Zaroori tha |I’ll snatch you from sky too| shot 18

Hey everyone this is the 18th shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.

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@Living Area

Dev was desperately waiting for Aarohi in living area. And all this was getting noted by Omru.

O, today is National day? Rudy asked munching banana

Duffer it’s not any National day, it’s Diwali ” Om spoke hitting his head”

O stop calling me duffer, ok..I know it’s Diwali but then why Dev uncle doing march past huh? “Rudra asked ”

Because Dad is waiting for Maa, Rudy bhaiya. It’s Diwali na and remember what maa said ? “Gauri spoke from behind”

That no one will wish Maa Diwali still she don’t wish their Anu. First Anu then rest ” Bhavya added”

Oh!!! So now Dara Singh wants to wish GF first.” Rudra mumbles and smirks evilly…..hahaah Dara Singh there’s twist in your story 😈😈😈

@ Shivika room

Anika pov

I was glaring the devil standing infront of me showing me her thirty two teeth. I was in the mood to break her teeth. How dare she splash water on me not glass but whole bucket on me.

I was about to execute my plan by throwing vase on her face but then Maa no i mean Princess voice and statement shocked me.

Happy Diwali my Anu ” Aarohi wished her gently pecking her forehead”

Anika gave Aarohi and Chanda blank look.

“What Diwali? ” Anika mumbled

Aarohi sign Chanda and stepped out.

Chanda bumps on Anika and hugs her tightly finally my kumbkaran is back.

Anika hugs her tightly and asked ” Chanda whats all this?”

Chanda breaks the hug and smile. It’s Diwali Anika and you know just believe me you didn’t woke after five days but

What are you saying Chanda i’m sleeping since five days ” Anika asked shockingly”

Don’t need to be shocked my dearest friend. You need that sleep. We all know the day you left this house from that day till five days back you couldn’t sleep.

But days back, you slept like baby in your Mother embraces. And not only you but aunty also slept with peace holding you close to her heart Anika ” Chanda spoke caressing Anika face”

@ Hall

All were anxiously waiting for Aarohi. Rudra whose eyes were on Dev. He was all ready to fail Dev plan and he evilly gazed Dev hearing Aarohi voice who was stepping down

“Happy Diwali !!! ” Aarohi wished all overwhelming stepping down

Everyone rejoices seeing Aarohi glowing and smiling after ages. Gayu and Shivomru all left their respective task and runs towards her.

Dev who was near to stair case ran towards Aarohi when Rudra slipped marbles in his away and made him fall on floor.

All mouths get widen 😲😲😲

Dev/ Dad ” Aarohi and Kids shouts

Happy Diwali Girlfriend !! Rudra screamed and hugs Aarohi tightly

Hurrahhh!!! I’m first Dara Singh….. Rudra shouted swirling Aarohi….

I did chop of Dara Singh plans Rudra said pecking Aarohi check

All cupped their mouth and gazes eachother suppressing their smile.

Dev glare him and pulled himself up ” What you did? And what you called me?” Dev asked approaching them

Aaj pataakhon ki jaga Rudra phatega ” Om chuckles ”

Shivaay and Gayu chuckles 🀣🀣

Aarohi stopped Rudra and pulls him behind her…. Dev look it’s Diwali and he’s kid.

Yup, it’s Diwali aur Diwali ke din mein is Rawaan ka vad kar do ga” Dev shouted ”

Rudra run ” Aarohi shouted protecting Rudra”

I’m not Ravana, uncle ( Rudra showed tongue to Dev) i’m Re-one and i won’t run without you my Chama cholo….

Huh!! Chammak Challo, what? ” Aarohi said”

Rudra signs and dance with Aarohi

Girl You’re My Chammak Challo
Where You Go Girl I’m Gonna Follow
What You Want Girl Just Let Me Know
You Can Be My Chammak Challo

Dev kicks Rurda and held Aarohi close….

Happy Diwali sweetheart ” Dev wished Aarohi pecking her cheek ”

Aarohi wishes him the same and peck his cheek.

Dev jumps in happiness and dance with Gayu and Aarohi.

Shawty I’m Gonna Getcha
You Know I’m Gonna Getcha
You Know I’ll Even Letcha
Letcha Be My Chammak Challo

Dev swirls Aarohi and Shivom helds her and wishes her Diwali and dance with Aarohi

Kaisa Sharmaana Aaja Nachke Dikha De
Aa Meri Hole Aaja Parda Gira De
Aa Meri Akhiyon Se Akhiyaan Mila Le
Aa Tu Na Nakhre Dikha.

” Anika bhabhi !!!” Rudra screamed

All smiled widely seeing Anika .

All ran towards her expect Aarohi and Shivaay. All wrapped her in their embrace and wishes her Diwali.

Anika hugs them tightly and wish them same. But her eyes were on Shivaay who pretended to be busy on fone.
She understood that she’s still annoyed with her. She passes smile to him and aparted from all.

Where are the rest? “Anika asked”

We are here, Anika puttar ” Dadi ji spoke marching in with puja thali.”

When you all came back from temple ?” Shivaay asked ”

Just when you all were dancing ” All replied in union”

“What?” Gayu said

Yes, and my noor was smiling alone seeing you all happy and dancing” Devi ji spoke caressing Anika face”

Anika took blessing from devi ji and wishes her diwali. She did the same with Dadi, Jhanvi and Tej, Pinky and Shakti.

Ok, now place a pause on all this and get ready for evening puja ” Both Dadi’s commands”

And you donkey, she’s your mother and you calls her Chammak Challo. Don’t you have shame” Dadi said twisting “
Hoti to ap meri secret girlfriend na hoti ” Rudra winks”

“Dadi ji blushes and smiles”

Oyeeee!!! Secret gf ” All teases Dadi ji”

So wanna be my Chammak Challo ” Rudra pulls all ladies towards him”
All ladies hugs Rudra tightly

Dev, Tej , Shakti and Shivom gets shocked
Aarohi !! Dev Shouted

What happened Dev” Aarohi asked hiding her smile”

Chammak Challo nahe, room mein Challo ” Dev said pulling her out from Rudra ”

You too ” Tej said pulling Jhanvi”

You also ” Shakti ji said Pinky”

Next time stay away him. ” Om said and drag Gauri away”

We should also leave ” Devi ji addresses to Dadi ji.

Shivaay was now alone standing and burning seeing Rudra and Anika laughing. But his tadi was stopping him to made any move.

Anika bhabhi i love you ” Rudra said kissing Anika cheek”

You are so cute and i lo…… before Anika could complete Shivaay interrupts

Shivaay picked Anika in arms and kicks Rudra

Anika smiles and wraps her arms around his neck.

After few hours

@ Shivika room

Anika comes out from closet wearing beautiful traditional outfit

Shivaay gets stunned to see tomb of beautiful infront of him. She admires her and with every step she taking towards him. His heartbeat was rising.

Anika smiles seeing his condition. She was about to take another step ahead when her foot twisted. She with the fear of getting strike with floor Anika close her eyes.

But to her suprise she didn’t heard the sound of thud. She slowly open her eyes and get lost in her love eyes. Who’s holding her in his protective arms.

Both share an intense eyelock

O jaana plays

Shivaay is the first to break the eyelock and helps Anika to stand properly

Tum dekh kar nahe chal sakti abhi girney wali thi

( can’t you wall carefully, you were about to fall)

Aaj ke din to mujh par gusa na ho ” Anika said with cute pout

( atleast today don’t get annoyed with me)

Aur mujh girane se na phele dar lagta tha aur na ab to itnu sa bhi nahe. Aur agar mein sambhal kar chalti to ap se kese takaraatee.

( And nor i was after from falling in yesterday’s and nor today. Not even a pinch. And if i would have walked carefully then how i would have collide with you )

Jaante hai kyun? kyun ke mein jaan gayi hoon ke mera bagad billa mujhe kabhi girane nahe de ga. Woh humesha mujh sambhal lay ga”

Said all snaking her arms around shivaay”

( you know why? Because i came to know that my bagad billa will never let me fall down. He will always safe me)

Shivaay pulled Anika close…. SSO un ko sambhalta hai jo sambhalna chahte hai samjhi ( he pushes her)

( SSO protect those who want to be protected)

Aur jo tumhari tarah sambhal he na chahte ho SSO un ki taraf dekhta bhi nahe.

( And the one like you who themself don’t want to be safe. I don’t even gaze them)

Then you held me know huh? She asked with tears.

Why you didn’t let me fall ” Anika futher added deep looking in his eyes

For this house happiness. I know if you will get hurt not you but those will feel pains whose happiness are joined with your smile. ” He replied sternly

And among the rest my billu ji also come. I know you are showing tadi to me but don’t froget i’m Anika woh bhi khirkitod Anika.

Hmmm…. khirkitod nahe diltod Anika. Got it ” Shivaay taunts”

Shivaay i’m sorry. Please forgive me ” Anika apologies cupping Shivaay face”

Just come down all are waiting for you ” He spoke coldly freeing himself”

Shivaay it’s Diwali ” She spoke grasping his hand”

I know it’s Diwali ” He said trying to take his hand back.

But you didn’t wish me ” Anika reminds him getting close to him”

Happy Diwali ” She wishes him against his ear in husky tone”

Happy Diwali to you ” He coldly wishes her and push her back”

Yeh ap ney mujh diwali wish ki hai, ke mere muh par mari hai? “Anika asked sweetly hidding her face in his neck”
( you wished me Diwali or you hv thrown it on my face?)

Don’t try to be frank with me and leave me ” Shivaay commands”

I didn’t hold you to let you go “Anika said smilingly pulling him more close”

What you will take to free me”Shivaay demands glaring her”

Chummaaaaa !!! Anika poutsπŸ˜™πŸ˜™

Chumma chahiye ? Shivaay asked wrapping his arms around her waist”
( need kiss?)

Hmm… woh bhi muwah wali”She replied getting more close”

Kon se wali ” Shivaay asked wrapping his arms around her waist
Muwah wali na ” Anika close her eyes”
Yeh lo chutki uh wali ” Shivaay spoke pinching Anika waist”
Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Anika screams

Ahhhhh!!!! Nahe…… say uuuheeeeee… Shivaay flicks his and stepped out smirking

@ Hall

Today i’m really happy. After years we are celebrating Diwali together. Last year my noor came and this Diwali my noor smile came. ” Devi ji addresses to all”

Yes, Maa ji you are right. This diwali will be really prestige not for you but for us too ” Jhanvi said”

And it’s all credit goes to Aarohi puttar ” dadi ji smiled pecking Aarohi forehead”
Aarohi smiles and thanks all.
Priest calls them all and commands them that it’s time for Diwali puja.

All smiles happily and gazes staircase.

Anika was stepping down with Shivaay beside her. Shivaay was stealingly gazing her and reminiscing last Diwali.

Infact not only Shivaay but all were reminiscing the same.

Devohi glances eachother and smiles happily reminiscing Anu and Gayu childhood.

Song plays
Ek raja hai ek rani hai
Paas paisa hai aur jawani hai
Aur kya zindagani hai
O.. aur kya zindagani hai

Anu !! Devohi calls her sweetly and opens their arms.

Anika steps down from last step and happily hugs them tightly

Sab naseebon ki yeh kahani hai

Aur kya zindagani hai
Aur kya zindagani hai

We are also here !! Gayu pouts
Dev smiles and extends his hand towards Gayu.

Gayu happily bumps on Devohi and Anika.

Ho.. aur kya zindagani hai
Ho.. aur kya zindagani hai

Everyone eyes got moist seeing their union and claps from them.

Ho.. aur kya zindagani hai

Ho.. aur kya zindagani hai

Aun humare ghar ke noor jao aur yeh diya jala kar humari aur in sab ki zindagiyon ko roshan kar do aur un tareekiyon ko jinho ne is aagan ka raah dekh liya.
( Anu ours house glow go and lighten that diya and vanish that darkness who have seen the routes of our house. Go and throw them from our lifes)

Aaj un sab ko humesha humesha ke liya ujaaley mein dhal lo…. ” Aarohi spoke placing diya on Anika palm and caressing her cheek with other”

( today just turned them in light)

Anika nods positively

Omru plays the Conch and everyone happily gather near temple and puja begins.

Anika she stepped near temple to lighten the lit but before lightening. She turned little to have a glimpes of her mother but she gets disturbed when she didn’t find Aarohi.

Everyone smiles and sign Anika to look at front.

” Anika for whom you are look she’s there ” Shivaay said making her look towards temple.

Anika turns towards temple. She smiles happily seeing Aarohi standing near temple.

Song plays

Aashiyana mera saath tere hai na
Dhundte teri gali mujhko ghar mila

Anika beta your mother is here. Please for one second gaze that poor diya too. It always want your gaze ” Devi ji teases Anika”

Everyone laughs.

Aarohi signs Anika to lighten it.

She delightful glorifies the diya along with Shivaay. Anika gazes Shivaay and Aarohi and smiles.
Aabodaana mera haath tere hai na
Dhundte tera khuda mujhko rab mila.
Soon after glorifying the lit. Shivika begins the puja Ram, Ram…… plays

Everyone close their eyes and prayers of everyone happiness.
Anika what are you doing? Get down i’m in office can’t you see i’m working.
No i won’t and now wrap your arms around my waist and today i’ll show you pune. And hold me tightly billu ji. It’s not chair but it’s roller coaster…. zummmmmm


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  1. Hi nati
    What a fantastic update
    Slowly slowly anu is coming back by grace of arohi. Aww tadibaaz sso is always cute and manaing anika super cute. Loved full chamak challo scene what a bond between arohi and rudra always cute and adorable and jealous dev haha.
    Since my exams are near by i will be busy in preparing it soo please pardon me if i will not be able to give reply when i will be free I’ll do that.
    Bye keep smiling keep writing and take care . Have a happy weekend

  2. ItsmePrabha

    jab bhi rudy dev ko dhara singh bol kar chidatha hai bohoth maza ata hai..Loved every bit of this epi..and precap is super cute..Will be waiting for the next..till then take care..

  3. Hello Nati salute to your efforts dear. They way u are working so hard and try ur best to win more more heart trust me you already made your way to our hearts.

    They way you are plotting Anika character it’s just superb dear.

    One side is her Maa and other side is her Shivaay. Both are two sides on coin for her.

    Hahah the Chammak Challo part so cute. Rudy is Ravana nd Dev is Dhara i love their bond. Both are so cute but i’m waiting for the day when Anu will lock them all in room for getting close to Anu maa except her.

    So SSO in tadi mode nd Anika in khirkitod mode. I just love them nd falling more for them. Billu ji plz maan jao na ab to khud Anika ne kiss mang li woh bhi muwah wali. πŸ˜†

    Precape super cute nd will be duper after reading it. Till then take care nd keep smiling nd writing.

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is amazing and beautiful dear

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