You will forever be mine (Part 6)

This part begins with Agastya and pakhi’S dance at muh dikhayi .

4 Months passed ….

Diwali came ….

Agastya gifts pakhi a beautiful red lehnga to wear at diwali

Agastya – Pakhi , this is our 1st festival post marriage . Lets celebrate this in a diferemt way .

Pakhi – yes Agastya. So much happened in our lives . But I want to say something that …

Agastya – That

Pakhi – I … I …I love you

Agastya – I love you too

They hug each other .

Song Kesariya plays ….

7 months passed ….

One day , everyoone was eating breakfast , ..

Pakhi took one bite and felt uneasy and went to the washroom…

She started vommiting …..

Agastya – Baby open the door …

Pakhi – Dodo dodo ….

Agasya – Pakhi , are you alright ?

Pakhi – No agastya

She comes out

Nikita – Pakhi you should take pregnancy test

Pakhi – Yes . I also think the same .

Agastya – No way . We aren’t even close . No this can’t be possible .

Pakhi – Dodo lets take the test .

Pakhi goes to washroom

  1. Pakhi tests the kit .
  1. Jasminerahul

    Agakhi confession was sweet n romantic. Everyone doubts about pakhi’s pregnancy. But why agastya thinks that they are not that close,so this can’t be possible?did he mean that they have not consummated their marriage or they are not mentally close enough to start a family?

    1. Pari19

      It eill be revealed in next part !! Suspense 🙂

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