YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 81)

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episode 81
The episode starts with Naira looking shockingly at Mittal uncle.
Naira(shocked):Mi..mittal uncle what are you saying?Naina..bhabhi is not your daughter…
Mr.Mittal:Its true Naira.She is not my biological daughter.But in all these years I never once felt like that she is not my own blood..
Naira(smiles):I know that Mittal uncle.We all have seen you love for bhabhi.You know uncle I always respected you for the fact that how being a single parent you managed bhabhi so well and never let her feel the absence of her mother.And today that respect has increased.You did so much for bhabhi that even blood related person won’t do…Btw Mittal uncle as you’re saying that you got bhabhi when she was 12yrs old.That means she was quite big enough to understand that she was adopted…so..I mean..it does not look like that she knows about it..because else she would have told bro about it..
Mr.Mittal:Its because she knows nothing about it Naira.
Naira:But uncle…
Mr.Mittal sighs and looks at Naira.
Mr.Mittal:Now when you got to know this much I’ll tell you the rest of the story too.Don’t know why but I feel like sharing everything about this to you which I’ve never shared with anyone else.
Naira looks at him confused.

Mr.Mittal:Many years ago I was not that famous businessman Mittal.Though I did not have that much money but I had everything else.A wife,a daughter,my small but happy family.We all were so happy with each other.But then I got busy to establish myself to give a better future to my wife and daughter.I was not able to spend time with them.I was so busy that I hardly had time to sleep.I used to go early at office before everyone wakes up and return when everyone have slept.My wife was naturally irked but did not show it.I was happy that I got such supporting family unaware of the fact that anger and doubt was slowly building up in her heart.And one day it bursted…That day I was returning from office but found my car tyres punctured.My colleague was passing by.She was the wife of my very good friend but I considered her as my sister.She offered me lift and I accepted.We came back home and my wife saw us together and misunderstood that I was having an affair with her.She accused me and we had an huge argument that ended up in her leaving the house with my daughter.I was so angry that I did not stop her and when my anger cooled down i was about to go to search for her but then I received a phone call which said that my wife and daughter met with an accident.I immediately reached the place but got to know that it was too late and they were no more.While I was sitting there mourning while the police took away their corpse, in front of my eyes another accident took place where a truck hit a car strongly.I was shocked and somehow got up to check if anyone was alive or not.I found that it was the car of a couple.The car caught fire after the incident so not only were they death but also their face difficult to recognise.Just a few distance away from them I found a girl who was not that much injured except for the fatal head injury when her head hit the rock.I assumed that when the accident took place that girl might have been thrown out of the car due to the impact and her head landed on the rock strongly.I went to her and found her still breathing.I already lost a daughter and I was feeling like God wanted me to save at least that child.So I rushed with her to the hospital.The doctors their assumed me as her father.Don’t know what happened to me I also agreed with them and told them to save her at any cost.The doctors with much difficulty saved her but due to her fatal head injury she lost her memory.The doctors advised me not to pressurise her to remember anything as it might effect her brain severely.After that I went to her and saw her gaining consciousness.I looked at her lovingly.But what happened was the least I expected.The girl got up and hugged me tightly being afraid and calling me papa…I was shocked but somewhere happy too.I hugged her back and calmed her down.I brought her to my home and in no time we bonded so well that I almost forgot that she was not my real daughter.It was like god sent her as a blessing to heal me and fill my life with happiness.I named her Naina after my biological daughter and then after establishing my business in London I took her with me to London.Mr.Mittal wipes off the tears from the corner of his eyes which has arrived while talking of his past.)So this was all about my past.
Naira had tears in her eyes and was almost on the verge of crying listening his story.
Naira:Does Naina bhabhi know about this?
Mr.Mittal:She knows of the accident but does not know anything else about that.I told her the whole incident about my wife and daughter’s accident with her being my daughter.She does not know anything else.Once I tried to make her remember about her past but the effect was severe.When she just put little stress on her brain to try and remember everything she got severe headache and fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital.The doctor told that her brain was so badly effected in the accident that even a little stress on her part to remember anything may even lead to bursting of her nerves.So they advised me to not pressurise her or even try to make her remember the past.And I agreed.Even today when something related to her past comes in her mind she start feeling headache.I think you all know about her having flashes.
Naira(remembers):Ya I remember..whenever she has flashes she start feeling headache.
Mr.Mittal:So now you can understand that if just by some blurred flashes she starts feeling headache,what would have been the result if she herself try to remember anything or remembers anything.
Naira:I understand Mittal uncle.You really love her a lot..And don’t worry I’ll not tell anyone about this.So lets start preparing for her birthday…Btw uncle..when did you get Naina bhabhi…
Mr.Mittal:On this day 9yrs before.
Naira feels something strange but ignores it and starts preparing for Naina’s birthday.Then after bidding Mr.Mittal good bye she leaves for her home.

Malhotra Mansion
Naira reaches home and sees Naitik,Akshara and Naksh present there.She goes to them and hugs them.Emi and Vitki also hugs Naira.
Akshara:Naira beta where you went?
Naira:Wo..actually mumma there was some important work..so I had to go..But when di you all come?
Naitik:Just now princess..and don’t worry we were not at all bored.Infact we enjoyed..
Akshara:Ya..Ishaan and Karthik were telling us the stories at the time of your pregnancy.
Ishaan:Ya of course moti..
Naira:So Karthik did you not tell them about “The pregnant father”?
Ishaan looks at Naira shocked while Karthik and Naira starts laughing reminiscing the incident..
Karthik:You know I actually forgot..but no problem…jab jago tabhi savera.You go and freshen up till then I’ll narrate to them..
Naira smiles and goes upstairs to freshen up while Karthik narrates the incident to the Singhanias inspite of several protests from Ishaan.The Singhanias laugh holding their stomach listening the incident.Meanwhile Naira gets ready and comes down.
Naira:So did you like the story?
Akshara:Shaitaan…you never change na..In fact Naitik now I think that our daughter has become more naughty then she was in childhood..
Naksh:You’re absolutely right mumma.Bechara Ishaan..
Karthik:And you know Naira the most interesting thing..that video is still super duper hit on Facebook with innu,merable likes and comments..Ishaan has really become a superstar..Right Ishaan.
Ishaan:Stop it you two..And you moti I’ll see you afterwards
Naira:Ya ya..I’ll also see that..
Naitik:Achcha jokes apart we came here for an important work.Naira after some days we have shraddh ceremony at home..
Naira:Why papa?
Naksh:Actually Naira on this day only Rashmi bua,fufa and Gayu met with an accident and…
Everyone look on with teary eyes.
Naitik:That’s why every year we keep a puja on this day princess to pray for the peace of their soul.And this year since you all are here so…I hope you don’t have..
Karthik:What are you talking papa…Naira’s family is my family also..we’ll surely come..
Naitik smiles at him.
Naitik:Achcha then the puja is on xyz day…
Naira(looked at Naitik shocked):What?
Naitik:What happened princess..
Naira(controls herself):Papa can you tell me on which road they had their accident…
Naitik tells her the location while she gets double shocked but composes herself and behaves normally in front of them.After the Singhanias went Karthik and Ishaan went to Naira and questions her about her strange behaviour..
Naira(shocked):This means Naina bhabhi….she is only my…Gayu di..
Karthik and Ishaan looks at her shocked.

Recap:Naira tells everything to Karthik and Ishaan.They’re shocked to know the truth.Naira’s dillema over telling the truth to Singhanias and Naina.

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