Yuvraaj rejects Soumya and asks her to leave Birla house in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Whenever Dadi was proving to Soumya that Yuvraaj cares for her, it was Suhani for whom he mended his ways and both super clever ladies fell in the misunderstanding pit. Yuvraaj and Suhani’s love has initiated. He becomes conscious about Suhani’s importance in his life and gets sure about it. Soumya gets a big rejection shock.

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  1. Wow…….great…..waiting for the episode

  2. Hurrrrrrraaaayyyyy

  3. Agree… she’ll fyt wit yuv no no req to yuvraj for soumya stay back order… suha is such a fool… but thank god yuv realized his feelings.. else it would be a great disaster….

  4. Guys suhani spoils it as sge doesnt mind cos she thinks somu is saying it but to krishna but shes drunk so says to yuv but ovi thats not the case!

  5. now this is a good spoiler! saumya so deserves it. i just hope suhani dosen’t act all goodie goodie this tym n forgives saumya again.

  6. spoiler is entertaining to read. amazing. thanks.

  7. i just love this twist. When will this episode come on air?

  8. What an awesome spoiler guys really loved the botox oldie part hahahaha and he rejects her immediately awesomeness at its best.

  9. best twist till now, and best spoiler. thanks a ton.

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