Zaroori Tha |I’ll snatch you from sky too| shot 24

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Hey everyone this is the 24th shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.

Ignore all error and continue reading and supporting.

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Open it and catch yourself what’s inside it ” He said joining his forehand with hers”

She smilingly opens the file and soon reading it. Her smile dies and she gazes him with shock.

What’s Shivaay? ” Anika asked “

What you asked for. Remember ” He replies with victorious smirk “


Kyun yaad aye mujh mera kal kyun ” She chokes seeing the room”

Anika stop crying. See you being choking

” Shivaay said rubbing her back”

“Shi..vaay “

What happened, want to say something? ” He asked caressing her face”

Anika nods positively

What? Tell your Shivaay ” He said wiping her tears”

I’ve never asked anything from you but today i want something ” She said cupping his face”

You are not suppose to ask but demand from me. You have right on me ” He said lovingly”

What ever i’m gonna demand promise me you will give me” She said with smile”

Paka pinky promise that what ever my jaan will wish for her billu ji will surely give her. But before that you have to stop crying. ” He said intertwine his little finger with her”

Anika smiles happily and like kid wipes her tears and hugs him tightly ” now I’ll never cry”

That’s like Anika. Now tell what you want? ” He asked taking her in tight hug”

I want to go back to Oberoi Mansion ” She demands “

Shivaay got dumbstruck to hear her wish

Flashback Ends

What’s all this Shivaay ? ” Anika asked stepping feet away from him”

For the first time ever my lovely wifey demand something from his hubby and being lovely hubby it’s my responsibility to fulfill my wife wish. Right Jaanu ” He said pulling her close”

It’s Rajput Mansion ” She said trying to coming out of his grip”

Oh oh Jaanu where i know your sight of distances got weak but not near na. Than how can you say it’s Rajput Mansion? Bhudhu ” He said smacking her forehead”

Now I owe it for my wife and named it Oberoi Mansion ” He screamed swirling all round”

How you c…. Shivaay cuts

I’m The Shivaay Singh Oberoi. The Great Wall Shivaay. Who can do anything for his family happiness. You want to go back to Oberoi Mansion and see I brought OM under your feet.

But Anika my jaan i want you to decide this Mansion new name. I can do that myself but you know na i’m not that good in doing Naamkaran like you. So please help me and it’s my wish ” He smirks”

That’s why i call you Smart Singh Oberoi.Thank you so much Shivaay you are the bestest husband ever in this whole universe. I’m so lucky to you in my life. Thank you billu ji for fulfilling me wish and sure I’ll fullfill your wish too. Saying this she hugs him tightly and Shivaay happily reciprocates the hugs.

“Par ap mere beetey hua kal ko kabhi khareed nahe paye gay. Kyun ke woh haq mein kabhi bhi kisi ko bhi nahe diya, na ap ko aur na he khud ko.”

( but you won’t be able to buy my past. Because i’ve not given that right to anyone,neither to you nor to myself)

But i do pinky promise that my past will never effect our future as my future and my happiness both are you Shivaay. And you will only find your only yours khirkitod Anika in me. Jaanu ” She dangerously whispers and tighten the hug”

Next Day

Aarohi begins the aarthi and soon all came out of their rooms and stood behind her. It was new year and again new beginning.

All greet eachother well with smile and join their hands infront of gods welcoming the new year new hopes and commitments towards relations.

Aarohi in her sweet voice was giving thanks to gods for everyone blessing when she stops singing for while hearing Anika foot steps approaching down.

But again she begin doing the puja reminiscing Anika.

Anika with hesitation stood behind Aarohi and close her eyes.

Soon Aarohi ends the puja all smiles widely as they all know how she begins her day by seeing her Anu face.

But today with new rise sun too rise from west as Aarohi slowly opened her eyes and welcomed the day by pecking Gauri face.

Shivaay gazes Anika with moist eyes but all he saw Anika smiling.

Princess distribute these blessed sweets ” Aarohi commands Gauri and marches away”

Anika too made an excuse and step away from the situation as she well aware of what will come in her way if she stayed here for long.

Everyone gazes eachother with shock as for the first time it happened that Aarohi begin her day seeing someone else instead of her Anu.

Soon all gather for breakfast but none was happy what all happened so sudden that Aarohi turned the whole table just in few minutes.

They were not able to digest the first act of Aarohi that she again give them another shock to all.

Anika was about to sit to left of Dev. To her highlighted seat when Aarohi stopped her

Anika go and sit with your husband ” Aarohi said showing her direction”

All stood up from there respective seats and gets bewildered to see Aarohi gestures.

Maa ji settle down ” Aarohi said Devi ji while plating breakfast in her plate”

Anika smiles widely and compose herself next to Shivaay to right of Dev.

The Queen of Jansi has settle down. Now please you all too settle down. Permission granted” Anika jokes ”

Anika what was that? ” Shivaay asked”

Uff billu ji you, yourself did naamkaran of mine ” Jansi ki rani” and how you are gazing me like this that not two but four four horns are grown on my head ” She chuckles ”

Now sit down and let me to concentrate on my breakfast. You know i’m very hungry.

Saying this she hurriedly opened the lit of bowl to munch her breakfast

Wow !! Yesterday i made new year resolution that i’m gonna eat healthy as billu ji taunt me….. Anika you are getting moti ( She blow her cheek and laughs) but here it’s beginning to became Kareena from Vidha balan. She happily dished oats in her plate and begin eating.

All gazes her with shock except Aarohi who’s royally ignoring her.

After an hour

@ study room

Baba i need to talk to you. I’ve talk to Shivaay and Oberoi they have no problem with that. It’s just you left ” Anika said fidgeting her fingers”

Don’t hesitate from your baba and openly talk to me on whatever matter you want ” Dev said lovingly

I want to start my own business ” She said in a flow”

Anu why? You already owe your own business ” Dev questioned ”

No baba it’s not what i owe what not. It’s just my wish that i can never got to but today i want to fulfill my wish by my own.

I want my own “event management company”

Trust me baba just because of me not again your name will be stain but please say yes.

Fine. Your wishes and happiness are everything to me. But i’ve a condition


First promise me that you will never again say that just because of you my name got stain. If you promise me that permission granted otherwise a no

Thank you baba. And i promise i’ll never say so again ” She hugs Dev tightly”

So from when my daughter want to take a start? ” He asked pecking her head”

From today ” She said excitedly ”

Ok go head ” Dev blessed her”

Baba one more thing. ” She said setting Dev collar”

What ? ” Dev asked gently ruffling her hairs”

Today’s is Gauri first day in office as CEO of Rajput Empire the well deserve CEO of RM. I know your Princess is really promising towards her work.

But still don’t put heavy load on her shoulders. She can carry it with a smooth way but i don’t to see her face dull. After all she’s ” Chairya”. If any mistakes she does don’t scold her like you use to scold me.

And please baba don’t get annoy with anyone. Just because of me.

Dev hugs her tightly and promise her that he’ll not scold Gauri. He wipes his tears and bid bye to her.

@ Shivika room

Anika i can drop where ever you want. See it’s cold you will get cold ” Shivaay said caressing her cheek”

Shivaay relax. It’s not for the first time i’m gonna ride Champa. And what’s this cold it’s nothing infront of Canada cold.

And yesterday i told you na that nothing can effect our happily married life. No this cold nor any storm.

So chill and smile my billu ji this is the way to bid bye to your wifey on her first step toward her dream? ” She asked rising her eyebrow”

Than how you want me to bid bye? ” He said huskily licking her earlobe” ay ” Anika moans”

Ani….ka ” Shivaay mimics her and peck her lips”

What was that? ” She asked while blushing”

This is called SSO style of saying bye my “Blushing Queen” He teases her rubbing his cheek on hers”

And this is called Anika style to say bye ” She pushes him in pool and runs out giggling”

Wow Anika instead event planner you should open training center and taught others to how to did your pain behind laughters i’m sure you will be the no one trainee in whole universe ” Shivaay said wiping his tears”

@ Outside the house

Hello!! My Champa how are you? I know you missed me same as i did. That’s why i’m here to take swing on you but before that ” agar tuney mujh nakhare noor jahan ke dekhaye toh dekhna is baar mein tujhe arrest karwa do gayi.

She giggles and settle down on champa and set her helmet gazing herself in mirror. Smile gets carpeted on her lips to see Aarohi in mirror making Gauri to have curd and sugar.

Song plays

Chal diye tumse door
Aashiyane basaane lage
Chadh gaya aisa fitoor
Bas hum hi hum ho gaye

She fixes her helmet perfectly and starts her Champa kept on gazing Aarohi wistfully through mirror.

Gate of new journey got opened for her and took a new route in her life.


Jab ye socha kyun wahaan
Jee ke bhi jee naa sake

Hearing Anu at her back she puts breaks on champa and turns back smilingly.

Anu of four years giggling and running here and there

Anu have this curd and sugar it’s good. Today is my Anu first day at school. See dadi ji waiting ” Aarohi requesting picking Anu in arm”

No uglar ( sugar) no urd ( curd). Anu no lcck
( like) this” Anu said cutely playing with Aarohi face”

Why my noor don’t like this uglar and cute? See it’s tasty” Devi asked in babyish tone”

Anu baba ” Anu with her tiny hands sign him to come”

Yes, baba’s Anu what happened? ” Dev asked sweetly focusing cam on her face ”

Anu baba c ( see) ap ki mama Anu to ( ko) bol rahe eat uglar ( sugar). ” Anu complains kissing Aarohi”

Why Anu don’t want to eat uglar ( sugar) from my mama? ” Dev asked”

Hawww !!! ” Anu cup her mouth with her tiny palm”

Devohi and Devi ji too repeats the same.

Anu chuckles loudly and wiggle in Aarohi arms

Now tell why Hawww ” Devi ji asked”

And why our Anu don’t want to sweet and want she likes to eat ” Devohi asked cuddling her”

Anika playfully smackes her forehead and mimics like Anu

Ufff !! Anu baba, mama alar ( agar) Anu eat uglar toh moo ( mouse) humalle ( humare) eeth ( teeth) lay le ga. Toh Anu Aloo puli
( poori) kech( kesey) kech ( kese) khaaye gay

( both Anu and Anika did logic sign).

Anu ko sihf ( sirf) galjlar ka haba ( gajar ka halwa) acha lagta hai. Mummmh tasty. ( Anu kisses Aarohi face )

(Anu only likes gajar ka halwa)

Hahaahaaa !!!!!

Anika chuckles. She slowly blinks her eyes and chuckles turns into sobs

Tab ye jaana dil mera
Tere paas hi bhool aa chuke

Aloo didu humari mama maar gayi…… ab maids humein maare gay……. humare liya khaana kon banaye ga……… Aloo di Bolu ko mama pass……

( Di our mother has died……. now maids will beat us………now who will cook food for us……. Aloo di Bolu wants to go to Mama)

She turns her face to front and with her jacket sleeves wipes her tears like kids and get on road.

Chal diye tumse door
Aashiyane basaane lage
Chadh gaya aisa fitoor
Bas hum hi hum ho gaye


No precape

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  1. You know what this telly update ko ap ki zaroorat nahe. Dear you are just wasting your perious time on writing when u knew it’s not your cup of tea……

    1. Nati

      Really but i thought u did so by reading a waste and then typing. ?

  2. Aniriya

    Hi nati
    Amazing khidkithod update
    What a description of emotions my god eyes got moist after reading it. You deserve this???
    I hope new beginning of anika will be exciting and full of happiness and success.
    I think new name should be noor mansion.
    Nati one request please keep writing this story you are a amazing writer who is blessed to express all sorts of emotions perfectly without any loopholes.
    Keep smiling and take care
    Love you loads and i mean that
    Bye have a happy week ahead

    1. Nati

      Oh!! Angel i love u too thank u for your applause they mean so much to me. Dear u don’t need to request dear just command me ?. And who said we gonna stop writing whatever we are doing is just for u people to keep connected with eachother.

      U too keeping smiling and keeping supporting me. Take care and hv a blessed year of years. ?

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Nati.. How are you?? And linu??..
    Feeling really really bad seeing anudi like that.. Especially that end, where anudi remembered her childhood churned my heart… You are brilliantly handling this one ..will be waiting for the next eagerly.. Till then take care.. Love you loads ??

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely update dear… I always get emotional after reading your updated….. God bless you dear… And as for a name I want to suggest AASHIYANA.

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