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The episode starts with naxalite lady reaching Rishi’s room. Rishi asks how did she come in. She says his servants are not around. He says all servants are waste. She asks him to serve tea and to prepare himself. They both enjoy tea and lady informs that she is a police officer and informs about naxalites movement to her higher ups. She says she did not find their head yet, so she is staying with them still. He asks why is she informing him this. She says he is different from other businessmen, so she wanted to help him. He asks thats all. She says she came to thank him and asks why did he come back when naxalite are searching him again. He says he is the mastermind behind recent naxalite arrests and says he wants to be like his dad. She asks him to stop being like his dad.

Yudh gets Dabra’s call and asks him where is he.

Ajju comes to Taruni’s home and asks Gauri how is Taruni. She says she is still sleeping.

Rishi’s secretary meet him and greets him good morning. Rishi asks him to join him for breakfast. He says he just had. Rishi says he will wake up early in the morning and wants to sleep early. Secretary says mining bomb blast is a conspiracy and he should find the culprit to stop this from happening again. Rishi calls Yudh and says he wants to discuss something. Yudh asks what. He says he wants to investigate about the bomb blast as he feels some insider is behind it. Yudh asks what is secretary’s opinion. Rishi says it is his plan. Yudh says we should not do it as we have just gained worker’s confidence and don’t want to mess up. Rishi says to gain worker’s confidence and to stop future incidents, we should investigate. Nayan comes there, Yudh asks if she wants to talk to Rishi. She does not reply anything and goes from there.

Ajju informs Gauri that Taruni slept in her bathroom and to attend her. He then speaks to her husband and sees YS’s pic in it. He asks why does he have it. He says enquiring about YS and Gautam Dev. He says by the time enquiry is finished, Gautam may die, but it will have a bad impact on YS. He says he asked Gauri to stop Taruni from working with YS. Ajju says she should not fall in all this, especially after the accident. Gauri asks what accident. He asks if she did not inform you. She says no.

Dharmesh’s lawyer meets Patil and Patil asks him to take him out from here, else he will spill out the bean. Lawyer says they can’t detain you until the girl is found. Kapil says he does not care about and just wants to come out and warns him to get him out today, else he will reveal everything.

Mona gets up in the morning. Her reporter friend gives her coffee. Mona asks if she got any info about Smriti. She says not yet, news channels have just started the news. She plays the news where reporters asks public to inform about the girl if they spot her.

Doctor and wardboy discuss if the girl goes out of their hospital, they will be trapped. Wardboy asks him to meet him at the lockup after 30 minutes and says let us know what is Kapil’s next plan.

Anand reaches an apartment and says a man that he has an info with which he can be benefitted, but he has to rush. Man takes him in. Anand says jail supritendent has already filed his report. Man asks what he wants from him. He wants to know who killed Anuj Malik as he knows everything what happens in jail. Her says someone is behind it and asks who is it. He says he just knows who gave supari. Police come there and arrests the man and asks Anand who is he. Anand says he is a respected citizen and just came here to know some info. Inspector asks if he is a honorable judge and arrests him also.

Rishi and secretary reaches adivasi village. Secretary asks why is taking risk. Rishi says we dont leave our people both in happiness and sorrows, goes and sits between adivasis for pooja.

Ranjan’s wife asks Nayan not to worry about Rishi. Nayan says that place is very dangerous. Ranjan says he wants to accept her guest house manager offer. She says he rejected her offer months back and now wants to accept it as they don’t have any work.

Mona meets her detective who informs that Dharmendra Malik’s lawyer came to meet Kapil. She is shocked to hear that and says Kapil must have given her laptop to Dharmendra Malik and asks him to inform police to keep an eye on Malik. Detective gets a call from someone who informs that someone came to meet Kapil.

Wardboy meets Kapil and says he got afraid after his arrest, so he came to meet him. Kapil asks him to erase girl’s memory. Wardboy asks when will he get money. Kapil says once he gets out, he will give him money.

Mona calls Yudh and says she is busy with some personal work. Yudh asks if she got any info of Anand. She says she is constantly trying.

Ashish informs Dharmendra that Kapil wants to get out of jail. Dharmendra asks him to get him out of this. Ashish says they can prove girl is mad, etc., and says he saw girl in mental hospital van. Dharmendra says we have to find this girl before anyone finds her.

Yudh meets Gautam who asks if his mining business is under control. Yudh says yes except home minister who is trying to take revenge from him. Gautam says politician’s friendship and enemity both are not good. He asks why did he sent Rishi back. Yudh says he cannot understand Rishi, he surprises him many times. Gautam says when you joined me, you took many decision which I thought were wrong, but all of them were right, Rishi is also behaving like you and let him work like he wants. Yudh says old players there are trying to spoil everything there. Gautam asks why can’t Taruni become Rishi’s Anand.

Taruni wakes up and finds Gauri at home. She asks why did not she go to office. Gauri says she wanted to spend some time with her. Taruni asks what is the matter. Gauri asks what is her next plan and till when she will work. Taruni says once Rishi takes his responsibility, she will move out. Gauri says she does not her to be in trouble again. She says Ajju must have told her and says auto driver was the target and not her and police arrested to question her, not as a culprit. Gauri says she is a CEO of company and will be held responsible for everything.

Smriti escapes from the hospital and doctor starts fighting with nurse for letting her elope. Mona and detective runs inside and sees Smriti eloping. Ashish and Dharmendra see Smriti running on road and tries to catch her, but police pick her up before that.
Someone informs Mona that Smriti is with police.

Gauri’s husband’s wardboy gives him Mona’s laptop and mobile and says someone gave them saying it is of a big Shanti construction’s executive officer.

Police bring Anand and his friend to a jungle and shot his friend. Anand gets petrified seeing his friend shot dead. Inspector gives Anand phone and asks him to speak to him. Anand speaks to him and says he is not related to YS. Inspector says who is he holding his gun on him. Anand snatches him gun, asks them to turn around and elopes from there.

Inspector asks Anand if his enemy’s murderer is his friend. Taruni says she is working at her wish. Yudh informs Nayan that Taruni is not trying to snatch their rights.

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