Zaroori tha | I’ll snatch you from sky too| shot 8

Hey everyone this is the 8th shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.

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I’m sorry but i can’t lie more to you all and to myself but i’m not ASR i’m Anika

” Rajkumari ji…..”

Ground slipped under Aarohi feet, her hand stambles .She with tears gazes Anika.

Reporters “Then who you are in actual”

“That i’ll tell you” someone spoke from behind.

“Sundari bua !! Shivaay mumbled ”

All turned behind and saw Attaye ki bori Sundari bua entering the mansion

She’s Anika my Anika and i’m her pyaari se Sundari bua. Bua introduces herself to media and runs towards Anika to crush her.

Anika beta how are you beta. I’m sorry just because of me you have to bear their torture but don’t worry know you bua is here” Bua said crushing Anika bones”

Reporters ” Mr Rajput and Mr Oberoi what’s all this please answer us. She’s not ASR”

Both Rajput’s and Oberoi’s gets deaf ear. Their eyes were just staring Anika.

R ” Why you all are salient please answer us, why you guys torture this girl”

“We didn’t torture her. Anika why you are lying?” Pinky spoke”

Haw!! I’m lying bua please show this media ture picture of them. How the are torturing your niece…..Anika cries

Haan, meri bachi don’t cry and let me show the whole world what they were doing with you…..” Bua spoke”.

Bua begins her india serial and in dramatic way showed Cctv footage to media in which Pinky and Om tied Anika…

“Anika stood behind Shivaay and hum a song ”

is mein tera ghaata aur mera kuch nahe jaata.

Sar plan fail ho jaata par SSO kuch na kar pata


Shivaay glare her from corner of eye Khanna throw media out. He grasp Aarohi hand and left the room.

Soon rest of the family member exist from room with disappointment.

Anika sign media to leave.

@Aarohi place

Aarohi inner soul taunts her

Why you are crying now ? Rajkumari ji !!

O let me think why your eyes are wet…. hmmm i got it

Finally she called you what you what to hear ” Rajkumari ji”

Aarohi sobs ” No, just wanted to hear Maa sirf Anu ki Maa hai aur kisi ki nahe” not that Princess

Inner soul

But you, yourself ordered her, and what’s ordered by Princess it became law to act upon it.

Princess order are command for Anu oppss sorry for a ” beggar”

Aarohi ” how can you say that, you know i was just angry on Anu, i didn’t saw her for that last fifteen days and then she bid her dream house, her first gift by her mother.”

Inner soul

And what about Anu, Aarohi? She never complain you still. You got angry just because she sold that gift but what about that girl of twelve years don’t, she has to right to pour her anger on you, on her mother.

She just pleaded you, just pleaded for explanations, “explanations of lie”

Rest she kept on punishing herself.

How misfortune Aarohi you are, infront of all your Anu just yours called you…… “Princess” what Princess.

Aarohi shouts ” Stop itttttt !!!”

Anu called me Princess because she’s angry on her mother.

Inner soul

You can shut my mouth and give justification to me but you can’t world’s.

They will call her ” Orphan ”

Aarohi screamed

“Anu is not Orphan”

Inner soul

Vanhi just parted you both from bodies but you Aarohi you, yourself parted Anu from soul.

Ab maa Anu ki Maa nahe hai. Balke Rajkumari ji hai.

Woh ek bikhari aur tum ek Rajkumari…… bas ab ek yeh he rishta hai tumhare aur Anika ke beech.

Aarohi covers her eyes and shouts more loudly ” Nooo she’s my Anu , my Anu and i’m here maa”

Maa aur Aloo puri sirf Anu ki hai suna tum ney

Aarohi whipes her tears….Anu will call me maa. She mumbles and runs out.

@ Shivika place

Tum Anika ho nahe sakti. Kyun ke ? Meri Anika ghar ko aur dilo ko ek he dori se band kar rakhti thi. Unko bekharna nahe.

Haan tum khirkitod Anika nahe ho. Woh Anika zindagi se aur duniya se larno walo may se thi. Na ke tumhari jesi kahir.

Tum woh Anika nahe ho jise is pathar ko dhadakan sekhaya tha.

Tum to woh ho jisi ne apni he dhadakan ko zinda dafan kar diya.

Tum sirf ek behroopia ho jisi ka chehra to Anika jesa hai, par tumhara dil woh Anika jesa nahe…..

Pathar ho tum , pathar aur woh Anika phool nahe hua karte ..

Anika “Yes, I’m not any Anika” She pushed Shivaay hard.

So then better stay away from me and don’t you again try to come in between my wayyyyyy.

Is that clear to you SSO.

Aaj ke baad agar ap ne yeh ap ki family ka koi bhi , koi bhi member mujhe mere aas pass bhi dikha to……..( Shivaay cuts)

Shivaay pulls her close ” to phir kya, kya kar lo gayi tum hah?”

That what you have not even thought off” Anika said jerking his hand and turned her face”

What you will do now? That i’ve not thought off? (He shouted and hold her close to him)

I’ve not thought of seeing you on death bed….. i’ve not thought of crying infront of gods pleading them for your breaths…..

I’ve never thought that a girl who broke SSO ego will herself will be so weak……( Anika cuts)

Anika clutches his collar ” i’m not weak, i’m not weak”

You are weak and you are the weakest person on this universe ” Shivaay tightly cup her face and shouts”

Anika with red eyes that grew big with anger shouts ” i’ll prove you that i’m not weak”

Shivaay twisted her arms back ” for that you want a new dare na so let me give it to you do your next dare Miss Ruthless”

Prove me wrong that you are not weak by accepting this dare…. prove me… (Shivaay pulls her close)

“What say Miss Ruthless?” Shivaay glare her

“I do ” Anika spoke deep looking in his blue orbs

Tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi……

After few hours

@ Hall

Intercom rings

“Hello, yes Karishna what happened?” Om asked

“Sir, press and media came” Karishna replied

Om ends the com without answering him, he turns and glances all with shock who were standing with shock too hearing gate keeper Krishna.

“Press and Media?” Gauri said shockingly

But dad the press conference was already held na” Bhavya spoke”

“Dev was left in thoughts”

“That was all fake, Anika can do anything but she can’t let anyone to point finger on us ” Devi ji

Shivaay who was too present their and after listening devi ji. He gets ashamed and cursing himself for accusing Anika.

I don’t know what’s cooking in Anu’s mind. ” Dev said”

Aarohi who heard all of the conversation left into more grief.

@ XYZ club

“How they can touch me, how?” Anika mumbling while roughly playing squash….

Anika kept on beating the wall and her blood kept on kissing the floor.

The net of racket was pleading for mercy but Miss Ruthless didn’t passes the gaze of pity on it and finally Ms Ruth did the murder of racket along with ball

Racket number 10 and ball number 12 may there soul rest in peace ” Kabir spoke”

But the point is when Miss Ruthless will get peace. He futher added and holds Anika hand, he was about to apply oinment on her bury when Anika took her hand back.

Anika “We are just dare and business partners Mr Beast…… i don’t want any “Commiseration”

And let me remind you ” Beast never keep warm heart”

Kabir runs behind her ” But for you i keep Ani”

Anika turns and glare him ” then roast that heart….”

Yes, Ani i do…. but as a friend, after i lost my love Shanya, i became Beast but the day i saw you, i saw the same pain in your eyes, that turned….

“A Human to Inhuman ”

But you are not insane towards others but you have turned insane’s towards yourself Miss Ruthless.

Anni please stop bl…….( Anika cuts)

Racist are waiting Mr Beast come let’s have a race but today place and new dare will be mine” Anika spoke”

Kabir pov

Anni i’ve losted my love but won’t let you to lost nor your love….

What you think? I don’t know reason behind your pains, i do know Anni but let see till when you will remain ” unknown”



Kabhi Kabhi
Kabhi Kabhi Aise Diyon Se
Lag Hai Jaati Aag Bhi
Dhule Dhule Se Aanchalon Pe
Lag Hain Jaate Daag Bhi
Hain Veeraanon Mein Badalte
Dekhe Mann Ke Baag Bhi


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  1. Nikita_jai29

    Finally who is shanaya revealed.. Aarohi monologue is good.. Love u dear

  2. ItsmePrabha

    feeling bad for Aarohi..oh toh dare billu ne diya tha i thought Mr.beast..precap is interesting..will be waiting for it..till then take care..

  3. Hahah so it was bua i thought Mr beast came to RM nice twist again…..

    Aarohi😭😭 feeling too bad for her but somewhere she deserve but not this much . Shivika scene OMG di from where you think this much to write such strong emotional and feelings they are so real and power pack.

    And mr beast keep heart for Ms Ruthless good one di keep it up and keep writing….

    Don’t lose hope as hopes are things with feathers that will preach every soul and you will get a pat on ur back for ur hard work

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