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Recap: sangeet…… nikhil’s entry…. Ragini’s past…..


RagSan Chat…..

Sanskaar: raginii u r fine na??

Ragini: haan sans… I’m fine…

Sanskaar: what was the need to keep nikhil in ur house yaar?? ?

Ragini: common sans.. He’s papa’s friend son… I can’t do anything..

Sanskar: but u can tell abt him na to uncle n aunty…

Ragini: no sans…. I don’t want my past to come in between di’s happiness…. He’s her childhood friend.. common sans…. Now leave this….

Sanskaar: hmm okay If u say so… U should keep me informed haa.. Abt him…

Ragini: yaya.. don’t worry.. Now smile.. ☺☺

Sanskaar :??

Ragini: that’s like my sans…. ?

She looks up as she sees some shadows and is shocked to see nikhil…. She gets scared and holds the blanket tightly…. The conversation with sanskaar is still open.

Sanskaar: ahan ur sans.. Haan… But v won’t be able to meet tomorrow… ?

He waits for her reply… No reply but the msg is seen… There Ragini is looking at nikhil with fear in her eyes.

Sanskaar: raginii…. R u there,, ??

No reply.

Ragini ( to nikhil): what… What r u doing here??

Nikhil ( holding her shoulders which she jerks off): okay okay… Fine… ( he removes his hand….) I came here to….

He stops and recollects how swara told him about her accident. He then starts typing something on his phone. While she looks on scared.

Whereas sanskaar is hell tensed as to y she’s not replying even after seeing the messages. He comes out of his room and sees all the lights off. He goes to laksh’s room and take the car keys and drives to ragini’s house.

There nikhil gives his phone to ragini and signs her to read it. First she objects but then compiles after his much request.

Sanskaar is driving the car fastly and is hoping for her safety. he puts the car on the fifth gear and increases the speed…

Ragini reads the message!

Message: ragini I know u r scared of me after that incident but trust me it was just a prank n I didn’t knew that you’ll b so scared.. The whole evening I was only thinking abt u n how much u had gone through… I couldn’t see ur real smile which I used to see in childhood…. I was thinking how to ask for forgiveness from you ( she looks up at him and then again continues) ik that my mistake can’t b rectified but please forgive me.. I’ll do whatever u say.. But please forgive me n let us b friends once again…. Please…

Ragini looks at him and see guilt in his eyes. She smiled a bit and nodded her head in positive. Nikhil smiled and forwarded his hand for friendship. Ragini looks on.

Sanskaar reaches gadodia home ? and silently climbs the pipe and enters ragini’s room balcony.. He knew her room. N he was shocked to see the scenario.

Ragini too forwarded her hand and they shook their hands. Nikhil gave her a big chocolate ?! She smiled and thanked him.

Sanskaar looked at her with tears in his eyes. He remembers how she was scared of nikhil few hours ago n now she’s laughing n talking with him. He was hurt. While Ragini was busy in talking with her long lost friend, sanskaar who was deeply hurt got down n sat in his car ?.. RagNik’s moments flashing in his mind. He started the car and drove back to his house. After keeping the car key’s in laksh’s room he went to his room.

Ragini and nikhil were talking since an hour.. While nikhil was typing in his phone ragini answerd him. They talked abt everything. But ragini didn’t told him abt sanskaar and their relationship. While ragini was busy in telling her stories, he was looking at her lovingly. ragini looked at him, lost. She waved her hands in front of his eyes bringing him out of his trance.

Ragini: now its very late I think u should also sleep now….

Nikhil: yeah… Good night!!

Ragini: good night.. Bye..

Nikhil: bye…

He got up and left from there after switching off the lights. Ragini too slept with a smile on her face forgetting about sanskaar. Sanskaar, who was continously looking at his phone waiting for her reply. Tears were flowing from his eyes which he wiped in the hope that she’ll msg him n tell what all happened between her n nikhil…. But no there was no message. He slept after crying for sometime……….

Next Day morning!! Whole badi was decorated beautifully… Shomi, dadi, shekhar and dadaji were seeing the arrangements while swara, ragini n nikhil were having breakfast ? and chit chatting….

Sanskaar too got up when ap came to his room with tea. He smiled and hugged her. She caressed his hair and asked him to get ready. He obliged and went to washroom. After half an hour he came out and checked his phone but to his disappointment there was no message from ragini.. He got sad and went down when ap called him after switching off his phone . They all had breakfast while everyone was discussing something or the other sanskaar was lost and was eating slowly, uninterested! Ap and dp noticed but then didn’t asked anything then. All Completed their bf and went to their work!


Ragini came to her room to pick her phone and purse as she was going out with swara and nikhil! He opened her phone and saw so many msgs and missed calls from sanskaar. She then remembered how last night she was chatting with him n then totally forgot abt him. She slapped her forehead and cursed herself for ignoring her love.

Swara came and took her with her. They sat in the car with swara n nikhil in front and ragini at back. She messaged sanskaar but didn’t got any reply.. She called him but it was switched off. She got more tensed. Nikhil saw this from mirror and signed swara to ask her.

Swara ( keeping her hand on her’s): ragu what happened??

Ragini nodded her head in negative and smiled. And assured that she is fine.


How can u be so stupid ragini….?? U ignored him.. Just for nikhil.. Ik u hv met him after a long time but u shouldn’t hv done that to sans.. How bad he must b feeling?? N now his phone is also off…….. ( she talks to god in mind) Bhagwan ji please… Please help me na…. U know na I didn’t want to hurt him but it just happened n I didn’t noticed….. Please help me na….

She joins her hands and prays to God!


Sanskaar was sitting in the balcony in his room reading some book ?. Ap came there with dp and saw him lost somewhere.. The book was open in front of him bit he wasn’t reading it. Ap touched his shoulder to bring him back ?. He looked up and saw his parents.. He was about to get up when dp asked him to sit down. Ap kept the glass of juice on the table and both sat beside him on the chairs. Sanskaar looked on.

( sanskaar is writing his dialogues)

Sanskaar: what happened ma papa?? U here?

Dp: y?? If something happens then only we can meet our son??

Sanskaar nods no.

Ap: beta what happened to you?? Y r u so lost?? Has something happened??

Sanskaar again nods no.

Dp: beta if u want to share something u can.. We’ll surely understand u n may be we can help u also…..

Ap nods.

Sanskaar: no papa.. There is nothing like that… I’m okay! N if I wanto say something I’ll surely tell u…

He smiles. Ap and dp reads this.

Ap: r u sure??

Sanskaar nods, smiling.

Ap: okay have this juice now.. I n ur papa are going out n will come after 2 -3 hours.. Okay?? Laksh too has gone to his office for some work. If u want something ask the servants….

Sanskaar nods. Ap and dp went from there after blessing him. Sanskaar sat there thinking about ragini!?

That side… Swara, ragini n nikhil were enjoying street food ? and taking pictures. While ragini was still trying to connect with sanskaar. She really got worried ? but couldn’t help it!

Ragini ; di i’ll just come.. U both be here only!

Nikhil: but where r u going??

Ragini: I’ll just come..

Saying she leaves from there. Within no time she was in front of MM bcoz the market was not far from the house. She took a deep breath and went inside the house. Finding no one in the house she asked a servant abt everyone’s whereabouts. He told her something which she didn’t understood. so she asked whether she can go up? He nodded and she went to sanskaar’s room. She was standing outside only n thinking whether to go in or not. N after fighting with herself for 10 minutes she went in after knocking the door twice.

Sanskaar heard the knock n the door and peeped out of the blanket.. He saw someone entering and when the figure became clear he got up from the bed and went to her.

Ragini was looking down so she bumped into him. She saw up and became teary eyed seeing him so pale but he didn’t have any expression on his face.

Sanskaar talked in sign language.

Sanskaar: what r u doing here??

Ragini: sans.. Listen to me first….

Sanskaar: no raginii . U listen to me… Its over now.. I don’t want to argue with u on ANY MATTER… Is that clear??

He looked at her with blood shot eyes.

Ragini: sans.. For. This small thing u will break n forget everything??

Sanskaar pinned her to wall with force. She winced in pain.

Sanskaar: I broke?? Haan I forgot everything??? u better not say anything abt breaking n forgetting okay?????

He banged his hand on the wall near her face. She closed her eyes tightly, scared.

He moved aside and faced his back towards her.

Ragini: okay if u don’t want to talk then don’t… I know it’s my mistake n I hv came here to apologize but no…. The Great Sanskaar Maheshawari is in no mood to listen then okay… I’m going… N yes.. Its over………..

Sanskaar closed his eyes to let the tears flow.. And went out of his room… Ragini too went out of his room banging the door ? and crying…..

[ guys do read the lyrics it’ll touch ur heart and you’ll understand their pain… ]

{{ Is dil pe lagte hai jo woh zakhm dikhte nahin
Apnose milte hai jo woh dard mite nahin }}

Ragini moves away from him crying… He’s too going somewhere, crying…. He looks back but she’s moving away………… He again turns around….

{{ Maine paas apne nahin bas door jabse hai tu
Bas door jabse hai tu }}

She looks back at him hoping that he’ll stop her but no he’s going… He’s leaving her…….. She cried……

{{ Jaane dil mein kab se hai tu
Jab se main hoon tab se hai tu
Mujhko mere rab ki kasam
Yaara rab se pehle hai tu
Yaara rab se pehle hai tu }}

Sanskaar goes to a room crying ?… He didn’t want to live any more… He sat down near the bed…..

{{ Achcha hai haste huve ho jaaye hum tum juda
Yeh koi na poochle woh humsafar kaun tha }}

He smiles recollecting his moments with her while River Thames was flowing from his eyes…..

{{ Ab to mujhe yaad nahin saath mere kab se hai tu
Saath mere kab se hai tu}}

Ragini came out of MM and moves to the market where SwaHil are waiting for her…. She composed herself but then burst out crying… She sat on a bench and cried bitterly…

Both were in pain, both were hurt both were crying but both didn’t want to listen to other either……

Ragini composed herself and went to her sister…. They both were worried for her but she denied everything and requested to go home…..

Sanskaar went to his room and covered himself with blanket and cried as much as he can……

Later the trio returned to badi as the mehndi function would be starting in another one or two hours.


Laksh comes inside sanskaar’s room.

Laksh: hey bro..

He sat beside him other bed. Sanskaar smiled.

Laksh: acha sun na… I need ur help..

Sanskaar looked at him confused.

Laksh: let me explain…. Dekh today is mehndi function n u know that we boys r not allowed…

Sanskaar nods.

Laksh: but I want to go there….

Sanskaar looked at him shocked. He makes weird faces.

Laksh: now don’t make those faces..

Sanskaar composed.

Laksh: better…. Now u help me in going there..

Sanskaar signs how can he help?

Laksh: simple… U will go there saying that u came to help ragini ( sanskaar face pales) and then u will tell swara to come to her room where I’ll be waiting.. What say?

Sanskaar is lost. He thinks about the last night ? and their bitter argument today and gets disheartened. Laksh shakes him bringing him back to reality!

Laksh: where r u lost??

Sanskaar signs I can’t do this.

Laksh ; arre but y yaar… U simply have to go there n.. N u talk to ragini now n explain her everything….

Sanskaar nods no.

Laksh ( joining his hands): please bhai…. Mere liye….. Acha u tell me na y don’t u want to go??

Sanskaar does some actions fastly saying that she doesn’t love me n don’t want me anymore in her life so y should I go?? I also don’t need her.

Laksh: sanky sanky wait yaar…. What actions u r doing?? I didn’t understood anything…….

Sanskaar cane to his sense and closed his eyes relaxed.

Laksh: sanky what’s going on?? Y r u so worried??

Sanskaar opens his eyes and hugs him tightly. Laksh too reciprocate. He gets tensed.

Laksh: please tell me what happened?? Has anyone told u anything??

Ap and dp too comes there and gets worried seeing sanskaar’s heartbroken ? condition. Ap runs to them and keeps her hand on sanskaar’s head.

Dp and ap: laksh what happened??

Laksh ( breaking the hug): I don’t know papa… I’m also trying to ask but he’s not saying anything… He did some actions but I didn’t get it….

Ap ( hugging sanskaar, he too hugs her): beta what has happened?? Y r u sad?? What’s bothering u?? Please tell us??

Dp: I think we should talk to shekhar to send ragini here so that she can understand what he wants to say…

Ap and laksh nods. Dp is about to call shekhar when sanskaar suddenly stnds and snatch the phone from his hand. All are shocked by this sudden reaction n look at him. He immediately goes to the table and scribbles down something and gives to dp.

Sanskaar ( note): papa ma bhai.. No need to worry I’m fine it’s just that I saw a very bad dream that’s y I was a Lil disturbed.. No need to worry! I’m fine… n please no need to call anyone for me.

Ap( caressing his face): no I don’t think it’s true… u r lying beta ik.. Its clearly written on ur face.. What has happened please tell me…… Suniye ( dp) please ask him to tell us na…. Beta bolo na…..

Dp and laksh holds her while sanskaar looks at her with tears. His heart was again paining .. He immediately took ap in his embrace and kissed her forehead and caressed her hair to calm her down.


Shomi: shona ragu r u ready??

Swara: haan ma two minutes….

Shomi knocked ragini’s door and seeing the bell moving ragini got to know tha someone is outside. She asked to come in.

Shomi comes in.

Shomi: beta y aren’t u ready yet??

She said doing some signs.

First Ragini failed to understand then Shomi typed in her phone and gave her.

Ragini: ma I was going to o change only.. u go na i’ll come in five minutes….

Shomi kept her hand on her head, nodded and left from there.

Ragini closed the door and sat down on the floor, crying.

(( Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam
Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam
Aapke ishq ki madhoshi mein
Dooba hai, ye aalam. ))

Ragini: sans… please talk to me…. Ik I did a mistake.. Please scold me… Beat me but please.. Please talk to me otherwise I’ll die Sans…. Sans please don’t do this to me please… At least once listen to me na…. I’m sorry so sorry sans…..

(( Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam
Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam))

She cried hard and put the dupatta in her mouth to stop the voice from coming…. Her eyes became red and swelled! After sometime she got up and went to freshen up!!

(( Jab shaam aaye, tum yaad aaye
Toofan laye, yaadon mein tum
Bebak si hai, har ek tamanna
Gustakhiyon mein, ab dil hai ghum.))

She came out of the washroom after 15 minutes.. Her face still swelled pale and eyes filled with sadness guilt and fear…. Fear of losing her sans bcoz of her silly mistake!!!!

(( (( Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam
Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam))

She took her dress and got dressed in a beautiful green off shoulder crop top and black long skirt looking so pretty. She tied her hair in a side messy bun and decorated with some accessories… She then applied some light make up and kajal.. And as soon as she applied kajal her eyes again got teary and she with lot of difficulty composed herself!!! Then she applied lip colour and goes in flashback.. On the day of sagan chunni how sanskaar brought her lipstick with him at the terrace…… She comes back to reality when she saw the bell ? moving above the dressing table. She wiped her tears and composed herself and pasted a fake smile on her face and opened the door only to find swara in a beautiful pink n green lehnga ( like she wore at the time of her mehndi with laksh)

Ragini: di.. U look so beautiful..

Swara: thank you.. But not more than u!!

Ragini just smiled.

Swara ( held her hand): come lets go.. Ma called us…

Ragini smiles and follows her….

Episode ends with sad faces of ragsan!


So this was it for today.. Pls don’t kill me for this…… U might b thinking wht happened to sanskaar suddenly??? Even I’m thinking…… But I’m sure we’ll get to know later y he reacted like this…. But yeah Do tell me how was it through ur lovely comments. ….. I would be waiting.. Till then take care and keep smiling ☺!!!!!

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