YRKKH – Fresh Story -Episode 2

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Guys, i want to inform you, i want to introduce a leap and also pair naksh with someone else, so here is the next episode….

After few days, gayu is still behaving the same weird, and naira wants to propose karthik but she couldn’t do it and ends up fighting with him, one day she thinks to propose today….

It is evening, karthik sleeps on a couch, he gets a call from an unknown number and gets shocked, who are you? what, what happened to naira, where? I am coming right now and runs.

He comes to a place where the unknown caller told and sees naira safe and smiling.
He immediately goes to her and hugs her tightly, he says someone called me that happened to you, I got so much scared, naira says i called you, karthik says what are you mad? Why did you do this, naira says to make you come here, she asks him to go and wear this dress and sends him, he says but why, what are doing here, naira says offo meendak, how many questions do you ask and sends him inside a room.
He comes wearing a blue color suit and sees nowhere, he calls naira and wonders what is she going to do and gets excited, she comes from behind and blindfolds him, karthik says what are doing naira, where are you taking me, naira says shhhhh be quiet and takes him to a place.

She opens the blindfold and he gets shocked seeing that place. The place is full of heart shaped balloons, lights, candles, table etc. He says wow, candle light dinner. He sees naira and gets mesmerized, she is wearing a light pink long frock with her hair straightened and comes to him. She snaps and asks how am I looking, he says like an angel, oops, not like an angel, you are an angel, my angel, my queen. Naira and you are my king, prince and smiles, they have an intense eyelock. After sometime kartik comes to senses and says did you do all this alone? naira says nahi karthik, dadi, badi dadi, mumma, papa everyone helped me to give you this surprise, kaisa buddho wala question hai ye? she says of course i will do this, karthik smiles and kisses her hand, he says i am so lucky to have you, naira smiles and says can we have dinner. Kartik says sure.

They both start eating, kartik sees the dish says how did you know noodles is my favorite dish, arey wah, you are learning everything about me, who told you about this? naira bites her tongue and says actually i didn’t know that it is your favorite food, i love noodles so i ordered it. Kartik smiles and feeds her. They talk about different things and suddenly karthik removes his shoes and touches naira legs, naira feels weird and says karthik, something is near my legs, karthik smiles and says what is here naira, nothing is near your legs, while eating naira spoon falls down and she sees the removed shoes and thinks kartik’s legs!!!, she gets up and goes to hit him,, she says you cheater and runs behind him, he pulls her closer towards him and says i have the right to have fun with you, you are my girlfriend and cups her face, naira blushes. He dances with her they have some fun time. Kartik and naira goes their houses and reaches their rooms via windows and sleeps smiling.

Precap: bua dadi says i want to talk to karthik about his family.

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  2. Vrushy

    Try to update regularly as it becomes difficult to understand the story when you update after a lonh time as there a many fan fictions out there !!

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