Zaroori tha |I’ll snatch you from sky too| shot 13

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Anika whole face was red with anger and due to contionusly crying eyes got swelled too. Her temper was contionusly shooting like someone had kept hotpot on her head.

Vanhi and her own words were ringing in her ears and rest she got all deaf.

She was just running and panting heavily that the sounds of her sniffing were more auditable to ears then those foot steps that were running behind her.

Anika was just inched away from door to get escaped from all when everyone got stunted to their place with shock.

Aarohi tightly slapped Anika, this much hard that Anika’s sniffs gets vanhised somewhere in the air and now only Aarohi’s anger echoing in the air. ( slap sound)

Anika who was just inched away from door now she was thrown five inches away from existence.

Prints of Aarohi finger got pasted on Anika’s cheek and pale lips got red.

Get calm Anu, get calm know as from now onward whenever I saw you in unstable stay like this, you don’t know what i’m gone do of you next and none here won’t be able to protect you from me none. ” Aarohi spoke kneeling down and rubbing her thumb over her cheek”

“Anika shivers Aarohi words”

Now only my words should be ringed in these ears only mine not any one else. ” She shouted covering Anika ears”

Anu it was final wake up call for you. What a final wake up call?

Just look into my eyes Anu just look at me ” She commanded ”

“Anika gaze her with shuddering soul ”

Wake up Anu, wake up come out from that tantrum which was only your illusion thats it just ashed them tonight if you didn’t I’ll ash you in my anger.

Jo aag roshani kar sakti hai na no sab kuch khaa bhi kar sakti hai.

Whatever i’m saying this time I’ll implement them but not on you but on your Chutki and Doll. ” She threats”

“Anika nods negatively ”

Good. Then don’t repeat your mistakes for that make sure you behave well and don’t repeat the past mistakes. If you did so then don’t cry for mercy as i won’t show nor I’ll regret for it.

” Aarohi said pulling Anika face close to her ”

But this time you have to regret only you Anu. And you exactly know what regression I want from you.

Do you know? Aarohi shouted answer me clutching her face in btw her palms”

J..jii..i ” Anika stammered”

All were crying seeing Anika.

You are daughter of this house and you know how day took start here and how it ends. So
tomorrow your one single mistake and Gayu will get punish thrice.

This is Princess Aarohi Singh Rajput order !! She stood up leaving Anika on floor.

Shivaay take her to room now. Make her clear yourself tonight that nothing happened because of her, so she should stop using her useless brain more in unless thoughts.

If she don’t. Just ring the bell. ” She said all glaring Anika”

And you all I don’t want to hear more discussion on this after this moment.

Princess and Doll you if you again open your mouth and talk rubbish infront of me then see what I’ll do with you both as well.

Don’t forget i’m your mother and I didn’t died yet i’m still alive.. ” She warned Gayu

I need to talk to you Dev, right now. ” Aarohi said marching to her room.

Shivika room

Shivaay gentle kept Anika on bed. You rest her let me bring first aid box. ” Shivaay said pecking her forehand”

Anika gazes him with guilt, tears made their way down from her eyes.

Anika pov

Why i’m doing this all to him, why? He loves me so much that from tadibaaz SSO he became just Shivaay. He used to proud of himself to being called Oberoi but today he’s proud to be known Anika’s Shivaay.

He sacrificed his famous tadi that never got down never before but the day i stepped in his flawless world it start falling down. It kneeled on ground.

“Anika !!” Shivaay called her lovely.

“She hummed in response.”

“What are you thinking?” He questioned sitting next to her.

“Nothing” She replied in low tone.

Shivaay smiled and start cleaning Anika cheek. She hissed in pain

I…I’m sorry Anika. I’m so sorry he blew her face and softly peck her cheek. ” Shivaay apologise ”

“Anika close her eyes with proximity”

Shivaay pov

I was apply oinment on her cheek and corner of her lips that just parted with maa slap.

My hand was doing his job best and my eyes their. I was deep staring those deep orbs , deeper than sea trying my level best to find what actual hiden in them.

Shivaay Singh Oberoi family titled me their wall, that wall who like rock can stood before them to protect them from any problem but never let those problems even to touch them.

“Was my sheild, was just for Oberoi’s not for her?”

Is that SSO failed somewhere to keep his promises? Those promises that i took holding her hand around pure fire?

The one who always burned herself for me for others to vacated darkness from our lifes. She herself was going towards darkness. And this sun was not capable of throw the dark away from her.

Why Shivaay you failed, why to failed to read her eyes that were screaming her pain. Pain of grief.

That grief which she shared with me before but i completely failed to heal her wounds.

Just knowing her from her scent was not enough for me, just saying i know you was too not enough for me. I should have understood her before she understand herself like she has the magic to know me more than myself.

Shivaay was confronting himself for that he failed…….

When Anika brought him out of thoughts.

Shivaay don’t confront yourself for what you are not responsible. ” Anika said with grief”

“These should be my words Anika” He spoke cupping Anika face

Anika bends her head and gaze in shame.

Shivaay made her face him and with thumbs wipes her tears. Anika look into my eyes. ” He requests”

“Anika saliently obeys him”

“Who are you? ” He asked

Anika !! She replied

You are khirkitod Anika not just Anika ” He corrects joining his forehead with her”

You are my Dabbang Anika. You are that Anika who’s never afarid of anyone nor from human and nor from situations.

Intact you fought with them with bravery nor like loser you ran away from them.

Anika just close your eyes for once and look inside yourself and see yourself what in actual you are ” Shivaay commanded”

Anika obeys him and close her eyes but with jolt opened them.

No, i can’t do this? Anika said trying to free herself..

Rikara room

What are you saying Maa? We have to pretend that we can’t see you? Om asked.

Yes, and no mistake should be done if anyone did then…….” Aarohi warned them”

But what’s the need of this? “Dev asked”

It’s needed Dev, it’s very important for Anu. If we all want to bring Anu out of that tantrum then we have to do this. And it’s just matter of a day that’s it.
” Aarohi spoke”

But girlfriend……Dev cuts i Rudra

Hey, you stop calling Aarohi girlfriend call her Maa ok thats it. She’s not your girlfriend dumbo ” Dev said pulling Aarohi close to him”

Hawww!! See Gf what your oldie called your BF ” Rudra complained Aarohi”

Who oldie huh? ” Dev asked rising his eyebrow.”

And you again called Aarohi girlfriend.

Rikara and Bhavya was gazing them with wide eyes and mouth.

You, Dev uncle who else is oldie here. And i called them GF.
” Rudra replied pulling Aarohi close”

Right GF? Rudra wink Aarohi

Dev punches on Rudra eye have this Dumbo. She’s my lovely wife. He said pulling Aarohi close to him.

Rudra cries and hug Aarohi tightly….. Gf 😒

Aww!! My boy she softly peck Rudra eye and caresses his face.

Aarohi infront of your husband you are kissing this “paraaya mard” now you are not feeling shy? Dev shouted

Definitely she will kiss ” pyaar mard” not any “puraana mard” like you . Rudra said proudly

Aarohi , Rikara and Bhavya shockingly gazes eachother.

Dev glare Rudra and shouts now non can save you from me. He pull his sleeves and runs behind Rudra…… stop you crybaby, duffer today I’ll break your mouth with whom you call Aarohi girlfriend.

Rudra runs here and there and teases him you can can’t be dev uncle…… Rudra peck Aarohi cheek and pushes om on Dev.

Om get up from me today I’ll show this protein ki dukana that i’m more handsome then him” Dev said”

Dev uncle, control ” Om said hugging Dev”

“Dev pull Om hairs. Om scream in pain aaaahh mere bal.”

Aur Rudra tumhari khaal” Dev said running behind him.

Aarohi and Gayu were laughing seeing Rudra and Dev fight. Both were bumping on eachother.

Dev was trying to punch him on face but Rudra was defending his face.

O please save me ” Rudra calls Om for help”

Shut up just because of you i lost my hairs ” Om said”

Bhagwan kare O tu ganja ho jaye. ” Rudra curse him”

Om angrily bumps on him. Dev uncle i’m with you punch this duffer ” Om spoke”

O chhod mujh warna tere bache bhi gange ” Rudra shouts”

Aarohi smiled are you seeing princess and doll with Anu presences this whole house is glowing and rejoicing” Aarohi said caresses Gayu back”

Yes, Maa you are right” Gayu spoke resting their head on Aarohi shoulders”

O chor mujh warna tere bache aur un ke bache tujhe ganja dada, ganja naana aur ganja papa bole gay” Rudra said”

Now I’ll make new map on your face ” Om said punching him”

Naheeeeee jiii ” Rudra screamed”

Haan ji ” Dev and Omru said in union.”

Shivaay bhaiya bachao !! Rudra shouts for help calling Shivaay”

Shivika room

Shivaay made Anika lies on bed and comes on top of her. He joins his forehead with Anika and sign her to close her eyes with him Anika obeys him.

Shivaay softly peck her eyes and said.

Reminisce that day when my copper blasts. What all believed and what you believed? Tell me Anika what you saw.

That all were crying that something happened to you but I told them that nothing happened to you. ” She answered”

“How SSO got saved. What happened that i couldn’t caught copper on time?” He asked

We both crocodile with eachother and files got changed so that’s you didn’t caught and got saved” She replied.”

Then who saved me from murder case. When Ranveer came to arrest? What were your words in at the time? He asked

Shivaay was with me in Chanda’s house. And then we with the help of Sahil proved you innocent.

Both were crying reminiscing those memories and wet eachother face with their tears.

Shivaay kept on asking Anika about the dangers he fell in. Then Anika reminiscing those incidents replies him back that how she stood beside him and protected him.

The jungle incident…., the lori night, …..Kamini was about to shoot him but Anika took bullet on her……….Rangini trap and so on.

Anika have you seen yourself? Shivaay asked

“Anika with close eyes she hummed”

Now tell me who’s Anika in actual just open your eyes and tell me looking into my eyes and tell who are you? He questioned her caressing her hairs.

I’m not weak ” She replied cupping his hand”

Yes, Anika is not weak and nor you are cause of anyone pain but you are cure not curse. ” He said”

But Gayu lifes all got spoiled because of me ” She cried”

No, Anika no please don’t think like that my jaan.

You are cure to our pains Anika please don’t punish yourself for what you are not responsible.

Kill this fear and guilt that took birth inside you that because of you lifes got spoiled.

Lifes got beautiful and got filled with colors with your presences and it’s prove is lying on you Anika.

Anika cries with puppy face if lifes got beautiful and coloured with then why because of me Rajkumari ji has to……she sobs

Ok, fine Anika on your believe i believe that to save you from problems Maa beared this much.

But Anika no truth is biggest than this….. that today if Maa is with us, “then it was all your believe na that maa is alive?”
And see today she’s living infront of all infront of her Anu eyes. Who searched from them when she was not near to you Anika.

Anika cries like babies ” Shivaay”

Shivaay couldn’t see her love in any more tears as he knows how much she shade them. He close his eyes and softly place his lips on hers. Anika close her eyes tightly and begin with the flow.

All this kiss showing their care and love for eachother how much they carved for eachother touch and affection.

After few minutes both got breathless and to stable their breath they got parted from eachother from mouth but their eyes didn’t left.

Anika can i sleep in your embrace. I want to rest my head on your heart i want to sleeping listening your melodious beats and want to sleep peacefully in your arms ” Shivaay resquest”

“Anika softly hummed”

Shivaay softly peck her heart and close his eyes wrapping his arms around her milky waist.
He gently holds Anika one hand and sign her to ruffle his hairs and with other he entwined his fingers with hers.

Anika was gently ruffling his hairs and pov

For me he listen those words ” joru ka gulam” that non man in this world would be happy to hear about him but for me he took that name with happiness forgetting about his dignity. What he cared and cares for is just my smile and my happiness matter for him.

But what i did to him? Just given him pain and sorrows thats it. I couldn’t never give him a percent back in return and instead on giving i just kept on snatching and just snatch from him.

From Shivaay Singh Oberoi i made him Salve Singh Oberoi. The one who worked in their house like Servant today he’s severing me and what i’m doing letting him to serve me.

Who i’m infront of this man what? No, he’s not man he’s an angel and me i’m not even deserve to be called human being.

He with his love kept of healing my wounds and me with my insane words kept on stabing him.

And he again and again took them with smile his smile that killed girls that always doodles but this girl a crap a curse even snatched it too from these soft lips.

From where to where i brought him. My life was encircled with pains and sorrows and now i too pulled him in that circle.

Why Anika why you did this with him, why?



All are running away from Anika.


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  1. Hey nati
    This was khidkithod update
    Hoping anu comes back fully to her family and sso.
    Waiting for next update
    Bye keep smiling and take care

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Hai Nati & are you Both? sorry yaar couldn’t comment on previous parts…dussehra ki wajah se family outing pe gayi thi..toh time hi nahi mila padne ke all the 3 parts now..yaar mujhe rula diya…especially this chapter ..shivika scene is sooo beautifully written..will be waiting for the next..till then take care…and once again sorry ..

  3. Your rocked Nati as always sis…. your way of expressing all emotion is just breath taking. Tears automatically made there way to flow out….

    Anu who use to make other shiver today someone single gaze and voice shudders her. I’m just falling in with Aarohi’s character.

    Shivika 😍😍😍 u gave your 1000%%%%%% both pov for eachother showed how much the care for eachother.

    Feeling bad for Anu she can’t close her eyes with fearing but Anu di u don’t need to worry when your billu ji is by your side how nicely and strongly he made Anu clear what in actual Anika is.

    Awww billu ji so cute and romantic he wanted to sleep peaceful in his love embrace why not he’ll after all he carved for Anika and her embrace.

    Rudy and Dev scene i fully enjoyed hahaha both pulling Aarohi like she’s duvet πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. And then Dev pulled om hairs omg poor Om. 🀣🀣

    And our Rudy boy and his cute antics what a curse he gave to O πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

    Go Nati Nati waiting for other epi full with emotions and fun. Till then stay happy and blessed. Keeping smiling and make me smile.

  4. Fairy205

    Hi Nati di how u and Linu doing? Hope you both are doing well as my prayers are always with you☺

    Sorry i was busy with my PL that’s why i couldn’t comment as usual giving same excuses but……

    Aarohi anger omg i got goosebumps reading and imaging it feeling bad for Anu but i think it’s needed Aarohi anger is totally justifiable. I hope now Aarohi anger will totally calm Anu.

    Shivika scenes my eyes got watery poor their povπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Vanhi witch you posion Anu mind that our kumbkaran can’t even close her eyes😭😭.

    But all Thanks to u billu ji your love made it possible for Anika to close her eyes and find her true self ” khirkitod Anika”

    Shivaay sleeping in his Anika arms after months 😒 i just love it.

    And what to say about Rudy and Dev 🀣🀣🀣 such a cute FIL and SIL fighting like kids with eachother for Aarohi.

    Om why you came in btw them your hairs got pulled by Dev πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† and Rudy curse Om hahaha om tu ganja ho jaye aur tere bache bhi 🀣🀣🀣🀣.

    Well done Nati di and keeping doing. Waiting for the next till then keeping smiling.

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear.. Dev and rudra scene are awesome and funny.. Update is lovely.. Go with the flow dear

  6. By Nati, thank you for your blog post.Really thank you! Awesome.

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