“Hey don’t do it .It’s risky .”

Should I listen to her? my mind asked. am I doing some mistake? No! No! No! my mind screamed.

“I know,but it’s our profession! I had promised my dad that whatever the situation might be I will be always by truth.”

“Okie. I understand.But have you thought what will happen when the billionaire comes to know about you.” Radhika asked concerned.

I sighed.She is right.What will happen when the one and only Neil Malhotra will come to know about it? I will lose my job or may be my career will be destroyed.But I can’t keep quite .Atleast not after knowing such a big news!!!After all I am a journalist!

Samaira Khanna,a carefree ,chirpy,happy go lucky girl.Enjoys life to the fullest.Complete honest to her job.Truly believes in love.For her love is the best emotion of d world.

Neil Malhotra,the billionaire, eligible bachelor of the state!!! Girls throw themselves at him.Doesnt believe in love.For him we can buy everything by money.and when money doesn’t works,looks works.??

What will happen when these 2 completely opposite personalit meet each other? What will happen when he will get attracted to her innocence? SHE WILL BE HIS!!!

Heyaa!! So here it is! My first ever story !!!! nd i am super excited about it.So plz read it and let me know your feedback.Well, want to tell you something.English is not my first plz pardon me for grammatical errors??.

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  9. Tysm Rupa .will surely update asap

  10. Tysm Rupa .will surely update asap

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