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Hey everyone…. Here’s the next shot…. Hope all of u will like it… thank you all for commenting n encouraging me….. Thanks to silent readers also!!! N I wish I stand upto ur expectations!!!!!

Link for previous shot!!

Recap : ragsan missing each other ….

It was nw time for engagement ragini was standing beside swara and shomi was there with ring in her hand ..

Shekhar : dp ji.. where is ap ji??

Dp : yeah shekhar ji she’s coming ………….. lo here she is …

Ap comes there with sanskaar .

Dp : wht happened to sanskaar ??

Sanskaar nodded n showed him thumbs up saying he’s fine …

The soft music is playing in background .

Ap comes ahead with ring and gives to laksh .

Laksh : shall i pandit ji ?

All laughs while ragini stands there smiling . sanskaar was behind everyone

Pandit ji : yeah yeah … make her wear fast …

Laksh makes her wear the ring and all claps and showers flowers on them .

Pandit ji : now u also make him wear beti ..

Swara smiles and shomi gives her the ring ..

Laksh forwards his hand but swara acts like thinking .

Shekhar : wht r u thinking beta ??

Swara : papa i was thinking whether to really marry him or not ??

Everyone’s ( except laksh ) shocked faces turned into smile when swara winked at them ..

Laksh ( on the verge of crying ) : wht do u mean by that swara ?? how can u do this to me ?? u know na i love u so much .. sometime before u were alright then y suddenly .. swara pls .. u also love me na …….. then y ………

Not able to control now swara burst out laughing followed by others ..

Laksh : y r u all laughing ??

Swara ( hitting his head ): arre idiot i was just joking re …………

Laksh : do u think this is a joke ??

She was still laughing while everyone became silent seeing him angry . RAGSAN were not at all interested in this as one cant hear wht all is happening n the other cant to do anything even after knowing wht all is happening ………………

Swara : bhadak kyun rahe ho laksh .. i said na i was joking ….

She said now being serious .. laksh turned his face .

Shomi : beta we all were joking only .. don’t take it on ur heart .. ‘

Swara ; okay .. now give me ur hand ..

She takes his hand but he jerks and takes his hand back shocking everyone .

Swara : laksh……………

Laksh : now i’ll think whether to marry u or not ….

Swara stumbles but ragini holds her … she sobs .

Swara : laksh .. i said i was just joking … i’m sorry .. but pls don’t do this to me ..

Dp : laksh .. wht happened to u …?? u also joke .. when we dontt take ur jokes seriously then y r u taking ?

Ap : beta we cant break relations like this ..

Everyone tries to explain him while all the guests starts gossiping .. ragini consoles swara …

Shekhar : beta pls … just look at swara ……..

Laksh looks at swara ad sees that her nose has become red .. he burst out laughing holding his stomach .. some tears rolled down his cheeks ..

Shekhar ( whispers ): shomi .. kahin yeh pagal toh nhi ho gaya ??( has he gone mad ??)

Shomi ( hitting him ): wht r u saying shekhar ??? stay quiet ..

Dp : laksh ….

He roars and laksh stops laughing , swara comes in front of him and seeing he he again falls on the chair laughing ………

Swara ( irritated ): wht is so funny haan ??

Laksh ( laughing ): ur nose ………

Swara : wht ??

She takes out her phone and sees her nose all red and gets angry … while shekhar couldn’t stop himself from giggling … shomi tries to stop him..

Swara ( turning towards laksh who was still laughing ): i’ll not leave u dumbo ………..

She starts chasing him while he runs to save his life ..

Laksh ( shouted ): arre baba i was also joking re …

He said imitating her …

Swara : now i’ll show u how to joke .. u donkey ..

Laksh: swara .. baby .. i’m ur would be husband .. thoda rehm karo mere pe ..(pls leave me ) .. look everyone is looking …

Swara : the let them look i don’t care ……………….


All gets a side .. ragini laughs seeing her sister chasing her would be jiju ……… when her smile fades and tears starts forming in her eyes ………… all she could utter was …..


Ragini : sanskaaaar …………

Hearing his  name he turned around only to find his ragini standing there with tears in her eyes … sanskaar hearts skips a beat to see her.. she was looking beautiful but tears in her eyes ached his heart …


He started moving towards her ….




Is he/she really there or i’m dreaming ?? how can he/she be here ???



she stood there itself … he was few centimetres away when laksh came and  and hitted him making both of them fall .. ragini got scared and came to them for helping them .. sanskaar’s gaze was still on ragini which was making her feel a lil uncomfy …..


Shekhar and dp helped the boys to stand while shomi held ragini and ap held swara …


Shomi : swara calm down now ……..

Swara was breathing heavily due to running that too in heavy lehnga ….


Laksh ( brushing his sherwani ) : sorry sanky ….

Sanskaar ( coming in his senses ): nah its okay …

He showed thumbs up to him ..

Ap : now if ur childish acts are over can v continue the engagement ………….

Swara and laksh went on the platform set for them with chairs and swara made him wear ring .. all clapped and showered flowers on them …….


Sanskaar was now standing behind laksh and ragini behind swara .. both were having a deep painful eye lock …. which was broken by their siblings ..


Swara : ragu .. he’s sanskaar .. laksh’s brother …

Laksh : n sankyy she’s ragini swara’s sister …………….

Sanskaar smiled weakly .


Now RAGSAN were talking in hearts ?…

Ragini: sans. . Where did u went??

Sanskaar: u know na anuradha mam called me….

Ragini: u knew na that ma papa would be coming to take me.. Then at least for the last time u could have met me na….

Sanskaar: oh god… I just forgot about that n I thought…..

Ragini: what u thought haan???? U thought that I hv left u?? Sans how can u even think like that…

Sanskaar: what else could I hv done?? I mean…

Ragini: leave it sans… I don’t want to know anything else…

Saying so she turned her face…

Now sanskaar was so helpless that he couldn’t even go to her and apologize….

Later all sat to have dinner .. after seeing the guests shomi brought two plates for swara n laksh and other two plates for ragini n sanskaar who were sitting on one round table away from the oldies ,………


All : thanks maa / aunty …


Shomi smiled and went from there …

Ragsan were sitting opposite to each other and same with swalak ….

While swalak were talking , teasing n fighting on silly things , ragsan were quietly staring into each other eyes …..


As their dinner was over ap dp and shekhar shomi came there as all the guests have left ..


Ap : sanskaar .. u might know ragini .. she was also there with u in happy home …..

Sanskaar nodded positively .

Ap caressed ragini’s hair while all others smiled .

Shomi : uboth might have become friends na … now she’ll not feel lonely …

Ap : i was also scared about this oly shomi ji that he might feel alone ……….

Lucky : aise kaise ma … im there na for my bhai ..

He said putting his around his shoulder ..

Swara : n i’m there for my sister ….

She said side hugging her ….


All of them smiled seeing their bond as ragsan again locked their eyes with other …


After sometime ..


Dp : okay shekhar ji… now we should go ….

He joins his hands .

Shekhar : ji .. i hope u enjoyed the function …

He too joined his hands …

Swalak look at each other from behind their moms ……. and smiled ..

Ap : of course .. we thoroughly enjoyed …….

Shomi : now tomorrow sagan chunni then mehndi n sangeet ..

Laksh ( completing her ): aur fir shaadi ………… ( then marriage )..


All laughed seeing his excitement while swara blushed…

All this while ragsan kept on staring each other and shared their pain .. it was so difficult for them being so close to each other yet staying away from  each other.. it pained them ……………


Ap : okay now we’ll leave ………….


They all hgged each other and laksh winked at swara while ragsan stared at each other …………


The maheshwari’s left and gadodia’s returned to their home …

After chit chatting for a while all went to their rooms except ragini .


She was still sitting in the hall and was silently crying remembering sanskaar .. and their moments ..


She came out in the compound where the engagement took place … she then saw the table on which they had dinner .. she went and sat on sanskaar’s chair ……………..


She them imagined sanskaar sitting opposite to her and eating food and some tears flowing from his eyes due to green chilli he just ate ……… ragini smiled seeing him , he too smiled back …….. but her smile faded seeing his image fading ……..


Ragini : i’m so glad sans .. that u r finally with me .. but u never mentioned about ur family .. well now i guess everything will be fine .. u r with me na sans … u r na ??


She questioned herself but was confused abt the answer and she herself didn’t knew y ??


She went to her room , got changed and tried to sleep ……………….




Sanskaar was also not getting sleep .. ragini’s smile while talking to his mum , her tears when she looked at him .. everything was roaming in his mind ..


He stood and started walking here n there n thought how to meet and talk to her .. he was crying also …. thinking abt her tears ..


Now as soon as turned he saw ragini  in front of him with her hands folded in front and her cute smile on her face .. she was wearing the same suit which she was wearing in swalak’s engagement …


Sanskaar was surprised to see her there..


Ragini : surprised ??

Sanskaar nodded .

Ragini ( smiled ): i was also when i saw u there at my sis’s engagement ………… u never toldme abt them ,…


Sanskaar bowed down his head ..


Ragini : its okay … n now as u hv come will u  promise me that you’ll never leave me ??

Sanskaar looked at her teary eyed .

He came close to her and nodded his head positively ..

She smiled .. seeing her he too smiled and then she went taking his smile with her ……………………………………….


Sanskaar sat on bed and thought ragini now i’ll never leave you ..


He then lied down  n dozed off thinking abt ragini …..


The episode ends with sleeping faces of ragsan ………….. ……… . ………… ……..


So guys… How was the epi??? Hope I hv satisfied you all…. I mean about the ragsan meet….. N I’m really sorry for the boring n short epi. … So do tell me how was it.. I would be waiting…….

N the next thing… my exams are coming again so I won’t be able to upload any ff… N from bottom of my heart i m sorry ? ‘!! I’ll upload sangini n babul as soon as my exams are over….. I hope u all will wish me luck and understand my situation……

So please comment n take care all of u!!!!! ???

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With Love

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