YRKKH – Fresh Story -Episode 5

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Guys, i want you people imagine tanya sharma as ayesha and i will unlock the secret today and there is some problem between karthik and his dad, i will tell what the secret later, now just enjoy the fun filled episode.

All are travelling in the cars to karthik’s house, karthik takes a left route and goes, naitik thinkss why is kartik going this way, in this place mostly business magnets and high profile people live here. Karthik stops the car in front of big building(house) and asks everyone to come.

He goes into the house quickly and rings he bell quickly.
A lady from inside completes her aarti and says HAA, mein aa rahi hu, she opens the door and gets emotional seeing kartik, she says how many days after beta, kartik worriedly asks MAA, is papa there in the house, she says no, he went to australia for business tour. Karthik relaxes and says thank you krishnaji, you saved me and smiles. The lady says until now you talk to krishnaji, karthik says yes maa, he is my best friend and hugs her, he says i missed you so much…

Just then everyone come there, naira asks karthik, what happened to you? Why did you come running? Is everything Ok, karthik smiles and says everything is fine, i just wanted to tell my mom about us.

Bua dadi says Arrey chore, for that is why we came here, badi jaldi hai tujhe and pats on his cheek. Just then akshara, ayesha and naitik comes there.(remember those three are coming from other car.)

Akshara and naitik see the lady and gets shocked. The lady also gets shocked and couldn’t believe her eyes. Akshara smiles and says supriya, they both hug each other, she says how many years after and hugs tightly. Supriya acts as getting angry and says don’t talk with me akshara, you didn’t even call me once after going to india, akshara also acts as angry and says you also went to other place right, supriya says but i kept calling you and we spoke some times, but after you went o india you didn’t call me once also, you should call me as you have my number and i can’t call you because your phone number will be changed after you move to other country.

Akshara bites her tongue and says toh kya hua, you should also try right? Supriya says hadd hai yaar, pehle galti karthi ho, then you don’t even apologize me, she turns away, akshara also turns away, naitik comes in between and stops them, he says arrey kya aap logh bhi, arguing like children, the mistake is mine and naira, we lost the phone which contains supriya’s number, sorry. Supriya smiles and says ok and side hugs naitik, akshara says please forgive me also, she hugs her also. Supriya, akshara and naitik talk a lot.

All the others look at them in amusement. Naira goes to karthik and naksh and says what happened to mumma, why is she talking a lot and how did she know your mother, karthik says i wonder the same, ayesha says i also don’t know but i feel like i have seen akshara and naitik before but i couldn’t recognize them, naksh looks at her and thinks i feel the same.

karthik tries to talk in between akshara and supriya but they say chupp, naksh smiles, naira shouts ek dum chupp all of you, how much will you talk mumma. Akshara smiles and says she is my daughter, naira, supriya remembers old naira and gets emotional. She says how little she was and now she became so big and hugs, ayesha goes to her and asks kya yeh wohi naira jo capetown mein mujhse dance seekti thi? Supriya smiles and says haa, ayesha says no way, she was so small at that time, akshara says you were also so small, did you recognize me, ayesha says i was thinking that i have seen you before but couldn’t recognize you, i am sorry aunty, akshara hugs her and i also felt the same. She asks so kartik and remembers his childhood pics, she opens her arms to hug him, karthik hugs her. Naksh thinks so this is why i kept feeling that i have seen her somewhere and smiles. Supriya hugs him also, she asks all of them to sit.

Bua dadi says manne to kuch bhi samajh mein na aave hai, what is going on. Akshara says to everyone, she says supriya’s husband manish and naitik were business partners in capetown 15 years ago, naira choti thi, and naksh is 2 years older than ayesha and karthik, but then also naksh and ayesha would fight with each other a lot, mishti asks how taiji, you told naksh and ayesha were in different classes, supriya says but they both were in same football team and naira and ayesha used to go the same kathak class. And then they all went to some other place and after 3 years we came to india. Mishti asks then what about karthik didn’t he play any game, akshara says he was so cute and didn’t go to any fights and used to play video games, supriya says and used to eat a lot. Mishti smiles, karthik says maa, ayesha says arrey kya maa maa, you know mishti, he used to weigh about 70 kilos when he was 6th class, naira says mota, karthik says hey mein koi mota nahi, understand, don’t call me like that, naira says mota mota and teases him, supriya says now they both started fighting. She asks naksh why are you so silent, didn’t you recognize us, ayesha taunts that he became bheegi billi after seeing me, you know na akshara aunty, how he used to lose in every match, he is a loser, naksh smiles and says these words don’t sound good from loser’s mouth, ayesha raises her eyebrow and says oh really, supriya says akshara, if they both started their argument then we can’t stop them and it is better to stop them right now, akshara says haa and about to say something, but bua dadi stops them and says what are you doing all. Can we do for what we came for, ayesha sits and supriya sits beside her, ayesha gets up angrily, akshara says what happened ayesha, she says nothing aunty, i want naira to sit beside her(supriya), she doesn’t call her mom, akshara feels weird, naira smiles and sits beside her, supriya gets sad seeing ayesha sitting far from her, akshara notices it and gets thinking. Supriya asks bua dadi to say, bua dadi we came here to fix naira and karthik’s marriage. Supriya gets shocked and says what, she looks at naira and karthik…

Precap: akshara asks why is ayesha behaving with you like this, supriya says she hates me, naira hears this.

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    Really nyc …update more regularly!?

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    Nice update.
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