Zaroori tha | I’ll snatch you from sky too| shot 31

Anika di you can’t take law in your hands. Just leave her, it’s police duty to punish her not yours. ” Bhavya spoke with courage”

Anika turns her face towards Bhavya and with a jerk she took hold on her nape.

Police? The actucal late comers in our society . In police academy you people are taught to be puntucal first. Right?

Answer me ACP shaibha ? ” Anika dangerously whipers “

Y…e. ss ” Bhavya shivers”

Then where were you when she ( Anika slaps sweety hard and all shivers ) was adding poison in your mother juice?

I was not at home by that time ” Bhavya replied in low tone”

Why? you were not at home? ” Anika brought her face close to hers”

W..o… Anika cuts

Don’t be scared ACP shaibha you are police na. So don’t be scared of common man and answer me ” Anika shouts”

Dadda ” Bhavya gazes Dev and cries”

Bhavya is not afarid of anyone in the whole world not from bullet but if she’s frighten of someone that too just with single gazes then it’s her Anika di.

Anu baba’s jaan leave your doll. See will get un well too. She’s our baby. ” Dev requests”

Anika leave Bhavya. What wrong she did? Just leave her. Shivaay pushes the guard and pulls Bhavya out of Anika hold and hugs her tightly.

She committed sin for leaving them alone and all this advantage she took Anika points towards Sweety.

What not i’ve done for her so that she like shadow gets near to her mother but she… Anika pulls Bhavya close

I made you suspend from your job. On my orders you were fried not just that but all those back to back your favourite action movies at cineplex .

Was that all coincident?

Noooooo…..all were arrange by me so that you can took her away from me.

All those outings and your demands and antics with your mother it was me behind them ,
so that you can stay close to them and protect your mother from me and people like this Sweety who are danger for your mother.

That’s what your ever first duty comes…..

Anika gave a powerful push to Shivaay who hugged her tightly and as a result he collapses on floor and Anika turns her towards Sweety and screams clutching her hairs…

” To protect your mother from bad omen that’s… ME”

All faces gets black and white to hear Anika confession that on Anika command Bhavya was suspened from her job. All were left in thoughts and were recollecting all the past events when Bhavya didn’t left Aarohi alone.

The all were in grief because Anika consider herself danger for Aarohi.

Anika tumhein Aarohi bhabhi ji ki kasam hai. Shant ho jao” Jhanvi binds her”

That’s it. Anika got quite and all took the breath of relief to see her cooling down but with in a snap all got horrible again as Sweety again awake Ruth in Anika who will roast Sweety in her anger now.

What you said come again? ” Anika kneely down and smilingly removes needles from her skin”

Aahhh…. ap ko Aarohi ma’am ki kasam hai ” Sweety pleads”

Kitna meetha naam hai. Haan na Sweety ji ” Anika pulls her cheeks”

Yes ” She smiles”

You talk so sweetly. I’m sorry for hurting you ( Anika stares her wounds) now as i’ve given these wounds i’ll apply sweet sweet sugar on Sweety.

“Anika turns her face and gazes her family who gets terrified of her rage. “

Bring the sugar for sweet sweet Sweety ji. Anika commands Gopi. Just in few minutes box was handed over to Anika.

She smilingly put hand inside the box but when she brought it out.

Naheeeee “Sweety screams her breath out “

Haw !! Yeh toh dabe main namak hai ” Anika cup her mouth”

Kya ap ke cheeni wale dabe may namak hota hai. ” Anika winks Gopi “

Ma’am….. Anika cuts Sweety

Teri himat kase hoon thi inta meetha aur pavitar naam apni gandi zuban se laney ki.

There outside sky was thundering and inside Anu was thundering.

Shivaay was trying his best to calm his love but Anu was turned mad in punishing the one who gave pain to her soul, her Maa.

Anika leave her jaan please for me ” Shivaay pull Anika close and peck her forehead to calm her”

If you stopped me for punishing her. I’ll shoot myself. I will kill myself and this times your tears too will not blow life in my body. I swear of ” my believe” ( she’s talking about Aarohi)

Shivaay steps back hearing her vow.

You all too stay away from me otherwise “Anika threats keeping gun on her temper”

Everyone get back and were just praying for some miracle to happen and calm this storm.

Tell me the name of your boss otherwise I’ll shoot you know ” Anika commands pressing her neck and point gun on her forehead “

I don…. Anika smiles evilly and about to press the trigger when someone kept hand on her shoulder.

All smiled and thanks gods as for what miracle they prayer for came to calm the storm.

Aarohi gently turns her towards her and caresses her face to calm her but Anu was still not getting calm in whole mansion her breath were echoing and still she was pressing Sweety neck.

Aarohi tightly cupped Anika face and forcefully made her look into her eyes.

Anika eyes were filled with rage and Aarohi eyes were filled with affection.

Everything stopped around them. Both eyes were speaking  uncountable emotions were heart was listening to her heartbeats.

Kya Bebasi Hai Yeh Kya Majbooriyan
Hum Paas Hai Phir Bhi Kitni Hai Dooriyan

The grip of Anika over Sweety neck was slowly losing it’s rage.

Eyes that were filled fire hours ago just in few minutes turned a lake of pure love that began steaming down.

Anu ! ” Aarohi lovingly calls her”

Anika slowly blinks her eyes and gazes all. Her eyes again gets fixed on  Aarohi. She slowly  traces her fingers on Aarohi face to make her believe that she’s not imagining and her soul is standing infront of her.

Kya Bebasi Hai Yeh Kya Majbooriyan
Hum Paas Hai Phir Bhi Kitni Hai Dooriyan

Meri, meri…. words dies in Anika’s mouth she hugs Aarohi tightly and breakdown and cries her soul out.

Jism Tu Jaan Main
Teri Pehcaan Mein
Milke Bhi Na Mile Yeh Hai Kaisa Bharam

Aarohi didn’t respirocates the hug and commands Shivaay to take Anika to room as doctors are waiting for her.

Commanding that she saliently approaches to her room.

After few hours

Anika was lying on her stomach as doctor recommended it. She was contionusly crying hugging her teddy bear that Dev bought for her. Shivaay was  calming her but it was getting impossible for him to calm her.

Anika, Maa is fine…. Anika cuts

Agar kuch ho jaata toh. Shivaay aur ap, ap ko toh kuch nahe hua na. Dekhiya mujh ap ko toh kuch nahe hua na ( She stood up.with jerk and touches Shivaay face and body) . Ap nay toh us Sweety se kuch nahe liya tha na ( She cupped his face)

Chali hum, hum abhi doctors ke pass jate hai.

Anika calm don’t nothing happened to me. I’m fine don’t panic more it’s not good for you ” He tries to make her understand”

No, no Shivaay you come with me. I’ll take you to hospital doctors will check you. Come let’s go. ” She like crazy was pulling him out of bed”

Anikaaa. I’m fine. Just lay down ” He shouts”

I hate you ” Anika cries”

I’m sorry Anika ” He apologies and  made her sit on bed and himself kneel down infront of her”

Jaan ho tum meri Anika. Kya ho tum Shivaay ki? ” He asked wipping her tears” ” She sobs”

And what i always say? Huh?

I don’t know “Anika nods negatively”

Shivaay Singh Oberoi ki jaan itni asani se nahe nikhal sakti Anika.

Won’t you ask why I always say so ?

Why ?

Kyun ke jis mein Shivaay ki jaan basti hai woh mujh kabhi kuch nahe honay dey gayi.

Haan na Shivaay Singh Oberoi ki Jaan. ” He smooch her tears”

Shivaay mein ap dono ke bina kuch bhi nahe hoon. Mein, mein mar jaoon  gayi agar dono ko kuch ho gaya to mein kya karu gayi…. mera….” Anika hugs him tightly and cries loudly “

When you  are  beside us Anika, then nothing can happen to us specially to Maa you are her Sword. ” He hugs her and ruffle her hairs”

Living Area

Maa we too love Anika di
” Gauri said wiping her tears”

No you people have never loved that poor soul. Never say that you or other love her, that too infront of me ” Aarohi said throwing her hands away”

Maa circumstances made us think like that. Di always…..

Really, circumstances made you all think likevthat about Anu. Huh?

Then what about me by upbringing. Gauri, what about my upbringing’s. ” Aarohi shakes her”

Have my upbringing taught you this, to blame your di reason behind your mother  death?

What me request you on your wedding ceremony, Gauri?

Gauri humari Anu ka dhayan rakhna please. Woh sab ko toh sambhal sakti hai. Par khud ko sambhal aaj tak nahe aya usay.

Par tum ney kya kiya Gayu? Jab usay sambhal ka waqt aya, toh tum dono nay usay muh phair liya.

Kyun? ” She shouts”

Aarohi don’t shout you are still weak…… Aarohi cuts Dev

Who’s weak. Ha, who’s weak ” Aarohi clutches his collar “

Is Aarohi weak or it’s The Chaser Dev Singh Rajput is weak.

My thinking about you that i build years back about you, you made them born again that…

“Devil Singh Rajput is a complete failure in judging relations”

But Aarohi never knew it that to whom she loved and given her everything.

One day. He’ll fail too in judging his own blood !!

Then see this. Aarohi switch on the multimedia.

Can you recognise who’s this person. Mr Devil?

Dev was trying to reconsider when Rudra spoke.

Dev uncle he’s the same news reporter who was shouting at you and was saying that you are lying about Anika bhabhi that she’s no more ” Rudra said shockingly”

Exactly Rudra. And you told him  that the day your bhabhi will come to know that you rise your voice against her Baba. She will not leave you so see this . He rose his voice against and open his mouth to curse Anu’s Baba. Now he’s just opening his mouth for begging only.

Aarohi, me was…. Aarohi cuts

Wait Mr Judge i’m not done yet. Let me show you and all you, who never let the chance go to accuse that mad girl.

Hello Mohan bring that man in  who polish your sir shoes
” Aarohi  calls him”

Till Mohan brings that man. Lets watch Gauri’s Sangeet video. Aarohi glare her and plays the chip

Oh wow look Gauri ap ke favourite Sallu bhai ap ke sath dance kar rahy hai. What you have wished for

But you know who fulfilled your this wish too?

Anika di. Yes Mrs Advocate you catches the lie of person just seeing in her eyes but Chutki can’t catch love in her Anika di eyes. Anika di ” Aarohi throws remote on screen “

Shivika room

Anika rona band karo. Bola na mainey ke maa tumse abhi nahe milna chahati.  Band karo rona, awaj na nikhale tumhari (  Anika suppress her lips to control her sobs) Anika agar ab tumhein vomit hui to mujhse bura koi nahe ho gaya. Suna tum nay.  ” He warns cleaning her face”

“Sach kehti hai Maa tum bohat ziddi ho gayi ho”

Anika angrily gazes him and kicks the water tub whole water slips on floor.

Anika what’s this. Why you did it ” He said gazing the floor”

Let me go to Maa ” Anika shouts “

Anika don’t shout and I told you Maa said she don’t  want to meet you. Just have these medicines and sleep just  nowww ” He shouts”

I’ll also not have them.”She gets irritated and began throwing  things”

It was good that those goons would have killed me……

Anikaa ” Shivaay rise his hand to slap her but stops in mid”

Anika like kids gazes him and began crying vigorously with hiccups.

Shivaay curses himself for rising  hand on his love.

Anika sleep now ” He commands”

I’m not feeling sleeping ” She sobs and lower her gazes”

Shivaay smiles and gently hold her like baby.

Anika wraps her legs around his waist. With one hand she was  wiping her tears and other she was wrapped around his neck.

Kyun karti ho inti zid? Kabhi toh kisi ki baat sunte hai na.
“He said rocking her in arms “

Mein ap sab ko aur sab se zayad ap ko bohat satati hoon na?  ” Anika lift her head and spoke with hiccups “

Sataney toh kabhi nahe, par haan rulati bohat ho ” Shivaay cries hugging her more tightly”

Sholly ” She said with puppy face holding her ears”

Shivaay adores her and made her rest her head on her shoulder again not before wiping her and pecking her tears.

Never talk about death Anika. I’ve lost you more then one you don’t know but me dies every minutes thinking about those days.

I love you more than myself Anika. Please don’t even think of going far from your Shivaay.

If i’m sun then you are my sunlight. “

I’m sorry i hurt you ( He kisses her arm where he dig his nails) but please just with me like my soul ” He said ruffling and pecking her hairs and head”

Sorry Shivaay for everything. I love you too, you too are my breath and strength. But Maa is my weakness and without you and Maa….

Anika ki zindagi banjar aur Anu raak ho jaye gayi ” She said nuzzling his face and neck”

Shivaay closes his eyes filling her affection.

Now sleep Anika for hour after that we both will do dinner together. ” He said rocking her in arms”

Maa ke pass please Shivaay
” She pleads rubbing her hand on his beard “

Rest for few hours then I’ll talk to Maa about this ” He kissing her palm

Shivaay pl…. He cuts

Ok fine you close your eyes and sleep nor more tears. Then after when you will open your eyes Maa will be infront of you. Pinky promise ” He said locking his finger with hers”

Anika tightly close her eyes and hugs him

No cheating Anika i’m looking at you through mirror. Ok ” He said rocking her in room “

Living Area

Mr Judge, you might have remember months back you were facing huge crises in business. Everyone pull their hands back on that time Shah’s were your last hope  ” Shah’s enterprises ” to rise again but you were not alone in that conference room.

Your rivals were too presences there who wanted to Crush, The Chaser.

Discussions were going on to whom tender should be given.  In between that discussion someone shouts

Flashback starts

Have you gone mad Mr Rajput you spoiled my  shoes. O god you slipped coffee on my “Cole Haan ”  you spoiled there whole color you know  soon after this i’ve lunch with New Zealand delegations and what you did.

Flashback pause

After that what happened Mr Rajput

Kabir Rathore..

Flashback continues

Mr Bajwa this is not the way to talk. We are here infront of you ” Kabir said “

This is also not the place for people like them too sit next to Yash Bajwa.

Jin ke kapdo ki aukat mere joote saaf kare ki ho gayi hai.

” Yash said cleaning his shoes with Dev handkerchief”

Flashback ends

That’s it ” Dev said”

No, It was not the end. Opposite to you someone was sitting who was murdering that man with her gaze.

Who was she? ” Aarohi asked cleaning dust from Dev collar”

Miss Ruthless. I mean Shan…… Dev got interrupted by Mohan

Ma’am here he’s who polishes Dev sir shoes ” Mohan said marching in”

Mr Bajwa you ” Dev said shockingly”

Rest of the family members too get shock except Aarohi to see  Yash Bajwa one of the top businessman  as Dev shoe polisher.

Aarohi sign Mohan to take him away.

They all gazes each other and understood who did  this all. All with guilt were gazing Aarohi who was giving them smile filled with Pride.


Anu.  You never became our Anu. ” Aarohi slaps him”

These were your wording na. But let me tell you Devil Singh Rajput..

Walk with high chin and smiling eyes because you have Anu with you

Aarohi said smiling lifting Dev chin up and curving his lips into smiling one.

She gave victories smile to all for one last time and walk away with pride and grace.

Shivika room

Shivaay gently place Anika on bed on her stomach  and cover her properly with duvet not before softly pecking her head and buries on back and arms.

Get ready Shah to swim in sea of your own blood. You tried to parted my life happiness from her.

I swear, Shivaay will part you from hell and heaven both.

This is Anika’s Shivaay promise to you Shah.

” Shivaay said gazing Anika blood on his hand and flick his hairs


You know you are not their daughter they have adopted you.

Maa i’m not your daughter you have adopted me.

Who told you all this?



Sharmin dear just stepping toward end 😊

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  1. ItsmePrabha

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      Your wait is over prabha di but from now onwards we’ll update on wattpad only.

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  2. Love u nati di..
    As always beautiful..
    Love annika n arohi’s emotions as well as Shivika..
    Waiting for ur next update..
    Waise kaab milega..??
    Please don’t make me wait too much..
    U know how much I love it…
    Waise aab yeh kia…
    Adopted daughter…??
    U r saying it’s ending but again New track’??
    Please bura maat man na actually u have shown so much separation that now I can’t handle any separation again..

    1. Nati

      Have some patients dear. I knw u love this plot but have some trust on ur writer and i’ll suggest u to make account of wattpad if u want to read more bcoz for now onwards we’ll update there only.

      1. Suddenly…???
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    2. Nati

      Sharmin dear me updated the next shot on Wattpad if you are willing to read then you can read there.

      User name is ” Ishqbaaz_1″

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    It is lovely…. Precap is intriguing… Happy holi dear

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