YRKKH – Pyaar – Chapter 3

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Recap: Gayu teases Karthik. Naira opens door for Karthik and they go into their room. It goes dark. Next morning, Naira sings “Oh Kanha” and everyone sings and prays. Naira distributes prashad but has to tell his father in law to not use his phone.


–Flip side– Singhania house

Akshara and family are singing the aarti “Oh Kanha”. Everyone sings along and prays by the tulsi in their courtyard. Akshara distributes prashad to everyone. She goes towards Naitik. Naitiks phone rings but he chooses to ignore it and takes the prashad. Akshara smiles. Everyone leaves after praying and Akshara prays.

AKSHARA: Bhagwan, son chudiya ko khushiya dena. (God please give our angel happiness)

–Flip side– Goenka villa

The servants have prepared a feast breakfast and Daadi is happy. They like to show how glamorous and wealthy they are, so she is impressed. Naira walks behind Daadi.

DAADI: Naira, aaj chulha poojan hai, aur tumko ek mithai banani hai

NAIRA: Ji Daadi, mai kya banavu?

DAADI: Sankulp hi manushy kaa bul hai. Tumne khud nirnay lena parenge zindagi mai. (Determination of a person is his main force. You have to make your own decisions in life)

Daadi smiles, pauses and then walks away.

–FLIP SIDE– Surekha’s room

Daadi goes to Surekhas room.

DAADI: Aaj Karthik aur Naira ka reception hai. Sab kam ho gaya hai pur tumarhi zimidari hai, mujko koi esa cheese nay chayhe kai hamare naam kaate. (Today is Karthik and Naira’s reception, Every job should be done but it is your responsibility. I dont want anything wrong to happen that will defame our name)

She exits. Surekha is annoyed because she has been given responsibility and her husband was going to take her on a drive today.

–FLIP SIDE– Kitchen

Naira has decided to make ras malai. She is very excited because she wants to set a good impression. However, she can’t find what she is looking for. She opens cupboard and there is no luck. She climbs a stool to a higher cupboard. The stool is rocky so she suddenly drops but Karthik is there, and holds Naira on his arms. They stare at each other for a few seconds and then Naira snaps back to reality, and releases herself from his arms

NAIRA: Koi dekhlenga.. (Someone will see) *she blushes*

KARTHIK: Toh kya? Mai tumko zameen par parne du?

They laugh.

KARTHIK: Tum meri bivi ho, aur mai tumko kuch nai hone dunga. (You are my wife and I will let nothing happen to you)

Naira smiles and continues looking.

NAIRA: Tumko pata hai ki Badam kaha hai?? (Do you know where the almonds are?)

Karthik doesn’t really know where things are kept in his kitchen because in the family, men are not allowed in the kitchen. However, he tries to help, and they both look through all the cupboards.

Karthik is looking in a cupboard. Surekha secretly sees that Karthik is in the kitchen and goes to tell daadi because it is forbidden

After that, Naira shakes something behind him. It is the almonds. Karthik smiles at her. He opens the almond jar and feeds one to Naira. Naira feeds one to Karthik. They stare at each other in love while they chew the almonds.

Meanwhile, Surekha goes to daadis room. Daadi is busy giving her clothes to the servant to put in the cupboard. When Surekha tells her, she stops giving clothes and tells the servant to go. Daadi and Surekha make their way to the kitchen.

Naira and Karthik are still feeding each other almonds and they smile. Daadi is on her way to the kitchen. They stare at each other in love.

DAADI: Ye Kya tamasha ho rahahai! (What is going on here!)

Naira and Karthik move away just in time and act normal. Karthik stands awkwardly as he doesn’t know what to do, Naira smiles, and touches Daadi’s feet.

DAADI: *shouts* Mardh, rasode mai? (A man, in the kitchen?)

Naira is scared and steps back.

KARTHIK: Woh… Naira ko badam nai milrahata… aur w… (Naira couldn’t find the almonds so.. um…)

Daadi cuts him off

DAADI: Toh woh nokar ko kyu nai bola? Ya fir Gayu, Suvarna?? Surekha, tum mujo kehenai ayi par madat nai ki? (Then why didn’t she ask a servant, or Gayu, Suvarna? Surekha, you came to tell me but didnt help!?)

Karthik looks at Surekha in an annoyed way. Surekha is embarassed.
Naira looks down sadly and Karthik is annoyed and walks out. Gayu comes in to see what is going on.

Surekha smiles.

NAIRA: Woh, sorry. Humko maloom nayhi tha. Hamare ghar mai esa nai hota hai aur… (Um.. sorry. I didn’t know. In my house, there is nothing like this and..)

DAADI: *in a lower voice* ab yeh ghar hai tumarha. (now this is your house)

She walks out. Naira is upset.

NAIRA: Pehle din hai aur maine daadi ko niraash kiya. (First day, and I already made daadi sad)

She continues making the ras malai.

Gayu walks in.

GAYU: Chinta mat karna, daadi ka ghusa bohot samai kiliye nai hota hai. (don’t worry, daadis anger doesn’t last very long)

Naira is slightly happier and Gayu stands there in case she needs more help.

GAYU: *in her head* Bhabhi, bohot kuch badulne walah hai. Sub kaam dhiray dhiray hota hai, par chinta mat karna, mai hu na!

(Refering to Aksharas thought in the first episode)

PRECAP: Naira proudly presents the food. Daadi looks at Surekha who looks at Suvarna. Everyone is slightly distressed. What will happen next?

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