Zaroori tha | I’ll snatch you from sky too | shot 29

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Hey everyone this is the 29th shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.

Ignore all error and continue reading and supporting.


@ Kitchen

Aarohi was busy in preparing dinner for all. As Gauri said she’ll have her dinner with all as half an hour was let for dinner.

She was engaged in her own work that she didn’t notice not notice but in actual she was keeping her words…..

“Aarohi have only two daughters Princess and Doll”

Forgetting the one who was gazing her while sipping water for last ten minutes and was trying possible ways to seek Aarohi attention but being Royal, Aarohi was royally ignoring her.

Suniya !! ” Anika calls Aarohi softly ”

Aarohi didn’t gave ear to her call and all this was irritating Anu to hell as Aarohi was not even giving her a glance to her nor ear.

Anika stomped her foot and approaches to kitchen counter where Aarohi was cooking.

Aarohi was adding water in cooking plan when she felt poke on her shoulder. She from the corner of eye gazes her shoulder and the poker.

What? ” Aarohi asked”

Ap meri baat kyun nahe sun rahe. Mein kab se ap ko bhula rahe hoon. “Anika said in complaining tone”

Tell i’m listening ” Aarohi said chopping vegetables”

Mujh bhook lagi hai ” Anika told”

Hurrah!!! Shivomru and Gayu dances

Finally finally Anu told her Maa that she’s hungry. My daughter felt hunger. Gayu and Shivomru have you heard what she, she….. Dev cries

Yes, Dad we heard” Gayu hugs Dev tightly ”

Ok wait for ten minutes dinner is almost ready. Just Turnips are left ” Aarohi told smilingly”

Puke !! ” Anika pukes hearing turnips name”

What happened? ” Aarohi asked turning to her”

Mein aur ghaas bhoos nahe khaau gayiii ” Anika pouts angrily”

Then whatever you want to eat tell cook to cook for you. But don’t you try to cook.

Banao gayi kaam aur bigado gayi zayad. “Aarohi taunts ”

Jab mere liya Aloo puri nahe baaney gayi. Toh mein ab se humesha asie he us Chachundar

Haan dad see your Anu called me Chachundar ” Gauri complains”

Aww!! My princess ” Dev hugs her”

Hahaah !! Anika di again did your naamkaran “Bhavya chuckles”

What you have done A…. Anika cuts

aur us Badmanis ke muh wali ka khaana roj aise he bigadu ge. ” Anika threats adding water in Rice and ras mali”

Aarohi cup her mouth and with shock gazes Anika ?

This time Gauri chuckles on Bhavya. Haaha badmanis ke muh wali ???

“Shivomru were enjoying Rajputaniya moment”

Golu di ” Bhavya screams and runs after her”

Thank you Obro’s for giving me all this. Years back same like this on one side Doll use to run after Princess saying…. Golu di Golu di.

On other side Anu ki maa and Maa ki Anu. And in mid me and maa use use to watch them eating popcorns.

But then….. Dev cries reminiscing Rajput’s horrible past

No more tears Dev uncle nor more ” Shivomru hugs Dev tightly”

Yes , no more tears “Dev hugs them tightly ”

Shivomru gazes each other and smiles

Song plays

Lafzo ka yeh rishta nahe….

Aloo !! Yeh kya kiya? ” Aarohi eyes got popped ”

What’s going on here? ” Dev step in and question them”

Dev see what this Aloo did…. Anika shouts

I said don’t call me Aloo. Baba tell her ” Anika shouts and complains him”

But why Aarohi is calling you Aloo ” Dev teases Anika”

Wanna know why i’m calling her Aloo ” Aarohi asked smirking at Anika”

Yes ! “Shivomru, Gayu and Dev scream”

No !! ” Anika pleads cupping Aarohi mouth”

Aarohi grins evilly and runs in living area followed by all.

@ Living area

Here comes the Aloo song
” Aarohi announces holding Aloo and began singing”

The Aloo song

Subha mein bhi Aloo

Raat mein bhi Aloo

Aaj bhi Aloo

Kal bhi Aloo

You Aloo.

Mujh Aloo nahe kahey “Anika commands irriratedly”

(Don’t call me potato

I’ll call you Aloo ” Aarohi said pulling her cheeks”

Haar waqt Aloo ko chahiye Aloo ( Aarohi)

( All the time need potato )

Phir bhi kabhi na kahey ke mujh nahe khaana hai Aloo. ( Shivaay )

( yet never say i don’t wanna eat potato)

I said i’m not Aloo ” Anika pushes him”

Dekho yeh hai Guse se bhaara hua ” Aarohi sings”

( see she potato filled with anger)

Aloo (Dev)

Kabhi na maan ki baat kehne wala ( Aarohi)

( never speaks about what’s in her heart)

Aloo (Gayu)

Kyun ke yeh hai Tadibaaz ( Shivaay)

( Because she’s Tadibaaz)

Aloo (Om)

Is liya is ka naam hai ( Devohi)

( That’s why her name is….)

Aloo, Aloo Alooo (Rudra same he sang the billu song)

Shut up Rudra ” Anika playfully slaps him”

Aloo bhabhi ” Rudra cries ?

Hahaah !! “Everyone burst into laughter and tease Anika more”

@ Shivika room

Anika irritated enters her room with blowing cheeks and cute angry pout.

I’m not any Aloo , i”m hahaaah ?. Yes i’m Aloo your Aloo and you are my soft soft yummy yummy puri….. Anika peck Aarohi portray.

She caresses Aarohi portray lying on bed and keep it close near to her heart and close her eyes.

All her childhood diamond memories with Aarohi flashes that wet her cheeks and carpeted smile on her lips

Song plays

Jo tum na hote
Hota hi kya haar jaane ko

Meri amaanat ho tum
Meri mohabbat ho tum
Tumhe kaise main bhulaun

Tu aasmaan mera jahaan lage mujhe
Tu raaston ki manzilein lage mujhe
Tu hi meri chandni wo
Raaton ko jo halki si jale
Tu hi meri sham-o-sehar
Jo mere sang chale

Anika was lost in Aarohi world when Shivaay phone was contionusly ringing that finally brought her out from her memories.

Aa gaya meri Souten ka phone ( here comes my co wife fone) ” Anika curses Khanna ”

@ kitchen

Will you all stop irritating me and go let me cook Aloo puri ” Aarohi scold all”

Aww !! Maa that’s not fair days back Princess and Doll and now just Anu and Aloo puri. ” Gauri teases Aarohi more”

Shivaay was acting like Aarohi , Om as Dev and Rudra was acting like Anu.

Stop your teasing session and all of you go have your dinner
” Aarohi orders”

Won’t you give us company ” Dev winks”

Aarohi blushes and pushes them out.When all gets shocks to find Anika in tears. All worriedly step close to her.

Anu why are you crying? ” Aarohi ran to her and questioned cupping her cheek”

Anika hurtfully gazes Aarohi tears rolling down.

Please stop crying. I can’t see you in tears. ” Aarohi pleads wiping her tears”

Where you part of all this?
” Anika asked keepimg her hands above Aarohi’s”

“The journey of Anu in six days “

Anu i…. Anika cuts

Just yes or no ” Anika hurtfully asked”

Anika it was all my plan.I forced maa in all this. ” Shivaay said gazing Aarohi who’s in tears”


Maa i want tell you something ” Shivaay said”

I know Shivaay about whom you want to talk. If i’m not wrong than it’s all about your beloved if Anika. Right? ” Aarohi smiles”

No !! Maa it’s not about my love but it’s about your life, your Anu only yours Anu Maa ” He said”

She’s nothing me Aarohi. For me, i only consider her Mrs Oberoi that’s Shivaay and it would be better for you, to stop building bridge between me and her.

Aarohi had only two daughters Princess and Doll. No third one exists.

Than i should congrates you Maa. And after your delegation my mind clicked to throw success party.

Success party !! In the honour of Anu maa. Finally she won.

What you mean? ” Aarohi asked confusingly ”

Maa you, yourself said that Anika want Gayu to get close you. She wants you to get close to Gayu, she wants you to give all rights to Gauri to your Princess that were of Anu on you and yours on Anu.

All your love and care to Bhavya to your Doll that Anu had on you and you on Anu. And today you did so Maa.

You made Anu won Maa. She wants to punish herself for making you cry and for this…..

“She wants to kill that Anu forever and ever and that too by her Maa. Who gave birth to Anu.

Maa we both know Anu gets frighten from you. And it’s the sole reason that Anu is not coming infront of you as Anu, yours Anu.

And if you want to have her back as Maa’s Anu. Then we have six days.

The journey of Anu in six days. If you want her back then tomorrow will be the one.

Day to vanish fear and hesitation from Anu.

I won’t play. For your wife life turned to me race but for me life is just Princess and Doll.

Then let Anu die an…….

Shivaayyyy ” Aarohi slaps him hard”

Get ready Anu’s Maa for this journey ” Shivaay smiles and flick his hairs”

Flashback ends

I’m asking something from you. Why you are staring him. I believe you above skies. Tell you were not part of this bagda billa game” Anika shook Aarohi ”


Don’t lie to me just tell me where you part of this game plan or not ” Anika cries”

Aarohi nods positively and bend her head down in shame.

You too played with me like them. You were playing with my emotions. ” Anika points them all and sobs heavily”

Anu my life you are my Ansh. My very first Ansh.

Like for farmer his first harvasted crop is everything. It makes him blessed and happy above moon and stars.

Same for me Anu is so perious but those farmers have weight of there crops.

But me can’t even metaphor my love that i’ve for you.I love you more then I love myself.

Remember !! Hum Anu maa ka dil aur maa Anu ki dhadakan.

( Anu is mother heart and mother is my heartbeat)

Please don’t cry i’m sorry. But you don’t cry. ” Aarohi caresses Anika face”

You can’t make someone yours by cheating “Anika steps backs and runs upstairs all in tears”

Damn it I’m your mother. What wrong a mother did, if she wants her child back by cheating.
“Aarohi shouts”

You are ASR maa.And when two two ASR are infront of each other than winner will be always…

“Aarohi Singh Rajput ” All said in union

Dev sign Shivaay to go and handle Anika.

@ Shivika room

Anika angrily enters the room. But her anger was giving different meaning that’s only in case of Aarohi when Anika anger means Hurt.

As wether it’s Anu or Anika they can never get angry on Aarohi even in their dreams.

If after Aarohi escape from her life after Love a second emotion took birth in them for Aarohi it was just only hurt.

They cry and break down when Aarohi hurt them as if in their life somebody had the power to break them.

Not even SSO who tried hard to break Anika but at the end himself came out as pearl from hard shell.

Why you are not understanding my presences in your life can again spoil your life. Why you are making it more difficult for me ” Anika cries kissing Aarohi picture”

No i don’t want to think about all this. I can’t. She runs towards closet and took seeping pills out of it.

I can’t fight more nor i’ve any stenght left to give explanation to anyone. So it’s better for all that i should sleep.

She took three pills out from bottle and gulp them hard and throws the glass on floor when Shivaay enters the room and gets shocks to find Anika with pills bottle

Anikaaaa !! ” Shivaay shouts and pins her against wall”

From where you got them again.
” He asked twisting her wrist at back”

I don’t want to talk to you ” She said trying to free herself from his hold that’s getting more tight”

Why you don’t wanna talk with me huh? And tell me from where you bought them. Tell me otherwise i’ve my own ways to know too.

If you don’t want me to burn that chemist and his shop then tell me and you know i’m capable of doing this. ” He threats ”

Wahi se jaha se ap ney mere zakhmo ko khuradeny ke liya caakhu liya hai. ” She grasp his collar ”

Anika i wan….. She cuts

Kya kaha tha ap ne? ( what you told me)

Anika mein tumhara dard nahe humdard bana chahata hoon. ( Anika i don’t want to be your pain but want to share your pain )

Is tarah mere humdard bane? ( that’s how u became my sympathizers)

Mere he peeth par chura ghop kar.

( by stabing at my back)

Anika mein tumhein sirf tumhari khushi dena chahta hoon.

( Anika i just want to give your happiness to you)

Nahe chahiye mujhe woh khushi jis se unka dard jura hai.

( Happiness that give pain to her i don’t want that happiness)

Aur aaj Shivaay mein ap ko akhir baar bol rahe hoon…. ( Anika cries)

( today for the last time i’m telling)

Anika stop crying. I said stop crying( he wipes her tears) . Anika if you didn’t stop crying then non gonna be wrost then me.

Though Anika got recovered from illness still it left marks on her health. Her immunity system got weak and now whenever she cries vigorously she chokes and began vomiting

Anika chokes….

Shivaay gets angry seeing her condition. He pulls her close and forcefully made her drinking water.

I don’t need your sympathy. ” Anika pushes him”

Dur rahy mere kal se. Ap ka haq mere aaj par aur aaney wale kal se par haan.

( stay away from my past. You have right on my pesrent and future)

Agar ab ki baar ap ney mere kal ko phir se kurada toh shayad , ap ko mujh par apni Anika se har haq na khona pad jaye.

Aur mein aise kar guzaru gayi.

( again you tried to dig my past then may be, you have to lost on your rights on your Anika. And i’ll do it.)

Done with your nonsense. Now come with me and puke these pills out. You are losing your senses ” He wipes her tears and drags her to restroom”

I’m not going with you. And it’s my room you go from here. Nor i’ll talk to you ” She helds table supports ”

You stubborn girl, come with me. He took her in arms and marches to restroom glaring her.

Chhod mujhe chor chor you Chor Singh Oberoi. Police police help me. ” She wiggles in his hold ”

Shivaay understood that pills did the damage and know it’s of no use to made her puke as Anika gets unconscious in his hold.

He gets place her on bed and cover her well in duvet.

Anika my chirping bird your Shivaay love you and he can do anything for your happiness. Like you for me can go to any extend same me can go for you.

After all we both are one. But Anika please never say it again that you will not talk to me.

You know my sparrow Shivaay can bear anything but not your “silences

Nothing in this world kills me except of silences. Your badga billa had given you every right on you…. punish me, get angry on me, splash water, beat me with your chandni, chambli , kick me from bed , pull my hairs and even kill me with weapon.

O jaana plays

But never stop talk to me as i just want to start my day with your voice and end with it.

I love you !! ” He said caressing her back and pecking her hairs”

An…. she cuts

Radio Singh Oberoi !! ” Anika mumbles and kicks him ”

Ahhh !! My bum ” Shivaay rubs his bum”

@ Mid Night

Anika woke up in the mid night and marches down to drink water. On her way of getting back to room her eyes fell on Aarohi who was sleeping on couch without any duvet.

Her eyes got moist to see Aarohi like this she quickly ran to room and brought duvet and gently covered Aarohi without disturbing her.

She wipes her tears and slowly moves back still again Aarohi with love and pain.

Ek kiss kar lu ” She mumbles stepping back”

Now how can i do so? What right i’ve left on her own?And what right i’ve given her?

She gets close Aarohi and made herself sit on floor near Aarohi feet.

I’m not angry with you don’t ever think like that if i’m angry with someone that it’s just with myself.

That because of me you have too bear this much. Just because of me you even learned to lie.

And in all this what i learned……

” Just to hurt you and get hurt”
You gave me everything and what me gave you….

Tears and Pains!!

I know i’m doing wrong, wrong with you not with you but with “Us”.

” Anika cries and peck her feet
But what can i do? The day you left Anu…… she never stop loving you but Anu began hating herself and still she hates herself to the depth.With the same depth i love you with the same one Anu hates her.

Aur ap jaanti hai ke ap nahe , agar koi badkismat aur badnaseeb hai to woh sirf aur sirf Anu hai….

( And you know not you but if someone is misfortune and wretch then it’ only and only Anu)

Kya? Anu badnaseeb nahe ke woh usi ko apna nahe keha sakhti jisi ney Anu ka naseeb likha tha.

( Is Anu not wretch? That she can’t call the one hers who wrote her density )

Kya? Yeh Anu ki badkismati nahe thi ke jis ko woh apna Bhagwaan maanti thi woh usi ko bhool gayi.

( Isn’t it was Anu misfortune that she had forgotten the one who was her god).

Aur ap kehti hai ke ap badkismat hai.

( And you say that you are misfortune)

Kismat toh Anu ki phooti thi jis din woh ap wajhood bhooli aur duniya ney Anu ko…..

( Anu became bad omega the day she forgotten her existences and that world called Anu….)

Saraak ka koora kaha !! ( road garbage )

Par us is baat ka koi dukh nahe tha. Agar usey koi gham tha toh yeh, ke woh ap ko yaad he nahe rakh payi thi.

( But she didn’t felt bad about it. If she had any grief, then only that she could not remember you.)

Na tab jab us ney ap ko khoya tha aur na tab, jab usey ap ko M…..

( nor when she lost you nor when she called you M….)

word dies in her mouth and flashback of her birthday reminisces infront of her when she called Aarohi Maa.

I’m very sorry i’m really sorry but please try to understand that Anu is very Helpless.

Haan mein he Anu hoon ap ki Anu sirf ap ki Anu. Par mein bohat majboor hoon itni majboor aur bebus..

( Yes i’m Anu only yours Anu. But i’m helpless that much helpless and unassisted)

“Ke meri bebusi aur majbooriyon ke hath Anu ke woh ehsas woh jazbaat joh sirf us ke wajhood aur yakeen ke thy sab bik chukee hai”

( That infront of my unassisted and helplessness all those feelings and emotions that Anu only owe for her existences and believe all are sold )

Song plays

Kitna Majboor Ho Gaya Hu Main.
Toot Ke Chur Ho Gaya Hu Main.
Doob Tha Jaa Raha Dil Mera…

Aur ap toh jaanti hai ke Anu ka wajhood aur yakeen sirf ap ho.

( And you knew that Anu believe and existence are only you)

My believe, my heartbeat you tell the one……

How can forget and forgive myself that i bid my, my home.

Mein ap ki kokh ki he bole laga de thi joh mera phela ghar tha. Jo iitno aur pathro se nahe sirf maata se baana tha. Aur maine usi ki keemat laga di thi.

( i’ve bid your womb that was my first home. That was not build with bricks and stones but with mother love. And i put price tag on it)

(Anika caresses her belly and cries reminiscing her birthday when she bid Aarohi womb)

Then how can i owe it again? When it’s priceless and me a beggar.

Yet you complain and expect from this beggar to claim you mine.

Then listen why i’m not calling you mine…..

Shivaay says khirkitod Anika and Anika herself knows that she’s not weak nor she’s frighten of storms.

But nobody not even you too know that if Anika is scared of “Darkness”

Anu is scared. Yes, Anu is and frighten of, losing….. “YOU”

My existence, my believe what you think or believed that only you are carving for your Anu.

“Anu is dying for the one who gave life to her, hold me, dressed me, taught me meaning of living, kissed me, nurtured and loved me uncontionaltioal “

Jab Ki Woh Saamne Woh Kinaara Hai.
Jab Ki Woh Saamne Woh Kinaara Hai…

Still i’m dying but can’t live as Anu again.

That Anu which you want to see in me. Who’s possessive for you.

Listen!! Anu is still Possessive for you but that Possessiveness is now called….


Kitna Pagal… Yeh Dil Hamara Hai…

“Yes, protection Anu wants to protect you from me, from her curse.”

That’s why i’m not coming close to you. I know it’s wrong to believe on these stupid predictions that curse can ruin somebody nor i do so. But that I do in case of , somebody.

Not in the case of my heartbeat and soul !!

Dil Ka Rishta Bada Hi Pyaara Hai…

You said i don’t want you more huh? Yes. I don’t want you infront of me.

Yet Anu want you beside her all safe and protected from her !!

And unlucky it’s only Monumental reason i’m not giving your Anu back to you.

Anu can live being far from you but without you she’s can’t even die peacefully.

I know i’ve losted all my rights on you but still today for the first time wanted to ask something from you… Mujh bohat michmichi hoti hai.

Dil Ka Rishta Bada Hi Pyaara Hai…

Ap ney toh phir bhi Shiwa kar liya ke mein ap ko M…. kyun nahe kehti.

( you have accused me that why i’m not calling you M……)

Lakin mein toh aaj tak ap se Gila bhi na kiya, ke yeh jaante hua bhi ke ap Anu ke liya us ka sab kuch, us ki puja aur us ka bhagwaan ho.

( But i’ve not yet complaint you, that still you knew it that for Anu you are her everything, her prayer and her god)

Toh phir us gile ka kya joh mujhe mujhe ap se hai.

( Then what about that complain which i’ve from you)

ke kyun ap apni Anu ko chhod kar gayi thi?

Agar meri kundali mein dosh tha……….

( if i’ve curse in my birth then….)


( Didn’t you have faith on your mother love?)

We both know nor you can forget Anu and nor Anu can forgive herself for staining your life!!!

But still……….

Mein usey bhula jaun gayi

( I’ll forget you)

Mein usey bhula jaun gayi

( I’ll forget you)

Yeh baat mumkin hai

( That’s only possible)

Ke tu saamey ho…….

( When you are infront of me)



I said open your eyes why you are not listening to me. Just look at me. Just open your eyes right nowwwwwwww


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  1. Everything scene art of perfection Nati. Just like cool breeze ways in the sky same like each and every emotions was screening.

    So beautifully and elegantly you put soul in each feel. You are ocean of epressing emotions.

    There’s no scene in this episode that don’t deserve to be scroll up without reading it twice.

    And the last scene OMG Nati dear they way Anu was pouring her heart of Aarohi it literally gave goosebumps to me.

    Such a strong content you wrote hats off to you for your delegation towards your work.

    I hope ur works gets heights of appreciation.

    My prayers are always with u. Stay bless and update the next soon.

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely and emotional update dear… Please correct the spelling mistakes. And update will be super good…

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Anudi ka dard, unka out pour is so emotional.. Seriously you nailed it nati.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care.. Love❤?

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