YRKKH And logic these days

Ps:- No hate messages or Fan wars please. This is just my thought on the track these days. Really getting bored with all the crap being showed on the show these days.

First of all kaira and their innumerable fights and milans were a menace but tolerable though but shubham’s track was hell. They could have showed it better with some message to viewers but instead made it unimaginable drama. The writer of the show needs to attend school again or at least send naira to school where she can be taught that drug abuse must be immediately reported what ever may be the addict’s point of view in explaining his reasons. There is a huge difference between habits and addiction and unfortunately drug abuse is addiction and not a mere habit which can be overcome so easily. How on earth did this woman think shubham could confess and that too to his family about his drug addiction. Was she even drugged when this thought came to her mind??🙄🙄🙄 Successfully spoiled the sensitivity of the issue which was to be actually depicted giving wrong notions and facts to audience. Even though kartik and swarna’s behaviour with naira is not justifiable but that does not cover up the fact that naira’s behavior was immature.

Coming to goenka family swarna who know boasts to the world about her motherhood where was she when her son was going through a heart break. He was ditched by someone with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. And unfortunately neither his mom nor his dad were there to console him or counsel him through this phase. It does not mean they should not have been there with kaira as they were being troubled by a psycho but when both their kids were in problem you have no justifiable reason for ignoring one child for the other whatever may be the reason. This is where they failed as being parents to shubham and also the whole Goenka family is to be blamed. Such a pity it was not even one member from the family came forward to even speak to shubham about his condition after the heart break. And the ” MANISH GOENKA ” showed his mahaanta on the day his engagement broke. He had no time to see his broken son’s tears and from the very next day he started to be rude to shubham as he got to know about his drinking habit. If his family would have been with him Shubham wouldn’t have taken to drinking and drugs. Logically thinking drug overdose happened because of kabir and that too after naira came to know about his condition. If she would have informed the family right then may be he could have been prevented from taking drugs from then and instead sent to a rehabilitation centre.On the day of shubham’s death it was kartik’s sole decision to stay away from naira without even considering to talk to her and swarna had no influence on him what so ever.

Kartik and naira’s divorce was such a big joke. Two days before the divorce they said it is mutual consent. After their divorce all of a sudden how did they forget all the differences. It is because of them that two families have been fighting like hell and these two busy rekindling their romance after divorce. Are you even serious?? 🙄🙄🙄 How irresponsible can kids be?? It was always ” THEIR ” love, ” THEIR ” Marriage, ” THEIR ” Differences , ” THEIR ” Divorce and now again ” THEIR ” love story all over again. Why can’t they understand that the institution of marriage in India has always been a family affair and this was the basis for people loving the serial from the beginning. Every move of their’s affects two whole families. They are the best example to say how a relation can be when there is lack of communication between husband and wife. Every time they fight they never voice out their differences or issues and instead what we get to see is lovey dovey romance and a bollywood film sequence. The result being them digging out past instances again and again as kartik recently did. Kartik never listens to her when she wants to talk and naira never tells him the most important things. Though kartik had always been clear about things for some reason it was naira who always hid things from kartik. Be it about saumya, naksh’s truth about his marriage or even shubham’s truth. Both of them are equally responsible for their relationship right now.

Naksh and keerti as siblings are the best part of the show. Keerti standing for what she hoped and Naksh standing through naira’s every decision although they are against each other’s decision makes them unique. Naksh is totally defendable as he doesn’t wish to see his sister hurt when she comes in contact with her ex although he knows kartik is not just naira’s ex but also his wife’s brother. He also maintained his level of dignity and patience while talking to kartik unlike him who held his collar. All these differences due to their siblings never interfered in their relationship as their love and romance remains the same. Keerti being mature enough in handling situations as it was question of both her families. 

Anyways no grudges against the actors as they are doing a fabulous job as far as what they are being asked to do. This was just a small dissatisfaction because of being a viewer of the show since the past 10 years.

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  1. Fenil

    Totally Agree With You.
    KAIRA always promise on reunion that they will trust each other they will listen to each other they will share thing they will not hide things but they always does opposite.
    Love YRKKH NaKsh Keesh Kaira.

    1. Vinee

      Exactly and its been a year to their marriage. Looking back we see nothing but only their fights and unions. How did they even get married?? No trust on each other.

      1. Fenil

        Yes 6 times nd it’s 7

  2. I both agree and disagree with you 🙂

    I agree because the way they handled shubham’s track irked me too. YRKKH is a widely watched serial and audience tend to take quite a lot of messages from the serial, even if that is not what the serial makers intend, they inevitably end up learning from it and they absolutely misled people about it. We have enough problems with drugs without serials adding on more to it. Also, both seem to have zero communication when it comes to important issues. I mean, if you truly love each other you trust each other too, isn’t that the whole point? Maybe it is hard to tell the family somethings but if she doesn’t trust someone whom she claims to love and he doesn’t even give a chance to let her explain ..then it is absolutely useless love. So yeah the writers really need to work on where they want the couple to stand. Fluffy and cute love is adorable, but it needs a little substance.

    As to why I disagree, the makers and writers are pretty smart. The TRP has skyrocketed and it has claimed its top spot which it has been missing from for quite some time. They were running out of plots and since the serial is 10 years old they have used up nearly all the plots up. Divorce is the one track they haven’t used in the serial yet and this was the best way to drive up the viewership and it worked like magic. People are rooting for them like crazy and it is heading towards a complete star-crossed lovers/ Romeo Juliet track.
    The first time around everyone except Dadi and Manish were with them, but this time they will have to go up against the entire family. They can easily extend this for another six months and then have a grand wedding AGAIN which will last for another 5-6 months. Basically, they are set for another year. They have content jackpot and they know it. People adore the leads and they are going to milk it for all their worth. They are not doing this track because they haven’t thought through it, but because they thought very smartly about it.

    P.S – your write up is amazing.

    1. Vinee

      Sorry but the divorce track is no way a content jackpot.There is probably no content at all. They go for a mutual consent divorce and then the very next day they yearn to see each other. What fun is this?? If this was the case then why go for a divorce in the first place? Its because of them their families are fighting forgetting that they are still relatives as naksh and keerti and mansi and anmol are married as well. These two are behaving as if they have met for the first time and a couple who are newly in love. Disgusting this is!!!

      1. Yasha

        😀 Agreed. after 10 years they have run out of everything that is there. it is like a car which is running on fumes rather than petrol. They are just cashing in on the fact that people adore the leads and will watch them even though they barely have any substantial content. They needed an opportunity to start their love story again and this was the easiest way they found. All we can do is hope that they get some good idea before they turn either Karthik or naira into a fly or a spider a la Sasural simar ka style.

  3. Point taken Vinee my thoughts exactly I had written about the same thing a couple of weeks ago but was called names so now-a-days I keep my thoughts to meself. And the writers really need to stop pu**yfooting around and get to the point you were amazing with your writings. Do keep it up not many of us are talented hun.

    1. Vinee

      Thank you. Yes many talented people under one roof. But makers fail to realize they have lost their brains.

      1. But this track getting more trp makers want trp so they are dragging
        I can’t understand one thing why couple divorce serials get higher trp

  4. But this track getting more trp makers want trp so they are dragging
    I can’t understand one thing why couple divorce serials get higher trp

  5. This is so damn true. You have just written down people’s thoughts these days. The show sucks now where there is no logic at all. And yes shubham’s track was hell. Naira was so immature with her decision. If she would have told the family may be he would have been saved. Anyways your writing is so damn awesome. Will be waiting for more such stuff from you.

    1. Vinee

      Thank you so much.

  6. This definitely isn’t the yrkkh that looked fresh in 2016 . It looks worse than ekta show now

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