Hi everyone! First off , thanks for all your heartwarming comments. So here I’m back with a new episode. And for the first time without my blabbering,  let’s start………

Riddhima- You? ( giving out a sigh of relief)

As soon as Riddhima turned around , she saw a person in black hoodie all open to show his black sando and black trousers…….yes it was a man , perhaps Riddhima’s well known acquaintance.

Man – yes me ! Did you expect someone else? ( frowning)

Riddhima- no its just that I neither expected you over here.

Man – why not ? Japan tum , what hum (he said winking at her)

Riddhima  – then stay with me forever . Why do you always come and leave ? You know na that I love you to the extreme ( She said with teary eyes )

Man – I know , and I never leave you and I can’t even think of it , because I am in here (he said pointing towards her heart)

At this Riddhima smiles and just then Rhea yawns while still sleeping and was about to get up when Riddhima turned around and panicked seeing her rubbing her eyes.

Rhea- you ? (Shocked)

Riddhima panicked more and turned around while opening her mouth to justify and saw no one behind her , however a hand waving at her from lower stairs , not visible to Rhea as she was on the bed at the other corner. Riddhima shrugging her shoulders,  sighed and turned around at Rhea.

Rhea- I mean boss, you woke up already?

Riddhima- yeah , what’s new I it ? (She said casually while moving to her seat and continuing her work)

Rhea- yeah……sorry boss , actually I got scared as I’m not used to see anyone in my room when I wake up so…….

Riddhima didn’t respond to this while Rhea continued to sprinkle some water on her face and composed herself to join Riddhima for the remaining work as there is always a decided amount of work that they do daily…..sometimes more , sometimes less.

Time skipped and it was 7:00 a.m. when everyone was awake and the bus stopped near a huge hotel on the main road , where everyone got themselves freshen up and ate their breakfast.  It was prebooked by kabir as the trip was a properly planned one.

After having their breakfast,  everyone headed back to the bus . Riddhima and Rhea got back to their office work while rest ofthe people started playing truth and dare for fun.

Soon Riddhima and Rhea finished their work for the whole day. So now as they were all free so Riddhima decided to join the other people so that her friends don’t feel neglected by her , thereby she with Rhea decended downstairs to join them.

As they settled themselves near RV , kabir and sejal,  everyone was literally shocked as if they have seen something impossible.  Now it was daring for anyone to ask Riddhima but then RV as usual cut the crap…..

RV – so finally you got time for us , huh ? (Sarcastically)

Riddhima- (glaring him ) do you wanna play or should I use this time more?

RV – arre, why are you always an angry bird ? OK, I’m sorry ……let’s play.

All started playing from where they had left. It was sejal’s turn to spin the bottle. As she did , it landed at Rhea.  Everyone looked at her.

Rhea- what , I never said I was playing. (Panicked as she is an acute introvert person )

Sejal – who said and when ? If you are sitting then you are automatically playing.

Rhea- but…….(interrupted by sejal )

Sejal – Riddhimaaaa…….(irritatingly)

Riddhima- It’s fine Rhea.

She blinked at Rhea and she agreed.

Rhea – okay , truth.

Sejal- as expected (mumbling to herself)

RV – Okay, so I will ask the question. If you get married in future,  whom will you choose among your family or Riddhima? ( Sarcastically)

Rhea – First off , Riddhima is my one and only family and I never thought about marriage , so…….

RV gave a ‘ you are impossible ‘ look to Rhea and spun the bottle which this time landed at Sejal.

Sejal- oh no ……okay truth.

Kabir – so I’ll ask her.

He thought for a while and asked…

Kabir- so , who was your first kiss ?

Sejal – (shying) you .

Sejal blushed and kabir kissed her on cheek and gave her a side hug.

RV – yarr inka to chalta hi rahega ……..Rhea you spin this time.

Rhea spun the bottle and it stopped pointing Riddhima…….she glared Rhea while Rhea lifted her hands giving ‘ its not in my hands ‘ look while a fear ran down her spine and she diverted her sight from riddhima.

RV – finally ! So let’s see what you choose …..(smiling sheepishly)

Riddhima- truth (coldly)

RV – I knew …….so tell me do you love someone,  I mean is there someone special in your life that you always break my heart? ( he said in a serious manner with a questioning look )

As soon as he asked , Riddhima got some flashes of her past , her eyes were about to loose the moisture that they were holding since God knows how long when she just got up and picked up her phone to call someone and went upstairs while on the call to get her overcoat , handbag and shades to hide her expressions and put forward her brave front. With everything on she decended downstairs again and suddenly the bus stopped amid the forest where Riddhima got down and met a person who handed her over a white thunderbird bike with keys and helmet. She took it and got on the bike with her helmet on and drove off like a free bird. This all happened so fast that no one got time to react even.

RV tried to stop Riddhima when Rhea stopped him .

Rhea – don’t worry,  she’ll reach the cruise directly. Just give her some time. (Trying to make him understand)

Rv was all confused……

RV – did I say something wrong (showing care and concern)

Rhea – not according to you but there are some things which remind her of her past , even I don’t know.  Many times while talking or looking somewhere she gets sad and instantly leaves and disappears for sometime , may be to find solace.

RV – but why, she also knows she has to face her past once and for all . She can’t get over it without dealing with it.

Rhea- she will handle everything,  she’s strong enough.

RV – like this ? ………we deserve to know what happened to her after that day (a lone tear escaped her eyes )

Rhea – I’m sorry I can’t tell anyone.

Rhea nodded and went back to her seat leaving RV sad and confused.

On the other hand , Riddhima was riding her bike very fast perhaps at the speed her thoughts were running,  along a lonely road among the forest. She wanted to cry badly , to pour her heart out but it seems like all her tears have dried up.

Suddenly after a long drive she remembered something and applied brake . Her bike stopped with a jerk.

She stood there , thought for a while and got down from her bike and started going deep inside the forest as if searching something,  something as important as air to her, when she emerged at a lakeside. The scene was so beautiful like heaven. Snow covered mountains having huge stretch of grassland under their feet embellished with colorful and fresh flowers ending at the lakeside with the cherry on the top , the small rabbits and squirrels playing all around.

She sat there taking deep breath and closing her eyes to feel some peace when suddenly an arm snaked around her shoulders,  as if someone giving her a back hug and sitting behind her.

Precap – The Cruise.

So this is it for today . Hope you all like it and tell me in the comment section,  who do you think came behind Riddhima?

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