You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 4


You touched my heart Season 2 Part 4

Sameera:Why are you here Mrs.Raizada?

Khushi:Just to know why you dumped Arnavji?

S:I dumped your Arnavji?

K:Don’t try to hide anything.I know that once you were his life and you broke up with him.

S:Just shut up.He cheated on me.That’s why I broke up with him.

K:If he had cheated you he would not have lost his mental balance when you left him.


Sameera was shocked:What?

K:I am telling the truth.

Khushi took Sameera to the play ground where Arnav was playing with kids.Anjali and Aman were guarding them.Aman ignored Sameera purposefully which hurt her.Anjali gave her a cold look.

Anj:Khushiji brought Sameera here?But why?

Khushi whispered:Di….as I Told you it’s for Arnavji’s betterment.

Anj:But because of this girl only chotte became like this.How can seeing her again make chotte better?

K:Di…you trust me.Right?

Anj:Yes,i trust you a lot.

K:Then believe me.Sameera’s come back is for the betterment.

Anjali was confused.

Khushi walked back to Sameera.Sameera was shocked to see Arnav playing with kids like a small boy.Arnav ran towards Khushi.

Arn:Khushi,come..we will play.

Suddenly he saw Sameera.Sameera became emotional.

K:Arnavji,do you recognize her?

A:No.Who is she Khushi?

Sameera became sad.

K:She is our friend.Sameera.

A:Really?Then Sameera…Shall we play with the ball?

Sameera nodded silently.

She played with the ball with Arnav.

After some time Arnav got busy with kids.

K:Tell Sameera…now do you really think that Arnavji betrayed you?

Sameera was sad.

K:If you had listened to him he would not have been like this.

S:But why did that girl do that?

K:Do you know who that girl whom you trusted is?She is a call girl.

Sameera was shocked.



Khushi brought milk to Arnav.



K:You have to drink.


Khushi went towards Arnav in anger:No,you have to.

Suddenly she realized that she was standing very close to Arnav.

She could feel her heart beat.

She thought:Why I feel different to be so close to Arnavji?

She moved backwards.

K:If you drink milk I will tell you a new story.


K:Yes. Khushi made Arnav drink milk.


At night…

Khushi put Arnav to sleep by singing lullaby.He fell asleep.She covered him with the blanket sweetly.

Then she wore her night dress and came.

Suddenly Arnav woke up.He was panting.

K:What happened Arnavji?

A:Khushi…Khushi….I saw a bad dream.

K:What did you see?

A:I and Sameera were playing.Suddenly she fought with me and went away saying that I am not her friend.

Khushi could feel his pain.

She thought:What dream has Arnavji seen?So similar to what happened between him and Sameera.

Khushi caressed him:Dreams are not true Arnavji.Sameera is still your friend.She will not fight with you.Tomorrow is Holi.Sameera will also come with us to play with colours.


K:Sure.Now sleep.

She made him lie down.Slowly Arnav closed his eyes.

Khushi felt sad.



Khushi was holding a plate of colour powders.Suddenly Arnav came from behind and put colour powder on her.She was surprised.Both of them laughed.

Khushi threw colour powder at Arnav.Both of them threw colours at each other.Sameera came smiling at them.Seeing Sameera Arnav was very happy.

Arn:Sameera…you came?That means no fight with me?

Sameera was confused.

K:Arnavji saw a dream that you fought with him and broke your friendship with him.

Sameera’s conscience was pricked.

S:No fight with you  Arnav.

Arnav smiled and threw colour on her face.Sameera was surprised.

S:I won’t spare you now Arnav.

She threw colour at him.They laughed.

Anjali and Devayani went to Khushi.

Anj:What is this Khushiji?You invited Sameera?

K:Di…I told you…Sameera is actually nice.She is helping us actually.You both trust me.Right?

D:We trust you Khushi bitiya.

K:Then relax.Everything is for good.

After the holi celebration Sameera reached home.

Her mother Guman stared at her.

G:Where were you Sam?

S:I went for the Holi party with my friends?

G:Which friends?


G:Lots or one friend named Arnav Singh Raizada?

Sameera was shocked.

G:I am your mother.Don’t think I am not aware of what you are doing.


Sameera was embarrassed.

G:When your mom was celebrating holi alone waiting for you, you were celebrating Holi with that characterless fellow.Are you not ashamed to patch up with Arnav who cheated you?He is married too.Then why are you after him?Don’t forget that you are engaged to Jay Wardhan.

S:I know that I am engaged mom.And I have no bad intention like you think.And Arnav is not a cheater.It was just a misunderstanding.

She told her everything.Guman was shocked.

Sameera cried hugging Guman.

S:I misunderstood Arnav mom and because of me he is a mental patient now.If I don’t help Khushi for his recovery I won’t be able to forgive myself at all.



Khushi met Sameera.

K:Sameera…we need to trace out Sheetal.Only then the real culprit be exposed.

Sam:Yes Khushi.I need to give her the worst punishment.

Sameera suppressed her tears.

Sam:Because of her,I misunderstood the person who loved me the most.Because of her my mind got poisoned and I broke an innocent person’s heart.Because of her dirty deed I was cruel to Arnav and because of me he lost his mental balance.

Sameera burst into tears.Khushi became upset.She caressed her.

K:Control yourself Sameera.Past is past.It’s over.We can’t change it.But now what is more important is to bring back Arnavji to life.For that Sheetal’s truth need to be known.

Sam:I am willing to do anything Khushi.I just want Arnav to be normal like before.

Khushi smiled:That will happen Sameera.Devi maiyya will help us.


Khushi went back to RM.She saw Anjali and Devayani running to her crying.


K:What happened to Arnavji?

D:Khushi bitiya…after you went out unexpectedly chotte woke up.

K:I thought I would be back before Arnavji wakes up.

D:But he woke up early and  searched for you restlessly.When he didn’t see you he became violent and started breaking things.

Khushi was shocked:What?

Anj:He did’nt listen to anyone of us.I thought I will feed him.I went to the kitchen to take food.But when I came back Chotte was’nt there.

Khushi got tensed:Means?

Anj:Chotte is missing Khushiji!

Khushi was shocked.

  1. Revu

    This part was so much emotional . Khushi explained everything well to Sameera. Glad that now Sameera realized her mistake and came to meet Arnav. He playing with her was cute . His dream of breaking friendship was so much painful. Lullaby of Khushi was so touching, I loved the holi celebration of Arshi very much beautiful and lovely one. Where did Arnav went ? Really curious to know that one.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.

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