hindi serials se bhari bhari shabad to seekh liya hai par unka real life mein……
( Who has learned a lot of words from Hindi serials, but in real life……)

Arrey shift now what’s the hindi of “USE”
( Shivaay stretches his head but deep blue eyes kept glaring Anika ) please hindi ki headmaster will you translate this sentence into hindi but wait let me take help from Gauri’s google chachi ji

Google translater speaks
Anika ney bhari bharkam shabad to seekh liya hai par unka asalee zindagi mein na un ke sach arth aur “upayog” karna nahe atta.
So in hindi use is call “upayog” thank you google chachi.
But wait… Aww!! Google chachi i didn’t said Anika. I only said has learned…. then why you took Anika name very bad.
Shivaay throws his fone in range and shouts
Anika is the most weakest and minor person in the whole universe. Now i hope you know the meaning of ” Minor”
So don’t you dare to roar the anthem of
” I’m not weak ” Understood !!

Do and say whatever you want ( Anika free herself from his hold)but i won’t stay in this house, nor lifes and nor gonna lighten any diya ” Have you understood ” Anika retorted

Shivaay eyes got in deeper shade. He push Anika against wall and lock her inbetween wall and himself

Anika you only have twenty minutes decide , you want to perform GC with me or want to perform my last rituals.
Yeha to tum aaj woh diya jaalo gayi, yeh meri chitta ko jaalta dekho gayi.
Saying this Shivaay moves out of room leaving Anika in shock.

@ Hall

“Where’s Anu Shivaay?” Aarohi questioned worriedly
Shivaay smiled and side hug Aarohi ” Maa your Anu is absolutely fine. She’s getting ready for puja. Just in five minutes your Anu will be infront of your eyes and will lighten that diye”
Aarohi eyes gets watery glancing the diye ” sachi ”
All hug Aarohi tightly ” muchi ”

Shivaay sign Chanda to go to Anika’s room
@ Shivika room
Anika who was eyeing them all from window. She break down on floor
“Why you want me why, only me why?” I’m not that…….. word dies in Anika mouth

Kabhi Kabhi
Kabhi Kabhi Aise Diyon Se
Lag Hai Jaati Aag Bhi

Anika screams loudly and cries

Dhule Dhule Se Aanchalon Pe
Lag Hain Jaate Daag Bhi
Hain Veeraanon Mein Badalte
Dekhe Mann Ke Baag Bhi

“Anika !!” Chanda calls her from behind.
Anika quickly wipes her tears and stood up ” Chanda you?”

“Anika you were crying?”Chanda cup her face and questioned
“No, i was not crying ” Anika denies and put her hands down.

“Lie to those that can’t catch your lies not to your friend ” Chanda spoke

“So you call your friend ?” Anika questioned her smirking.
What you saying Anika do you have any doubt on your friend and our friendship ” Chanda asked with heavy throat”
“No, but still i need prove ” Anika said
What prove you need Anika? If you will say i’ll give my li…….Anika cup Chanda’s mouth before she could complete.
Chanda pulls Anika in bone crushing hug ” pata hai mujh ke tu bohat ameer ho gayi hai. Aur ab tujhse mile ke liya hum gareebo ko tujhse appointment lena parta hai.

( I know, you have become wealthy . And now, to meet you, we poor need appointment )

Par yaar mein itni bhi gareeb nahe ke tu ney mujhe ek baar nazar bhi utha kar nahe dekha. Kyun rooth gayi hai apni dost se bol na Anika kuch chup hai.

( But friend i’m not that much poor that you didn’t even bother to gaze me for once. Why you are annoy with your friend tell na why you are salient Anika?)

Chanda cries seeing Anika in mirror that she doesn’t reciprocate the hug.

Song plays

Tu jo rootha toh kaun hansega
Tu jo chhoota toh kaun rahega
Tu chup hai toh yeh darr lagta hai
Apna mujhko ko ab kaun kahega

And you know i’m more wealthy then you ( Chanda breaks the hug and cup Anika face) because this Chanda had friend like you Anika.

Tu hi wajah…
Tere bina bewajah bekar hoon main
Tera yaar hoon main
Tera yaar hoon main

“But i want you to became Anika” Anika said coldly

“What?” Chanda said shockingly

What nahe prove me that you are friend and can do anything. Life is very cheap and i don’t bid of cheap things i bid on rare things. Just for thirty minutes and thirty cores ” Anika said “

Chanda eyes popped out and ears got deaf. She wasn’t able to digest Anika words.

@ Hall

Why Anika taking so long? I think i myself have to go and bring her down. She won’t get down like this. All are smiling after ages and i can’t see them upset again. Maa eyes are fixed on Anika’s door but she……. ” Shivaay pov”

“SSO when Anika di will come down? ” sahil asked holding his hand

Shivaay brushes his thoughts away and took Sahil in arms after you give me kiss.

“Sahil softly peck Shivaay cheek” Thank you SSO”

@ Shivika room

Canada what are you thinking? I know i don’t know how many zeros comes in cores but don’t worry i’ll give you blank cheque. You, yourself fill it but no cheat ok. You know i hate cheaters ” Anika spoke”

Anika have you gonne mad ? No, you were mad before but know you have became psycho ” Chanda clutches her shoulder”

“That’s a nice compliment ” Anika said smilingly

Acha leave praising me and come we have only have ten minutes more i’ve to fix mask on your face and don’t worry it’s in my car” Anika spoke stepping towards pool”

Anika why you are doing this, why you are spoiling your beautiful world? Why? ” Chanda questioned her marching behind ”

Anika turned her face and gets shocked to see Shivaay holding dress in hand.

Chanda you please leave us alone and let me bring her down myself ” Shivaay address to her approaching Anika with long step”

Chanda nods and leave from there.

“Let me dress you, myself Miss Ruthless” Shivaay said huskily in Anika ear

Anika was about to pushes him away when Shivaay holds her close to him

Don’t shy my lady. I know my touch effect you, it rises volcano inside you but today you have to calm that storm first that you rose. After that i’ll touch you like worm on silk ” Shivaay said all against Anika burning skin”

He gently peck her crook of neck. Anika shut her eyes tightly in response her heart shades pleads for melting but mind composed as rock.

Song plays
Nazdeek Hai Dil ke, Phir kyun lage milke
Jaise ho milon door ho
Jazbat hai anjaana, Mushkil hai samjhana
Apna hai ya hai ghair woh

May i have the honour please to dress you beautifully “He asked twisting her wrist”

Anika slowly open her eyes ” Shut up”

“Don’t be shy na wifey from your hot hubby” Shivaay hugs her tightly inhaling her fragrance

Shivaay tries to act of pulling her top when Anika stops her…

“I’ll wear myself ” Anika said hurriedly

Shivaay breaks the hug and smiled ” i’m waiting outside the closet but if you want i can join you inside the close too.

Anika shouts ” No and runs inside the close”

Shivaay did his famous signature step.

After few minutes

@ hall

Shivaay stepping down wrapping his arm around Anika milky waist

All eyes gets filled with tears of happiness seeing their soul infront of their eyes.

Aarohi was about to step forward when Dev stops her.

Not know stay quite and don’t get close to Anu. ” Dev orders”

“Aarohi understood what Dev means, she fakely smile and nods positively”

Behave well and don’t you dare to do any hankypanky ” Shivaay warned her ”

Anika beta come and complete the ritual of Rajput’s and lighten that diye ” Devi ji said smilingly”

Anika stealingly glance Aarohi feet and then diya
Mera Nahi
Mera Nahi Hai Woh Diya Jo
Jal Raha Hai Mere Liye

Bhavya runs towards Anika holding rakhi in hand ” no first i’m gonna tie rakhi to my didu ”

No you but we Bolu ” Gauri said simlingly”

Wow !! Two two celebration at the same time OMM ” Pinky jumps in excitement”

Pinky atleast see you age ” Shakti teases Pinky”

Mummy ji ” Pinky complains”

Even our rakhi was pending ” Om spoke”

And here’s our rakhi O” Rudra showed all”

Chalo first we’ll celebrate rakhi and then puja ” Dadi ji announce ”

That’s noor of Rujput’s soon my noor enter whole Rajput is twinkling and rejoicing ” Devi ji proudly said kissing Anika forehead”

Gayu and Omru go and tie rakhi on your di and bhaiya wrist” Dev said”

Anika took her step back seeing Gayu happily running towards her

Meri Taraf Kyun Ye Ujaale
Aaye Hain Inko Rokiye

Aarohi who notice Anika gets confuse ” why Anu took her step back?” She questioned herself.

Shivaay forcefully made Anika sit on couch saliently let your sisters tie rakhi otherwise you know what can happen no choice Jaanu ” Shivaay whispers”

Omru too made Shivaay sit and happily ties rakhi around Shivaay wrist.

Song plays

Lafzon ka yeh rishta nahe…….

Gayu softly peck Anika cheek ” We love you didu”

Anika close her eyes tightly a thin layer of tear gets escaped for her eye that got unnoticed by rest.

Yun Begaani Roshini
Mein Kab Talak Koi Jiye

“Anika di your wrist ” Gayu asked for.

Today not Anika di but first i’m gonna tie rakhi on Anika di wrist ” Sahil said adjusting himself in Anika’s lap”

Anika extend your arm your Gayu and Sahil are waiting ” Shivaay orders her”

Anika gazes Gayu



what will happen next will. Who will win Miss Ruth or The great wall.


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  1. Amazing episode natu 😊
    Loved full episode from start till the end.😘
    Waiting eagerly for next update
    Byee take care and keep smiling

    1. Nati

      Thank you angel for giving time my ff.

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Amazing as always..maana ki anudi apna jagah sahi hai..par kahi na kahi ghalath bhi hai..and same goes to Billu…Loved shivhil scene..shivika all scenes are dhamakedhar..will be eagerly waiting for the next..till then take care..

    1. Nati

      Thank you prabha for your support keep supporting. U too take care

  3. Ufff….. Nati di how you imagine to write such strong emotions. Every time i got goosebumps reading your fiction.

    The way you have showcased Anika character it’s flabbergast your each update compel me to flow in love with Anika and you……. superb each and every dialogue of Shivika is a sixer. You just nailed it as always di, i was not reading but i was seeing the whole episode infront of my eyes so natural and realist feeling only you have the power to write such a strong content.

    Aarohi and Anu scene was short but said everything that words can’t an unspoken pain. ( when every their part comes i don’t know why my eyes gets watery ?) Beautiful.

    From head to toe you burned the page.🔥🔥

    will be eagerly waiting for the next..till then take care……. plz update the next ASAP i can’t wait to long to see Ms Ruth vs the great wall.

    1. Nati

      Such a big compliment haya thank u dear but truly i’m not that much good writer. It’s all your love towards me otherwise i’m not that much worthy.

      But i’m so glad so see your support and yeah welcome to ff if i didn’t welcome u before

  4. Nikita_jai29

    I always love you updates dear… Your updates shows that your nature is so strong and you care for everyone.. Stay happy and blessed dear

    1. Nati

      Thank you Niku my support system u don’t knw seeing ur comment bring smile on my face…….. thank a lot for every word the mean so much for me. U too stay bless and happy 😚

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