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Pyaar – Chapter One

Hello my name is Kapil and I wanted to try write a ff, pls tell me what you think…

Context: Naira lives in a joint family with parents Akshara and Naitik SInghania, and siblings Luv, Kush and Naksh, as well as dadi and badi dadi
Karthik lives in a joint family with parents Manish, Suvarna, and siblings Gayu and Mishti, as well as dadi, Manish’s Brother wife and daughter Mansi

Both live in a happy family and have gone through arranged marriage. Naira will have the ability to get to know Karthik newly as they have only met through relationship talks.

Here is the episode…
Naira and Karthik got married without any problems and she now enters the Goenka villa. She is afraid as she doesn’t properly know anyone. She knocks down the rice lota and makes her footsteps as she walks in alongside Karthik. Suvarna does an arti to welcome her and they make their way to the temple and they all pray together.

NAIRA: *praying in her head* Bhagvan. Aaj mai ek neyi zindagi shuru karne wali hu. Mujko please ashirwad doh.

They make their way to the bedroom as it is night and tomorrow her new life is to begin.
Karthik drops Naira to their room and says he will wait. He goes to daadi’s room to spend some time with her. Mishti, Gayu and Mishti are very cheeky and they decide to make the most of the situation.

Naira walks in and admires the decorated bed as she sits and takes off her jewellery. Gayu Mishti and Mansi have planned something special for her bhabhi and they have organised an automatic light show. She is incredibly impressed as lights switch on around her. The sisters are on the side smiling and appreciating her appreciation. Naira stops and smiles and puts her hands on the hands covering her eyes. She thinks about who did this. Just then Gayu comes and covers her eyes from behind. Naira thinks it is Karthik in her head and blushes.

NAIRA: Tumne yeh mere liye kara?! Shukriya. Mere din itne yad gar karne liye

GAYU: *smiles* Ji bhabhi – hum hi tumari behno hi hai!

Naira becomes shy after she realises. Mishti and Mansi come in and hug her. Naira is in the middle while her sisters hug her. Naira looks on.

–Flip side– Singhania household

The house is dark and everyone is quiet as they sit on the sofa and drink tea and hot chocolate.
AKSHARA: Kisko patata ki Naira ka time itna jaldi ajayenge…

NAITIK: Ji. Humari gudiya pele kitni nanhi ti or yeh sub natak karti

RAJ SHEKHAR: Zindagi itni jaldi aghe ho jayenga, hum ko woh pata nai tha.

The women and Luv and Kush are upset.

Luv and Kush together; Hum kitna bored ho jayenge, hamare saat kon kehlenga?

Everyone show sad expression and look on.

AKSHARA: *in her head* Purane aadath mushkil se marthi hai Luv aur Kush.


The sisters like to harass Karthik and stop him from coming in. Naira is inside laughing at poor Karthik. cut. Karthik and Naira are on the bed. Naira is shy and Karthik comes closer.

Pls tell me what you think, thanks for reading!!!

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  1. Hales

    Wow awsum!!! To be very honest …i was wishing ki kaash iss plot pe koi ff aye …like arrange marraige concept for naira!
    I couldnt manage another ff on this so i was eagerly waiting for this plot …
    Thnks a lot kapil for this plot! Really looking foreward to it!! Post long n post regular plz…best of luck i hope ur ff gains popularity n everyone likes it …eagerly waiting for ur next one! Plz post soon coz m really loving it?☺

    1. KapilS

      Ty Hales!! I will try my best to do this plot justice

  2. Rosa18

    Very well written Keep it up

    1. KapilS

      Ty Rosa 🙂

  3. Vinni05

    Nyc one

    1. KapilS

      Ok Vinni, thanks for the support

  4. Fenil

    Cute chp.
    pls continue

    1. KapilS

      TY Fenil 🙂

  5. KapilS

    Ty for your support everyone! I wanted to create an FF that was different but does not get rid of traditions, and this is my unique take. I will try and update as often as I can, thanks for the support!

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