Zaroori tha |I’ll snatch you from sky too | shot 12

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Hey everyone this is the 12th shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.

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Shivika room

No!! ” He asked

“Anika shook her head negatively.”

Then do whatever i ask for? If you don’t me to show these footage to Maa. ” Shivaay commanded”

What you want from me? Anika shouted pushing him”

You!! ” He said pulling her .”

Why you want me huh? She asked furiously

“Because Anika I love you” He expressed.

It’s not love it’s called lust. You have lust on me. ” Anika said in convincing tone ”

What you said? I’m having lust on you. Shivaay free her from his hold.

“What you said ? ” He demanded in hurtful voice and tears.

Yes!! ” Anika turns her face and cries vigriously”

Anikaaa!! “Shivaay calls her with heavy throat ”

Song plays

Sun O’ dila ve
Kaisa dar mila ve
O mere Khudaya
Kyun dard banaya
Aise chhodna
Dil todna
Yeh koi mazaq to nahin

He forcefully turned Anika towards him ” Kesi muh se tum ney mere pyaar ko lust ka naam diya.”

tumhein ek baar bhi apne billu ji par tress nahi aya.

Both share an intense painful eyelock

Roye roye, naina mere
Roye roye, naina mere

@ living room

Aarohi beta leaving house is not the solution to the problems
” Devi ji said”

I know maa ji, i’m sorry too but you too did the same five months back. Remember?

You too left this house when your Noor was not in this house.

Then today you are expecting me to stay here where Anu will declare that her heart die from me.

When heart dies , soul too left the body.

Before leaving i just want to say please do take care of my daughters specially…….” Aarohi said crying”

Roye roye, naina mere
Roye roye, naina mere

Aarohi sure we’ll take care of your daughters but sorry i don’t have this much strength to handle Anu. Ask others if they have. ” Dev said stepping away”

But Shivaay have” Aarohi said with smile”

No bhabhi ji you are wrong. Shivaay only have strength to handle Anika. But he’s too so weak to handle Anu.

Non present here have this much strength to handle Anu. Not even Anika herself. ” Jhanvi said”

Aarohi gazes them

@ Shivika room…..

Anika speak what i’m asking from you just answer me damn it” Shivaay commanded pressing her against wall”

Anika close her eyes tightly avoiding to meet Shivaay eyes. She knew it if she met those kanji orbs than finally she will give up. Which she never wanted to. Her throat was heavier but she gulped her pain.

Koi majboori
Leke aayi hai doori
De ke dil ne duhaai
Faryaad sunaai
Maine paai hai
Yeh judaai hai
Yeh koi mazaaq to nahin…

Kyun Anika , kyun mujh apne Shivaay ko chhod kar….. bina kuch bolaye , bina kuch sunaye bus chali gayi….. Kynuuuuuuu” Shivaay shouted pulling Anika closed to him.

( why you left your Shivaay? Nor you said anything nor you hear just left. Whyy? )

Aur sirf mujh nahe balke apni Maa, baba, dadi ji, golu, bolu ko kynuuuuuuuu ” He twisted her both hands and place them at back.

( And not only me but your parents , grandmaa and sisters why?)

I don’t have answer for your stupid questions. Just leave me i’ve to go. ” Anika shouted struggling to get escaped without making an eye contact”

Roye roye, naina mere
Roye roye, naina mere

Roye roye, naina mere
Roye roye, naina mere

Not today Anika . Before i don’t get my answers if gods too come down to free you from me that i won’t free you. So now don’t think i’ll leave you.

Aaj tum mere har saal ka jawab do ge. Aur woh bhi sab sach.

( today i need answer to my all questions)

Now speak ” Miss Ruthless” bohat acha khel khela tha. Shanaya ka mask wear kar ke jeeti rahi. Par tum shayad yeh bhool gayi ke chehra to tum ney apna chupa liya, lakin in saason, dhadakano , apni khushboo aur apne ehsaas ko kesay chupa pao gayi mujhse aur Maa huh?

( you played good game. Living wearing Shanya mask. But you have forgotten that you can hide your face but not your breaths, heartbeats your fragrance and not your feel)

Shivaay twisted her wrist more tightly.

“Bolo na mere he bedard sanam. He cried and caresses Anika face “intensity of pain “

( Speak na my heartless lover)

Apna tumhe kiya magar
Apne naa tum huve
Kyun seene se lagaaya tha
Kyun ajnabi huve

Anika lift her gaze and spoke in low tone


@ living area

You too want to leave us na Maa like Anika di want ? Then go you too go but not before killing me and doll ” Gauri said giving gun to Aarohi”

Roye roye, naina mere
Roye roye, naina mere

Princess/ Gauri” All spoke shockingly”

“No, dad and no one will else spoke between us. Only we and Maa. ” Gauri orders them”

Princess and Doll what you are saying. Are you both out of mind.” Aarohi spoke”

No, today we got are mind ( Gauri wipes her tears) Right Doll? ” Gauri passes to Bhavya”

Hmm!! You are right Gauri di. Just today we got mind. And like you and Anika di made your team we too made our team.

You both leave this house and we both leave this world . Just give us death ” Bhavya said”

Aarohi eyes grew big in shock

Ainj naeen harde
Jehde pyaar karde
Aise chhoda
Dil todna
Yeh koi mazaq to naheen

All get shocked to hear Gayu

There got pin drop silence in living area. Only heavy sobs and hiccups were echoing. But after few minutes another voice was to heard in the hall. Voice of someone long steps that were approaching towards them brought all out of shock.

All turned their faces and got blank to find a manly figure standing infront of them.

“Mr Rathore you here?” Dev asked approaching towards him

Yeah !! Actually i came here for Anni” Kabir replied”

Anni !!” Dev said confusingly ”

I mean Anika” He spoke clearly”

Who are you and how do you know Anu” Aarohi asked”

My introduction is not important at this moment. I just came here in the search of Anni. She’s here Rajkumari ji ( Princess) ? ” Kabir spoke worriedly”

What you called me? ” Aarohi questioned”

Rajkumari ji!! ” He replied”

@ Shivika room

You asked me ,why i left you all. I told it you zaroori tha ( it was needed) thats it. Now don’t you dare to rise your voice and hand on me again as i’m not going to give you more explanations. Is that clear to youuuuu Shivaay Singh Oberoi. “Anika shouted grasping his collar ”

Thi mohabbat jo teri
Wohi qismat mein naa thi
Toh judaa hona hi toh zaroori tha
Bewafa hona bhi toh zaroori tha

“Kya zaroori tha hai, baato mujhe ( Shivaay tightly cupped her face) kya zaroori tha……”

Is ghar ko be noor karna zaroori tha.

Kya ek Maa se us ki roh ko chheenana zaroori tha

Kya ek baap ke gaurav ko todna zaroori tha.

Yeha behano se unki dhaal ko kamzor karna zaroori tha.

Yeha ek ishqbaaz se us ke ishq ko dur karna zaroori tha.

Baatao mujhe kya zaroori tha tumhare liya un kasam un waadao ko nibhana zaroori tha jo tumhein ney hum sab se kiye.

Yeha un waado se un sabhi kasamo se muh pher kar kisi aur ka chehra odh , humein yun jeenain ki saza dena zaroori thaaa !!!!!

( Shivaay said all squeezing Anika )

O.. Rabba tere hi haath mein
Thhe woh saare hi raaste
Kya mera haath chhodna zaroori tha?
Kya mere dil ko todna zaroori tha?

a..aapp s..a.b ki zindagi k…o k..hud se bachein zaroori tha”Anika with puppy face gazes Shivaay ”

Qismat ki meherbaaniyan
Shiqwa kisi se kya
Sehni padi hain dooriyan
Karte bhi hum to kya?

” Anika !!!” Shivaay gets numbed to hear her confession

Anika is a curseeeeee !!! She shouted at the top of her voice and fell on floor

Meri kundali mein pitra dosh hai. ” She screamed

That’s why it was Zaroori tha to give punishment to one who spoiled eveyone life. Anika was never a noor , she was never mother soul, nor baba pride , Gayu cage and nor her lover love.

She is just a curse that curse who snatched everything from you all………

Mummy ji was always correct Shivaay.

Ke mein manhoos hoon.

Nahe , Anika nahe who said this to you” Shivaay hugged her tightly ”

It’s true Shivaay Rajkumari ji told me but i didn’t remember all but then when Vanhi told me everything.


Anika you are blaming me Anika for Rajput’s destruction but the truth is that not me but you , Anika you are reason behind the destruction of Rajput’s of Aarohi” Vanhi shouted”

Anika clutches her neck tightly ” i’ll kill you if you took Maa name from your mouth”

Anika you can protect your family , specially your Maa from enemies but how you will protect them from you Anika. Who’s born with curse that curse who was the very first enemy of her family. ” Vanhi spoke struggling for breath”

Anika gazes her with shock and frees Vanhi from her clutches ” what you mean ?”

First to free you from curse Aarohi has to get away from her husband and kids. You were born with pitra curse

Anu you got curse in your birth, pitra curse ” Aarohi words echoes in Anika ears”

Now you remember Anu. You just remember that i was behind Aarohi kidnap but you forgot what Aarohi confess before. If just not than i’ve the complete footage in which Aarohi spoke the whole truth….. that you are a curse.

Nooooo!! “Anika scream loudly”

Yes, Anika it’s true and just because of you , “you curse” Princess of Jhodpur has to bear my tortures as i want to take revenge for Rajput’s ” Vanhi confess”

And you gave me golden chance to took my revenge. You indirectly help your Anni thats why i love you so much. Sometime i think you should me my daughter.

Anika got numbed tears rolling down….. tears of grief.

Just because of me she bear this much. And I took her wrong that she cheated me.

Vanhi smirked evilly….

For DSR her Anu is her pride but in actual you were stain.

DSR who never bend infront of world nor infront of gods but to save her Princess ( Gauri) he cried kneeling infront of Sanjay to give his daughter back to him, who was about to be sold to pr*stitutes.

Reminisce that day when you took your chutki long with you in search of Aarohi and instead of finding Aarohi, you lost chutki too.

“Flashes were reeling infront of Anika eyes”

Vanhi laughed loudly

Today instead of Advocate Gauri she would be someone mis……..( Anika cuts)

“Anika smashed Vanhi head on wall”

Your lovely doll , just go in the flashback and see what happened with her in your presences ” Asthma” Kids use to made fun of them. ” Vanhi spoke pulling herself up”

Listen those cries of Gayu how they cried for Aarohi but then you didn’t let them cry for Aarohi.

Anika cover her ears tightly” Gayu crying sounds were making her carzy……

Aloo didu mama… Mama maar gayi…. kya woh kabhi lori nahe gaaye gayi….

Nahe mama zinda hai Golu, Nahe mama abhi lori gaaye gayi aur phir hum tino ko neeni aa jayi gayi. ” Anika said sobbling”

Kids goes on parents but you went on your Vanhi Anni. ” Vanhi said”

“No, i’m not like you “Anika said pushing her away

Yes, you’re like me my niece. If i took Aarohi away from you than you too never let Gauri and Bhavya to get close to Aarohi.

Reminisce those years and moment Anika, how you kept Gayu away from mother’s love.

Then what’s the differences between me and you Anika.

And your curse didn’t left Oberoi’s too. The day you stepped in their lifes specially Shivaay his life too got spoiled.

Reminisce what happened with Shivaay in your presence too. His life was just smooth before you but when you entered what not he faced.

Yes, she’s right the day i stepped in Shivaay life…… his marriage with Tia got broken…. that chopper blast….. on lori he got shot…. then in jungle…… she kept on remebering all the bad incident happened with Shivaay

On the day you were born on the same very day you have auction, bid Aarohi womb where you lived for nine mouths. But with twenty night year you sold it.

You are the reason behind tears of Rajput. Child give happiness to their parents but you always give them sorrows , pain and tears.

Because it’s in your birth card that you are born to destory Rajput’s and now Oberoi’s too. ” Vanhi shouted”

Flashback ends.

Shivaay hold Anika in arms like chid ” Anika don’t think like that you are blessing. You are soul of our lifes and a pure soul like you can never be a curse you are prayer.

Ainj naeen harde
Jehde pyaar karde

You bid your mother womb, you snatched your sister happiness, and Anika is the destructor and murderer of all happiness and killing someone happiness is the biggest sin and Anika is that witch not me. Anu is biggest enemy of Aarohi….. words of Vanhi echoed in Anika ear….

Anika open her eyes all red in anger. She hits Shivaay hard and comes out of his lap.

Anikaa” Shivaay calls her”

Why you touched me why? Don’t you know i’m curse. My hands are blooded” Anika spoke glaring her hands and stepping back”

No, Anika it’s not….” Shivaay holds her close”

Anika pushes him away and runs out of room.

“Shivaay shouts her name and runs behind her”

@ Living area

Yes, you are right aunty ji your fear was right. Anni came to now everything and it’s result…….Aarohi cuts Kabir

Thats mean Anu did this all because she consider herself reason behind my…… Aarohi glances Dev with shock

Dev was about to speak something when Shivaay voice shocked all

Anikaa i said stop you didn’t do anything please listen to me ” Shivaay shouted running behind him”

Anika was running and running mumbling something

Anu/ di/ bhabhi/ Anika/ Anni ” All said in union





Now i’ll see how many days you stay annoyed with me my bagad billa ” Anika mumbled brushing her nose”

Lets play cat catching mice
” Rudy screamed”


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  1. Hi nati
    Happy dashera may god bless you with all happiness.
    Coming to episode ???? no words to say fully enjoyed.
    Waiting for next update
    Bye keep smiling and take care

    1. Nati

      Thank you angel for your comment and support. I’m happy u enjoyed the epi I’ll keep on trying to entertain you in all best way. Happy Dusherra to you as well dear. Happy sunday and looking forward for your more support and suggestions ?

  2. I think today my words will again betrayal me to describe your hardwork plus your talent Nati. But still i will try my best you pat your back as it’s zaroori.

    Starting from beginning that song which you added it was actually the demand or say ” char chand lag diye” to whole episode.

    Shivaay forcing Anika to open her mouth but when Anika did.. Shivaay got numbed i can screem them on my Tv.

    Really feeling bad for Anu she was dying with guilt that she’s the reason behind Aarohi and all destruction. Vanhi played her trump card and literally she destroyed Rajput by making Anu believe that she’s the real enemy of her mother.

    Nati beautifully describe the title now i got it why it was zaroori tha. Hats off girl now it too became zaroori for me to read this stroy regularly and come here and open my heart infront of you.

    So kabir too entered RM and told everything to Aarohi.

    Now looking forward for Aarohi role what step she will take to release Anu anger.

    And i guess the fun is to begin in RM Anu chirps to hear all around.

    Update the next ASAP.

    Your biggest fan ever. Stay happy and blessed Nati.

    1. Nati

      Thank you Haya for such an encouraging pat it pushed me more to work well and better. I’m glad to know that you are liking the plot hope so you keep on liking it.

      And as i said earlier it’s all your love dear that made it possible to write it. Stay happy and blessed.

  3. Plz add some sense in anika’s mind that all are incomplete without her. Add some ishqbaazi btw shivika in equally from both side

    1. Nati

      Hey Vish first of all thanks for your comment and welcome here. I hope u won’t mind if i call you Vish☺.

      Thank you again for your suggestion dear i’ll try my best to do so what you want. Sure you will get to read ishqbaaz btw shivika and i’ll try to showcase them in well manner.

      But dear will you make it clear what scenes u want me to complete in Anu mind? I’ll be waiting for that.

      Happy Dusherra dear.

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is amazing update dear… Happy dusherra

    1. Nati

      Hey Niki my support system happy dusherra to u as well. Thanks Niki for your support dear honestly saying this ff not as much amazing then you and your comment is golden star for me it bring 440 volts smile on my face. Keep smiling and blessed always.

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