Is Zain’s doubt about Rehaan’s intentions true in Beintehaa?

The show Beintehaa has taken a big twist as Bilal got kidnapped just in nick of the time, and Rehaan replaced him as the groom for Aaliya. Rehaan agreed to marry her and unite her with Zain. Aaliya completely believed him and even her parents got happy. While, Surayya was sure that Rehaan will not leave Aaliya now for the sake of his children and it will be good for Zain. She used this fact and presented it in her way to Zain, making Rehaan look a villain to him. Even Bilal spoke against Rehaan and made Zain realize that he was kidnapped by R H Khan at his property. Zain was stunned and wanted to share this with Aaliya. Rehaan convinced Aaliya that he will unite her with Zain, but she to keep in mind her limits till she is married to him, as he does not want any issues to crop up infront of his kids.

Zain meets Aaliya and tells her about Rehaan plotting everything to marry her, and kidnapping Bilal. She does not believe him as she knows Rehaan’s goodness. The kidnappers get arrested and Rehaan’s firm frees them. Zain is stunned and informs this to Aaliya. She gets a doubt about Rehaan and confronts him. Rehaan says they are his client and what’s wrong in this. Aaliya tells him that she met Zain, and she is leaving house now. Rehaan gives her an ultimatum to stay in his house according to him, and go out with his permission, else her dream to unite with Zain will break forever and he will never give her divorce. Aaliya is stunned as her trust on Rehaan shakes up. Zain informs Surayya that all evidences point Rehan as Bilal’s kidnapper. Bilal identifies kidnappers and Rehan says they are his friends. Is Rehaan really behind all this and is Zain’s doubt on him true? Let us know what you think about this.

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  3. This track is going faltu completely ! I just hate beintehaan now !

    1. Darfisha Shaikh

      I just hate beintehaa …….hundred times giving divorce… &… Hundred times getting married….. Yaks!”””

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