yuvani ROCKS ( Episode 2)

hey guyzzz i will enter laksh and ragini , arjun and radhika in my ff but sam and neil will be only for 3 ,4 chapters …thanks for ur comments and sorry for sam and neil fans …this couple will be in 4 chapters only but i will try my best for their fans and once again sorry now i will start my next chapter


the yums gums have a group hug and a selfie ..then sanskar recalls something and he gets sad …he sits on sofa ..YUVRAJ AND MANTU notice this and comes near him and starts talking with each other MANTU says i think our MR.PUNCTUAL is missing someone…then YUVI says :: of course he is missing his gf …sanskar looks at them but says GO GET ready or else we will get late …YUVI AND MANTU comes to him ….YUVI says U R NOT MY FRND …U R MY BRO and u will not tell us the reason of this sudden sadness …MANTU says AS we know that MR.BORING has no gf other than books so he is not missing any girl ,then who ….MANTU AND YUVRAJ say together MISSING LUCKY (laksh of swaragini and bro of sanskar who is always with his bro through thin and thick and he is part of their group) SANSKAR says : yeah its first time he isn’t with me MANTU SAYS : i am also missing MR.COOL(LUCKY) YUVRAJ SAYS : yeah me too , our group is incomplete without him MANTU SAYS :: hey emotional fools , stop this drama and call lucky…. SANSKAR calls lucky and its unreachable SANSKAR SAYS :: its unreachable i just pray he is safe MANTU SAYS he will be now get ready and no more dramas DRAMEBAZ GROUP all laugh but sanskar is still tensed …both mantu and yuvi comes to him and says he will be alright dont worry


swara comes out after taking bath and hugs SUHANI and sats GOOD MORNING HONEY .. suhani says thank god your morning has come ……i thought that it will not reach soon AMAYA LAUGHS and swara makes faces SUHANI says OH COME MY BUBBLY DRAMEBAAZ and hugs her…AMAYA says i am also here guyzz…SUHANI SAYS first go and have bath then we will hug u alot sweety AMAYA SAYS okay and goes to have bath SWARA combs her hair and says HONEY i have flirted with many guyz but i dont feel anything in my heart WHY????? SUHANI says because u flirt with them but u dont love them and LOVE is totally different feeling and i will tell u when u will fall in love with someone okay …SWARA says OKAY but then says HOW WILL I GET TO KNOW THAT I AM IN LOVE ????? SUHANI SAYS oh god u girl i will give u every detail but its our first day in college so be a good girl okay ..just then they hear laughing sound …they look at the person and it is none other than our amaya …AMAYA says BUBBLY and a GOOD GIRL are entirely different things …SWARA SAYS ohhh by mistakenly i had opened any chemistry book and i read that opposites attract …u also read sometime books its good for u and they start their usual sweet and cute fight then like always suhani stops them and says ENOUGH BOTH OF U .. I WISH RAGINI WAS WID ME AND I WOULDN’T HAVE TO BEAR YOUR FIGHT saying this …tears rolled down from her eyes ..SWARA AND AMAYA came to her and consoled her and started teasing her saying ….SOMEONE IS CRYING….OHHHH…SUHANI GETS UP AND SAYS…OHHH U GIRLZZ dont fly so high or else u will fall down and i wasnt crying at all and u know “FLY BIRDS NEVER CRIES” SWARA AND AMAYA says ohhhh okay got it now ……..lets go


YUMS GUMS got ready and they were looking very handsome …they came out and YUVRAJ sat on driving seat and other two sat at back seats …and as usual they were quarrelling for their favourite football teams and YUVRAJ laughed and looked at them and said WHO WON YOU OR YOU pointing towards both and again laughed ..he said now come out we’ve reached ….they came out of car and looked at the college


suhani , amaya and swara got ready and sat in bus ,they chatted and laughed while teasing each other BUS STOPPED …and FLY BIRDS happily came out and looked at the college SWARA saw many handsome boys and said OMG there is variety and jumped in joy SANSKAR who was buzy laughing with MANTU AND YUVRAJ sees swara jumping and thinks GOD KNOWSS HOW MANY I HAVE TO FACE HERE ???? YUVRAJ looked at sanskar staring swara ,,coughed and sanskar looked at him YUVRAJ says she is beautiful but i have not expected this kind of reaction from u sanky …SANSKAR HITS HIM and says nothing like that SWARA sees him and says to SUHANI AND AMAYA : honey ,sweety look at him , he is damn hansome and swara was about to go to sanskar when suhani stops her and scolds her sweetly meanwhile YUMS GUMS goes to take classes



  1. Yeah arjun radhika is here nice

  2. nice to see all characters in ur ff

  3. Yuvani saraj

    Nice but pls write more and update fast anyway really like it

  4. Actually a good WORK really …. Combining all fans n one ff …. It will B good if u add arjun radhika and also durga and Dev … Evn Neil Sam …. Uff I think it wil bcome tedeious for u to write story with too many characters …

    But stil manya and yuvani are thr thts grt ….

    @ newbie great great work and hatsoff …. For this work

    1. hey i am bringing arjun and radhika,but neil and sam for only 4 chapters and if u want so i will bring durga and dev in few chapters because i cant handle too much characters but i will definitely bring them in few chapters and thanks

  5. Really superb

  6. Its cool ? guys I just love ❤ it….

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