You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 5


You touched my heart Season 2 Part 5



Anjali:Shyamji is on business tour.So even he is not there to help us.We are scared Khushiji.

Khushi burst into tears:Because of me Arnavji is missing.

Khushi ran out.

Anjali and Devayani :Khushiji….

D:Anjali bitiya…I’m getting scared.At night Khushi bitiya ran out alone.

Anj:Even I am scared nani.



Khushi wandered around the street madly shedding tears.

Some goons followed her.She ran in fear.Suddenly a car stopped in front of her.The goons ran away.

Aman came out of the car.


Am:Khushiji…at night…you…here?

Khushi cried:Arnavji ran away from home.I am searching for him.

Am:Don’t worry.ASR is with me in the car.

Khushi was surprised.She opened the door and saw Arnav sleeping in the car.

She was very happy:Arnavji!

Am:Unexpectedly I saw ASR roaming around crying calling out your name.”Khushi,where are you?”

I caught him.He fainted due to stress.I placed him in my car.I was on the way to the Raizada Mansion.

K:Thank you so much Amanji.I had lost my life.

Suddenly Arnav opened his eyes.



He held her hand.

Arn:Where did you go leaving me?I was scared not seeing you around me.

K:Sorry Arnavji.

Arn:Promise me that you won’t leave me alone and go.

K:Promise.Now onwards I won’t go out without taking you.

Aman smiled seeing their innocent love.

Arnav-Khushi sat on the back seat.Aman dropped them home.

Seeing them together Devayani and Anjali were relieved.They ran towards Arnav and hugged him emotionally.


Deva:Don’t run away like this chotte.

Arn:Sorry.I went to search for Khushi.I can’t stay without Khushi.

Khushi looked at Arnav emotionally.

She thought:Arnavji…how are you able to love me this much?


Khushi looked at Aman.

Aman gave her the address of Sheetal.

Am:Finally I found out where Sheetal is staying.

K:Thanks a lot Amanji.You did a great favour.

Am:Anything for ASR.

Khushi went to the kitchen to drink water.

Suddenly she woke up hearing Arnav screaming.She ran to him:Arnavji!

He held her hand:Khushi…why did you leave me and go?

K:No.Arnavji…I am here only.

Arn:But I saw you leaving me.

K:No Arnavji.I think in your dream I left you.It’s only a bad dream.

Arn:Please don’t leave me alone Khushi.Without you I feel scared.

Khushi felt upset.She held his hand:No Arnavji…I will always be with you.Now you sleep.

Arn:Please sleep near me Khushi.


He lay down closing his eyes.She lay next to him.Unexpectedly he embraced her murmering :My Rajkumari Khushi…

She felt her heart beats..Dhak dhak…dhak dhak…

Unknowingly she embraced him back emotionally.Arnav opened his eyes and smiled cutely:Feeling nice when you hug me Khushi.

Khushi came back to her senses and felt embarrassed.

Arn:Please don’t take your hands off Khushi.I will be afraid.

K:Sleep Arnavji.I won’t take my hands off.

He closed his eyes smiling.She kept looking at him.


Rabba ve….rabba…O…rabba ve….


Slowly she fell into sleep.

In the morning she opened her eyes when sun rays fell on her face.She saw her and Arnav holding hands together.She was numb for a moment.

K:Hey devi maiyya…why am I feeling different with Arnavji these days?Please protect us.

Slowly she removed her hands from him

and went to bath.While bathing she smiled thinking of their cute embrace.



Khushi kept a new shirt on the bed.

K:Arnavji..we are going out.Wear this shirt.

He looked a the shirt.

A:Is it a new shirt?

K:Yes.Why?You didn’t like it?

Anjali-Devayani passed by.

Arn:I loved it.I love what ever you bring for me.

Khushi was very happy.Anjali and Devayani smiled.

Khushi came and told others:I am taking Arnavji out.

Anjali:Khushiji…where are you going?

K:To the park.Sameera will come there.

All were shocked.

Shyam:Are you mad Khushiji?Why are you bringing Sameera back to Saale saab’s life?

K:What if Sameera’s presense helps Arnavji to get his memory back?I have hope.

Shya:If Saale saab and Sameera become close again?

K:I think their friendship will only help us to cure Arnavji.

Shy:Khushiji,it’s not that easy as you think.We all want Saale saab to be alright like before,but not through that Sameera who is responsible for his present stage.

K:Shyamji…I understand that Sameera was responsible for Arnavji’s present stage.But she didn’t do it purposefully and anyone in her position would have done the same thing.Now Sameera repents and she is willing to help us to cure Arnavji.

Shya:But Khushiji…When Saale saab gets cured if he finds Sameera near him,what if he gets close to her again?Did you understand what I said Khushiji?

Khushi became upset.

Shyam looked at Anjali:Rani Saheba…make her understand.

Anjali:Yes Khushiji…chotte should find only you near him when he becomes normal,not Sameera.If he finds Sameera around him always he might get detached from you.

Khushi’s heart was pierced.

Devayani:You are chotte’s wife Khushi bitya.Only you have right on him.

Khushi became emotional.

K:If Arnavji’s happiness is Sameera I don’t mind walking out of his life.

They were shocked.

Khushi went inside.

Anjali looked at Shyam:Shyamji,Khushiji…how can she be too nice?

Shy:I don’t know anything Rani saheba.I just hope everything goes well.



Khushi took Arnav to the park.Sameera was waiting there.Sameera smiled seeing them.Arnav was excited to see Sameera.

Arn:Hi Sameera!

Sameera shook his hands:Hi Arnav.

Arn:Shall we three play?

Sam:Why not?I have been waiting to play with you.

K:You both play.I am not going to play.

Arn:Khushi,please play with us.It’s going to be real fun.


Sam:Please play with us.I have arranged setting for basket ball game.Arnav loves playing basket ball.

K:Basket ball?I am not good at basket ball.

Sam:But try Khushi.


Arnav became happy.

Arnav,Khushi and Sameera played basket ball.

Arnav got tired and rested his head on Khushi’s lap.Khushi caressed his head.Sameera got jealous.

K:Sameera…I got Sheetal’s address from Amanji.


K:We will go there tomorrow.

Sam:I can’t wait Khushi.I want to see that woman who snatched Arnav from me.

Khushi stared at her.Sameera was embarrassed as she realized she was talking too much about the intimacy she had with Arnav indirectly.

K:Do you still love Arnav?

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