Hey guys i am going to write an os (only one episode) called ?MY BRIDE ?so i hope you guys will loke it so lets get strated.
Survi has been married to kartik for 5 months but she haven’t gotten her wedding night but still she had loved him more than herself .
While she was standing by the terrace waiting to be 12:00 clock just wearing white net saree with mungleshutra and open straight hair flying by the chill wind.
SURVI:(TO HERSELF)Kartik i love you but you will never understand but finally it’s been 5months since we have been married I love you.
While survi was saying those things kartik was hearing all this.by looking at her bare back he couldn’t resist himself but he when he want forward to touch her he always remembered that aniket loved her he clenched his fist by thinking about that. He acted like he didn’t hear anything and came knocking on the door by hearing the knock on the door Survi ran towards the door to open when she reached for the door she had a huge smile on her face. Kartik saw something that he had never saw on survi’s face. Survi’s face was glowing so much just about to when his hand came towards to touch her face he got a call. After that call he hugged survi tightly and kissed survi’s cheek.
KARTIK:Survi can you get me dinner. I have some work to complete bring my dinner here ok.
Survi was shocked by his sudden behavior she hold her cheek and went downstairs with a big smile on her face.
When she returned back to her room with plate full of food when she came to her room her mouth dropped open. She saw her bed was decorated like it was her wedding night with candles and roses and in bed rose petals fromed a heart. She felt warm breath on her neck and strong arms wrapped around her stomach it was non other than Kartik she turned to face Kartik her eye’s caught on his he was lost on her beautiful eyes.
SURVI:Kartik what are you doing leave me.
Survi tried to get out but end up back on him again.
KARTIK:I’M sorry survi.
SURVI:Sorry for what.
KARTIK:for everything even after knowing you loved me i just stood there feeling helpless.
SURVI:kartik it was not your fault ok so stop blaming yourself btw what is all this what happend to you today what’s so sorry.
KARTIK:you don’t know what is this.
Survi with a smile.
SURVI:nope i don’t know what is all this.
KARTIK:oh really
KARTIK:Then let me show you.
He picks up survi in his bridal style then set’s survi down on bed where he leans on top of her but she rolls down the bed when he was about to kiss her. Then he smiles seeing survi blush he pulls her close to him and whisper in her ear.
KARTIK:you look thousand times more beautiful while blush.
SURVI:kartik please leave me.
KARTIK:how can i leave you.
Then he leans her back to bed with him on top of her then passionately kiss her neck then looka at her sparkling eye’s then they consummated their relationship.
Hey guys if you want i can write more os,ss,or ff if you want just tell me okay.

  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow nice one shot I love ur stories

    1. Thank u.

  2. Amazing Plz write more os,ss and ffs

    1. Thank u and i will surely write more os,ss or ff

  3. Nice…. Come up with more updates ☺

  4. Neha

    Amazing OS…
    wow super….i love it….

  5. Yes plz write this os is just amazing yaar loved it alot plz plz continue it ?❤️❤️❤️

  6. Yeah..it’s amazing !

  7. Thank u everone and i woll seruly come up with more

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