Zaroori tha |I’ll snatch you from sky too| shot 7

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Pinky was all lost in her daughter in law words that were ringing in her ears.

She wasn’t able to digest the fact that Anika had turned too ruthless…..

“What to do now?”…… if Shivaay came to know about Sahil kidnapping, then everyone will hate me specially Shivaay my Heera beta.

And if i accept Anika’s condition than i’ll again be the one to snatch my own son happiness from him and not only his…..

Maata Rani koi rasta dekha mujhe agar mein Anika ki baat maan le to yeh Maa jo apne bacho ke liya aur sab se zayad apni Anu ke le beese saalo se thadpi hai aur aaj bhi thapad rahe hai. Woh ek baar phir se apni Anu ko kho de ge.

Aur agar Anika ki baat na maani to mein Shivaay ko kho do gayi.

No, Aarohi bharjai ji have two daughters more with her but i except Shivaay have on one else.

Anika snap her fingers ” Hello, mummy ji apni Maata Rani ka jaap baad mein ki jiye……

Warna OMM ho jaye gayi ap ki.

“What you want me to do?” Pinky asked.

That’s like Shivaay’s mom….
( Anika peck Pinky cheek) no crying, crying and crying mummy ji. And listen what you have to do.

Whole conversion was on mute mode. Pinky was left in tears listening whole plan.

Ohohohh !! Mummy ji stop crying if you’ll cry this much than your make ups will get outiya “Anika spoke wiping Pinky tears”

Now go and execute the plan aur haan koi shaanapati nahe.

“Wow it’s a khirkitod plan, I’m impress” Someone congrates Anika from behind

Anika turned her face and found omkara approaching her with claps.

Claps, claps and claps for such a dramatic plan…..

Soon doctor will come with reports and will congrats all…. Congrats Mr Oberoi your wife is two month pregrant.

Then all face will gets black with shock….. dan dan dan…

All will think specially Shivaay what how’s that possible.

He’ll denied it, then doctor will show reports but still he wouldn’t believe and to make him believe a guy from entrances will shout

“Yeh bacha mera hai” ( it’s my child)

And then Shivaay will say ” Anika i hate you and then….. Shivika ishqbaaz will end”

Bhabhi jisi tarah ap ko khana nahe banaya atta hai na usi tarah ap ko jhooti baate bhi nahe banaye atti

( sister in law like you can’t cook like that you don’t know how to lie well)

So please don’t try both again. You are just good in splashing water so just do that like this…

Pinky splashes water on Anika face.

Anika glance her with shock.

Pinky pushes Anika on bed and took her fone back from ” And don’t forgets i’m your mother in law if you again try to do shaanpati with your saasu ji …..

Aur haan meri khirkitod bahu ji mein apne bete Shivaay ko khud bol do ge ke mujh balti bhaar bhaar ke pota poti de. Mere pota aur poti ki future mein hone wali ” mummy ji”

( And i myself will speak to Shivaay that now give me many grandchildren. My grandchildren future mother )

Anika was about to stood up when Pinky with the help of Om tries Anika legs and hand with bed.

And for that…. (Pinky squeeze Anika face and made her have breakfast) my daughter in law has to be healthy..

If mother will be healthy then my grandchild’s will be healthy too.

“Kyun saas bhi kabhi bahu thi.”

( mother in law was also daughter in law)

“Untie me right nowww” Anika shouts.

She was about to spoke more when sleeping pills that Pinky added in juice showed effect and made Anika unconscious.

“Om we did are work now go and call Aarohi pharjai ji” Pinky order him.

Om nods positively

Pinky lovely caresses Anika face, softly peck her forehand and pov

I’m not that Pinky now, who wanted to Shivaay to be mama’s boy.

But now i’m that Pinky , who’s her daughter mummy ji and herself wants that his son should be tied with his lovely wife pallu forever.

Who loves him more than herself.

I don’t know Anika why you are doing this.

But first think is clear you don’t do anything without ” reasoning”

Secondly !! Now no only will be happy more than me when world will call Shivaay

” Anika’s Shivaay” instead of “Pinky’s Son”

Scene shifts to Rajput ind

“Dev uncle i’ve an idea to make Anika re join the office and accept our terms” Chanda spoke

Not only this, but in evening we have to arrange press conference in which we’ll present Anika.

Like this people who are bad mouthing about her their mouth will get shut and stock price won’t crash more.

Idea is not bad, Chanda but for both, Anu won’t agree. You are her friend and you know how stubborn she’s and above that without going through contract paper Anu won’t sign them. ” Dev spoke tensely”

I know Dev uncle, Anika still don’t trust anyone and she won’t sign contract papers easily but still there’s someone that can make Anika sign papers and Anika won’t even give eye to them. ” Chanda suggest him”

No, i won’t let Aarohi again to get near Anu. Didn’t you saw and hear what dr said ” Anu fainted just because of Aarohi” Dev spoke denying her”

“And you think you can stop me getting near to my Anu” Aarohi spoke from behind.

“How dare you enter my cabin?” Dev rebuked”

Stop showing this whole sale attitude to me. “Did you get that” ( Aarohi pull Dev collar and pull him close to her)

“Dakku Daddy Singh Rajput”

You are forgotten that i’m Princess Aarohi Dev Singh Rajput whose attitude you can’t match after selling yourself too and secondly it’s just a square cabin where i just kept my foot but here, (she poke her finger near his heart) i’m living from years and now stop getting more rude with me.

If you won’t then infront of these kids and whole staff i’m gonna open my mouth that how this “Devil Singh Rajput”

How you begged my guards , my guards to please just for once let me gaze your Princess . Shall i speak. ” Aarohi threatens him”

Shivru , Gayu and Chanda gazing Devohi with open mouth.

Rudra shockingly “OMM !! Dev uncle ki to Maa ney woh kya kehte hai Anika bhabhi….. chop he kar de”

( mother chopped Dev uncle in Anika bhabhi language )

All kids burst into laughters🤣🤣🤣🤣

Dev comes of shock that was given my her love lady with kids chuckles. He glances Aarohi with wide open mouth…..

Shut your mouth and thanks kids they are here to save you from me otherwise you know ,after you say how dare me ” where i uses kick you and shut your mouth”

“Rudra spoke giggling” Maa mein sun liya. Hum sab apni aankhe band ap Dev uncle ka…….

( i’ve heard it mother. We call shut are eyes and you…..)

Shut up Rudra ” Dev shouts”

Aarohi pull him more close ” And you cope up with me.” You Dakku Daddy” not letting me meet my Anu na after i’ll earn her back than see what i’ll do with you…..

Na Daar Singh se Devdass na bana diya to humara naam Aarohi nahe.

Aarohi rocked

Dev shocked

After few hours.

Press conference was called to showcase ASR infront of whole world. That was badmouthing about her and Rajput’s. Both press and media were seated in confresses room waiting for ASR arrival.

@ Hall

Anika was stepping down. All her past memories flashes infront of her eyes. She tightly shut her eyes…… words of Aarohi were ringing in her ears

You will call me Princess, what Princess you beggar…… I break every relation with you…… you are garbage….. you are nothing….. call me princess…..

Anika was engaged in reciminsing her bitter past when someone crushed her in warm hug. She opened her eyes and gets numb to find her chutki and doll were crushing her bones.

Both her baby sisters were crying and complaining her why she left them.

Bhavya broke the hug and start giving gili gili kisses to Anika.

A small smile carpeted on Anika face to see her doll childish antics.

“Hey, stop you Devil, now it’s my turn to do morning kiss with my Anika di” Gauri pushes Bhavya aside and bumps on Anika completely.

Anika di look your chutki called your doll Devil” Bhavya complained ”

Why you are behaving like kids, hah? Anika pulls them away……

Stop showing and showering your stupid antics on me. Nor you are toddler and nor i’m any teddy bear on whom you bump on and start playing. ” She spoke coldly”

“Gayu gazes Anika with puppy face and tears”

Anika excuse herself and walked towards conference room

@ Conference room

Soon Anika enters the room after greeting them all. The media and press began the session

R 1 “ASR where were you since last five months”

“Who ASR? I’m not ASR” Anika replied

All gets shocked to hear Anika statement.

Shivaay glare her in return Anika smirked evilly

“Stop her Dev, otherwise she’ll spoil everything” Devi ji commanded him

Press and media both were questioning Anika

Dev was about to call off the confress when Anika next statement fixed his feet

Yes, i’m Anika but not ASR my face resembles like heir of Rajput’s ASR but i’m just Anika. ” She declare”

Media questioned Dev

“What she’s saying Mr Rajput she’s not ASR?”

Shivaay shouts ” Why you are lying Anika? He clutches her tightly

Anika glances him with smirk” Are you guys seeing how these big people are torturing me to became ASR which i’m not please save me…… She cried pleading press and media

Reporters “Mr Oberoi what you are doing? For your benefits you are distracting the world by showing an imposter as ASR”

And torturing her to became ASR, answer us.

Aarohi ” stop your nonsense and she’s ASR, heir of Rajput empire” She stood next to Anika and holds her hand….. tell them Anu you are ASR.”

I’m sorry but i can’t lie more to you all and to myself but i’m not ASR i’m Anika

” Rajkumari ji…..”

Ground slipped under Aarohi feet, her hand stambles .She with tears gazes Anika.

Reporters “Then who you are in actual”

“That i’ll tell you” someone spoke from behind.



You want dare na let me give you your next dare Miss Ruthless.


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