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The episode starts with Anand’s son starting to beat his nurse while playing video game. Preeti calls Anand and informs about it and asks to come home. Anand says he will be alright. Preeti says he is always worried about YS and his family instead of taking care of his only son. Anand asks YS if he can go home. YS permits. Dr. Reddy calls Anand and informs that internet connection was broken purposefully. Anand asks him to tell him whatever further info he gets.

Home minister’s security men catch a man and drag him to a secluded place to kill him, but he escapes and reaches police station. He informs inspector that Shanti construction’s security men are trying to kill him. Inspector takes him to the spot where he was taken to and sees a dead housekeeping man on ground.

Mona gets a call from inspector about housekeeping man’s death and goes to meet inspector. She meets inspector and says she was searching him, but did not find it, why would she kill him in her company site. Inspector shows broken teeth and says he found it in Anand’s car. He asks her to call Anand here and not to hide.

YS says Rishi that he would not have left enter business’s responsibility on him. Rishi says he wanted to prove himself at any cost, but everthing went in vain. YS says even now he can correct it. Rishi asks if he is giving him a second chance and says this time, he will not do any mistake.

Mona informs Anand that he is in deep trouble. Anand asks her to inform YS about it and says he will come back.

Gopal gets released from police station, comes out of it, and thanks home minister who is in his car outside police station. Minister says he has some work with him and takes him. Gopal takes adivasi boy to police station and shows him a video of him with Rishi in naxalite area. Inspector asks him if he does not help him, he will give it to naxalite.

Anand abd Taruni watch news about Rishi entering naxalite area and finishing them to take revenge. YS also sees news and sees adivasi telling that he and Rishi went alone and Rishi killed naxalites even after his warning. Rishi sees news and says this news is wrong and he is being trapped. YS says your mother went through a critical surgery and now you made this mishap. Rishi says he was in angry on naxalites for shooting his mom and went there, but got trapped himself. YS says he ruined his company’s name. He says he does not want to do business here now. Rishi requests him to give one mor chance and leaves from there sadly. Anand says YS he is a kid and is being trapped. YS says he knows what kind of business he wants to run. Anand says he knows and says you separated from Gautam Dev and started own company. YS says I separated from my guru as he wanted to do business illegally. Anand says we can give statement. YS asks him to go while and Nayan also will come later. He sees clown laughing.

Mona speaks to Anand and briefs him about the situation. Anand says he is going to airport now and let us see what police does him. Tarun’s dad gives Mona her laptop. Mona asks how did he get it. He says he got it from Gautam’s office and asks if she works for Gautam. She says she works for YS. He asks then how come she has Gautam’s company files. She says Gautam wanted to sell some of his companies, so YS asked her to take care of it. He says that means you and YS were tried to clean up Gautam’s illegal businesses. She says she is not. He says YS bought Gautam’s ailing companies. She says she is not surprised as YS helps his friends like this. He says she should not that she is also a suspect with YS now.

Singh kidnaps Smriti and drops her in Kapil’s bedroom. Kapil comes, sees her and tries to remove her constraints when Manju comes home and sees that. She kills Kapil with a bat in rage and then calls Mona. Mona reaches home, console Smrita and then sees Kapil dead. She informs Manju that Kapil is dead. Manju starts crying. Inspector reaches there and says he got a complaint about someone shouting.

Constable calls inspector and informs he sent tooth to forensic lab. Inspector scolds him for making unneccessary expenses. He then goes and buys pakoras from a tea stall and sees waiter wearing military uniform. He asks how did he get it. Waiter says he found it in dustbin and gives him many more dresses. Inspector finds a bill in one of shirts.

Ranjan says Rishi we can take home minister’s help. Rishi says he is the one behind all this.

Taruni informs YS that she wants to return back to her medical world as she is not happy with his business world.

Mona is in police station hand cuffed. Her journalist friend says she does not have to do this and they can find another way. Anand comes there, journalist leaves. Mona says she killed Kapil. He says he does not believe it. She informs about the vigilance officer/Taruni’s dad enquiring about Gautam dev and YS. Constable takes Mona from there. Journalist says Anand that Mona did not do anything and is taking her sister’s blame on her. Anand asks if she can do anything. She says no.

Vigilance officer meets Gautam dev. Gautam asks if he will be handcuffed at this age and asks if YS will also come with him. Officer says may be as YS bought your companies at premium. Gautam asks he wants to know who is behind it. He says he will tell it later and says he has trump card still to save him. He says he saw a file in Mona’s laptop about orphanage propety. Gautam says he did not want people to know about it and wonders why Mona is still holding that file. Officer says even he is wondering about it.

YS asks Rishi to close mining business and come back home. Rishi starts crying in rage and breaks mirror.

Precap: Rishi meets home minister. Anand says Yudh he thought he was a friend than employee. Yudh says you were. Anand says you are making a big mistake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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