you & me : part 31

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Thapki still adhered to her seat ignoring dhruv & cops’s presence while bihaan jumped out of his chair panickingly….thapki continued eating…
Bihaan (mind) : she’s abominable…i mean police is on the door nd engrossed in eating…unabashed creature..

Thapki : stop thinking bbihaan its annoying…nd i mm not ashamed of anyone…
She spoke while continuing her task…astounding bihaan…
Bihaan : i need not take ur sanction…miss…
Dhruv : will u both pay attention this side we r standing here…ins. u arrest bihaan pandey…he’s a blo*dy criminal..i told u everything how he forced her…
Ins. : first we need…victim’s statement…
Thapki neglected them,
Bihaan : i guess…u both shud leave…coz m growing furious..i dnt wnt u both to get injured early morning…so with due respect i request kindly turn around nd go strt out of the door….
Dhruv : i wont…nd ik bihaan its tough to get a fare shake the way this cntry’s legal system r set up bcz ppl like u… i mean u r a horrid little man….u’ll try to buy everyone for ur sake but with me that wont happen dude..
Thapki cudnt bear more
Dhruv held bihaan’s perfectly starched collars this act of dhruv of putting down her husband agitated her & she took umbrage at the slightest suggestion of disrespect,
Thapki : well at lleast he’s a man little though acc to u …bbut u…ahhh u r not even a man….mr dhruv pandey….in fact u r not even a proper human…

Bihaan smiled supersiliciously…as proud started pouring in…his heart..
Dhruv moved towards thapki and postioned himself beside her and held her hand….gently…
Dhruv : see my girl ik that…this man blackmailed u by threatening u regarding ur parents..but thapki u shudnt have heeded him in fact u shud not harken him ever….
He squeezed her tender palms….thapki all this while kept digging the folk into the chair…which was hidden from everyone’s notice…
Dhruv : ik u r hagridden by this sudden development…nd ik u r coming with me home….right ?
Thapki cud hear menace in his voice, dhruv held her hand more firmly…
Bihaan kept on staring blankly he holding her hand…& he turned his face to the other side to hold on himself…. & his combusting hrt…dhruv slowly…proceeded…and ordered his hands to cup her face but before he cud go further , thapki after a pique of moment held the fork close to his face making him jump off the chair with raining sweat….dhruv fell down and pushed himself back and thapki got on him holding folk close to his face police came in action by the sudden move of the victim acc to the info provided to them but thapki warned them & bihaan was bowled over utterly he was numb…this thapki was mindnumbing for him…

Thapki : girls arnt maroinette…mr dhruv…iif m not saying antything dnt u think that m dumb….u blo*dy idiotic fig….i’ll kkkill u today i wish i ccud do this before…show this courage to u which bbihaan kindeled in me…
bihaan getting in his senses controlled his wife he almost lifted her…and she kicked her legs insanely…
Police suspiciously glared dhruv…& dhruv tried to sheild himself seeing the situation slipping from his hands
Suddenly sound of a slap reverberated in the hall….
Dhruv : thapkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….
He was abt to slap her when his wrist got twisted nd he cried as strong pain bited him…
Dhruv : aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh !!
Bihaan : mr dhruv pandey she isnt thapki…anymore she’s mrs thapki bihaan pandey from now on….never ever overlook that….else u’ll drown in trbl…dnt u dare touch her..or harm her
Thapki patted her shldr…to express proud she felt…
Thapki (hrt) : ur dcn of marrying him wasnt wrong girl…
Dhruv pushed bihaan headed to smirking thapki beside bihaan ,
Dhruv (cupping her face ) : thapki ik u were subjected to his atrocious bhvr and as a cosequent…u r standing here ik u loved me….thapki thapki u have to b an inspiration by fighting for urself….u have to be a rebellion….revolt against injustice done to u…dnt b afraid…m with u in fact law is with u….thapki bravery is sine qua non..for such fights….come on speak up….
Dhruv ‘s peremptory tone irked bihaan….nd his hands touching his wife were the oil in blazing fire….but b 4 bihaan cud bring his thoughts into action thapki jerked dhruv’s hand and again rewarded him with a tight slap…her ring…induced blood to ooze out near his lower lip….
Thapki : dnt mess wwith dhruv pandey…nd now i m someone’s else wife…so better maintain distance else uk what my husband is capable of…inspector accept my appology for the inconvinience this man caused to u…but i thapki bihaan pandey….agreed for this relation..with my soul and hrt involved…
(Thapki encircled his armature ) in fact we both r happily married….my husband treats me like queen….nd i love him like a king…bbut this dhruv sir..idk what he’s saying kindly hand him to mental assylum on the way..blo*dy ccrazy…huh !!
Bihaan : so my beloved wife narrated u..the whole truth so plz…give us some privacy afterall we ‘re newly wedded..right dhruv..?
Bihaan chuckled…burning dhruv in the ocean of envy…
Ins : mr dhruv pandey do u even knw that we can punish u for waisting our time by misguiding us… nd as mrs thapki bihaan pandey is happily married..and contended…i warn u to not create hurdles in her life…nd m sry mr and mrs pandey…m really sry excuse me….& mr dhruv u come along with us…
Dhruv threw daggers at smiling thahaan and left….
Bihaan jerked away himself from thapki as police drove away…
Thapki : what ?
Bihaan : this marriage is fake…
Thapki : lol ?? u think so ?
Bihaan : whats’s in the air that u r laughing on earth ?
Thapki : u look sss*xy when u r raavan like…..brutal…
Bihaan flushed on the realisation that she ‘s complementing him…
Bihaan : whatever…
Bihaan left from the place….

Thapki smprd and murmrd to herself,
Thapki : just wit and watch hubby what all happens with u today,

Few hrs later,
Bihaan was in his study when….he hrd some muddled faint sounds and he neared balcony to check the source of voice and his mouth almost dropped witnessing thapki’s actions….
He shouted with anger filled in his voice,
Bihaan : thapkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….wtf..stop it…
Thapki looked up and smiled at him….and continued her task…bihaan rushed down and before he cud stop thapki guards caged him,
Bihaan : leave me i’ll fire u…u all r my slaves..nd obeying her..leave me..
Guards with bowed heads held him more tightly…
Thapki : bhaiya ji…kkitna doge ab is kabaad chizo kka..ssai dam lagana..
(How much will u pay for this useless stuff nd yes it shud b gud)
Manager : madam..ji dekhie hm in sbka apko 50,000 dege us se zada ni..
(I’ll pay 50 thousand not more than that)
Bihaan : are thapki…meri ma tum hmse 1 crore le lo ye mat kro…(thapki my mother u take 1 crore from me but dnt do this)
Thapki chuckled softly and faced bihaan,
Thapki : oh srsly, that’s sso kind of u…well u give me later on hhubby…i wont mind ik u love me but lem’me get this 50000…ohk?
Bihaan : oh mahan atma this isnt fair…dnt do this u r selling my all bottles…u r ruining my collection my bar…
Thapki : ummm alcohol is injurious to health mmy dear hubby…
Manager : mam here’s ur cheque for all the 150 bottles…i’ll take ur leave…
Bihaan : oh gadhi !! Loot ra h tumhe hmari sari collection imported h or ye bewakoof bna ra h…km se km 8 se 10 lakh ka sman h ye…
( oh…fool he’s fooling u it costs around 8 to 10 lakhs)
Thapki : bhaiya g vse all free for u…take in free..bye..just take it…
Bihaan : naiiiiiii meri bottles….my wine , beer etc… thapki kyu hme gareeb kr ri ho…roko use nuksan hora h free kyu dia 50 hzar to lo.. km se km….
Thapki : bye bye…bhaiya ji…

The car flew away while bihaan gaped at the retreating machine…..
Thapki smiled widely cleaning her hands…bihaan pushed the guards…and neared thapki….

Bihaan : r u crazy ?
Thapki pulled his beareded cheeks…
And while pulling spoke ,
Thapki : not more tthan u bihaan…
Bihaan jerked her hands…and roared,
Bihaan : do u even knw what u did right now ?
Thapki : yes ik…i sold ur aalcoholic stuff…
Bihaan : how extravagant it was do u have the slightest clue about it ? I mean u…u r such a…..goddddd idk y did i married u…….
Thapki : awwwww…so kind of u for such appreciation…
Thapki moved forward and stepped on his feet holding him from shldrs as support…and whispered in his ears..
Thapki : abhi to picture baki h mere dost…. ye to bs trailer h(giggeling )
( film is still left my frnd this is jist a teaser )
She then bited his earlobe arousing his feelings…and he gulped down the lump formed in his throat….at her lips touching his skin…his skin hardened under her lips… thapki then gently…kissed his cheek and left inside….
Bihaan touched his cheek and unknowingly smiled…

Piu’s mansion…was decorated like a newly wed bride…the scented candles…spreaded its aroma…in the entire hall…the giggels and laughter of guests filled the arena….and the melodious music…ringed on ppl’s hrt…it was such a serene enviournment..all the arrangements were upto mark…be it food dj or decoration no one cud pin point single mistake….
Pandeys arrived at the venue….too including thapki’s parents…& her mother with her eyecircles..popping out wandered her gaze throughout the house….and patted herself…for marrying her daughter to bihaan….
Dhruv & kosi stood at a corner…fuming….and cursing bihaan…
Sahir wore a black jacket…accompanied with black shirt and looked dashing & hot while piu wore a floral one peice…she left her hair loose and middle partitioned it…the 2 together complemented each other….

Shradha too looked pretty in her attire in a move saree..with a black mix…she wore black bangles in her one hand…adding to her look and braided her hair…

Sahir : piu… what do u think ? What’s gonna happen today…
Piu : idk…but m worried abt thapki..bhabhi that’s it…how that ferrocious beast might be treating her…
They both were bizy talking when mary arrived with vasu on wheel chair…piu turned around and a gale wind knocked her down…she felt her breath hitching with her throat tightening she loosed her balance and was abt to fall when a strong pair of arms held its grip a lone tear escaped from her eyes…and sahir gently wiped it away….
Sahir : piu..calm down..
Piu ‘s cold lips shivered as she spkoe she stuttered,
Piu : s..s..sahir……maaa…k at…ndi..tion..
Sahir without thinking anything simply embraced her…and piu dint reciprocated she tightened her lids and her eyes…flooded dampening sahir’s jacket….
Piu : s..sahir ma…
Sne broke down and melted in his arms…and sahir dint knew but her tears were acid to her heart..his eyes automatically rained…and he stroked her hair…soon piu realised bundle of eyes staring them wierdly..and she detached herself from sahir and went towards vasu..she placed her palm on mary’s shldr…mary turned around and gaped at the person standing before her piu threw a smile at her..and mary cudnt think anything and encircled her…crying..her whole body shaked as tears..flowed down moistening her cheeks..mary broke the hug and pecked her forehead…and caressed her cheeks…
Mary : piu didi ji ap kha chle gae the? apko pta nhi mne apko kitna miss kia or mne nhi madam ji ne b hr sme piu piu piu krti rhti h or bihaan baba to hr sal rakshabandhan pr rakhi late h or apke kmre me jo apka portrait h us se touch krvakr rakhi ko bandhte h….ab ap khi mat jana khi ni…
( piu where did u go ? U dk how much i missed u nd not me only madam too all the time she kept blabbering piu piu piu…nd bihaan every year on rakshabandhan bting rakhi and touches it against ur portrait and fasten it around his wrist now dnt go)
And mary again hugged her crying…
Piu caressed her hair & then she knealt down before vasu…
Piu : u always said u r strong then what u did to urself today ? Where’s ur bravery….come on stand mrs vasundhra pandey…..stand na acha at least talk to me scold me then…but talk to me mom….and her hrt welled up…before she cud do something bihaan entered in and witnessing him she with the velocity of light backed off…
Bihaan looked around the house…his eyes wandered and he wondered what the hell ? was going in here….
Bihaan looked at the decorations and then at the guests everyone stared him strangely thinking that how the host of party is dressed shabbily… bihaan greeted everyone staring him and then went towards mary…and took her to a corner…
Bihaan : what the f**k is going on here ? Nd where ‘s that mahan atma ?
Mary : sir thapki mam organised this …. nd she directed me to tell u to get ready ur clothes r there in guest room…
Bihaan : what party this is for ?
Mary : sir m forbidden to tell u…
Bihaan cud see guest intruding in… trying to knw the matter…so he decided against his wish to go & sleep and went to dress up…
Bihaan wore a mehroon velvet trousers with a white shirt and mehroon blazer….he looked hot as usual..he gelled his hair and then went out…. as soon as he came out lights went off and a fig emerged from darkness the blue lights with a tinge of red….outlined her body img…and her heavenly visage glimmered with the faint lights her hair were tied in messy bun & loose curly flicts added to her beauty…..
Everyone gazed at her lovingly her golden saree made her look loke a queen….

then the lights pointed in the direction of a board which read



Welcomes u
The grand


Bihaan ‘s eyes widened looking at the board and he gaped…. he fumed and looked at the girl standing at the stairs turning her back to the crowd….he folded his arms close to his chest & waited for her next move…..

Mary handed her a guitar and she commanded the instrument her fingers ran fluently on the strings…..
And then she dropped her curtains imagining bihaan…to overcome her stuttering…..and she began….being confident…

Baho me teri ake lga mera safar to yhi tk h,
Tumse shuru tum pe hi khtm meri khaani tum hi tk h,
Dil ko jo de rahat si tujh me hai vo khamoshi,
Sau br talash lia khud ko kuch tere siva na mila mujhko,
Saanso se rishta todti hu tum se tod na paongi,
Mai fir b tumko chahungi(2),
Is chahat me mr jaongi
Mai fir b tumko chahungi…

Lights turned on and thapki too turned around…bihaan was mesmerised by her beauty nd mainly he was surprised hearing her melancholy voice…he cud feel the gloom in it & the pangs of cheat she was experiencing bihaan cud feel his eyes dampening hearing her and he sneakingly controlled and wiped the water before leaking,
Thapki came down and neared him finally reaching close to him just 2 steps away..she allowed her tears to fall ,

Ankhe khule to mai dekhu tujhe,sirf yhi farmaish h,
Phli to mujhko yad nhi tu meri akhri khvaish h ,
Shloon mai ab teri kami mujhse ye hoga hi nhi tum aise mujh me shamil ho tum jan meri tum hi dil ho,
Shyd mai bhula doon khud ko bhi par tumko bhul na paongi,
Mai fir b tumko chahungi (2),
Is chahat me mr jaongi,
Mai fir bhi tumko chahugi…
Ha….aaaan haaa……..n…

Bihaan felt his hrt aching seeing her eyes flowing…..he balled his fists clutching to his trousers and prohibiting himself from clearing her face…. and she simply smiled at him….
She composed herself…and wiped her face with a tissue hiding her pain from everyone else and wore a counterfiet smile…she held his collars and muttered ,
Thapki : bihaan…mai fir b ttumko chahungi….i mean it mr bihaan ppandey…and then she goggeled him

Bihaan looked on without replying ,
Thapki cud feel her eyes again yearning to rain….but she dint authorized them and went towards stage when lights again turned off…and she was cemented at her place bcz a strong grip surrounded her feeble wrist….
Thapki recognised the touch and the voice too….and she was stupefied…with the new development,

Tum mere ho is pal mere ho
Kal shyd ye alam na rhe ,

He moved ahead and placed his palms on her shldrs and rested his chin in the crook of her neck nd continued,

Kuch aisa ho tum tum na raho
Kuch aisa ho hm hm na rhe,
Ye raste alag ho jae chlte chlte hm
Kho jaeeeeeeen…

Mai fir b tumko chahunga (4)
Is chahat me mar jaunga
Mai fir bhi tumko chahunga ,

Thapki respired rapidly with this closeness…and she detached herself and ran forward but before she cud escape bihaan held her wrist and pushed her on him & lifted her without breaking the intense eye contact and he carried her to the stage and kept her down….lightly…and then encircled her waist and pulled her closer her face landed on his chest and she still breathing unevenly and her hrt throbbing against her cage…lifted her glossy face which had a sheen due to tears.. sparkled even more in the dim lights….bihaan gently stroked her cheeks and she shut her eyes feeling his touch…and he smirked…she slowly opened her eyes to look into his and then the pain which stared back at her with addition of hatred shattered her dream world again breaking her hrt into fractions seeing his condition….. and she wondered what’s brewing in his evilish head…? But for now she wanted to dive into ecstasy that his touch gave….and she neglected everything…..currently…and went with the flow….
Dhruv all this while kept on drinking…to overcome the pain of defeat…and loosing a night with thapki….he glared them as if he’ll slaughter them then & there….
Piu & sahir were in another zone…piu’s gaze glued to her mother…worrying for her condition on the contrary sahir ‘s eyes adhered to piu….he imagined himself with piu…in the place of thahaan…and a curve kissed the corner of his plumpy lips…

Bihaan continued diverting everyone’s attention back to him,

Meri jaan me har khamoshi h ,
Tere pyar k nagme gaunga..
Mai fir b tumko chahunga (2)
Is chahat me mr jaonga ,
Mai fir b tumko chahunga…

He then twirled thapki….and then again held her from her waist….he wiped away the remanants of water situated below her lowerlashline…and made her keep her palm on his masculine shoulders…and held her another small one in his big one & then swayed with the beat….humming the song,

Aise zruri ho mujhko tum ,
Jaise hawayein saanso ko ,
Aise talashu mai tumko
Jaise k per zameeno ko…
Hasnaaaaaa ya rona ho mujhe,
Pagal sa dhundhu mai tumhe ,
Kal mujhse mohabbat ho na ho ,
Kal mujhko ijazat ho na ho…
Tute dil k tukde lekr….

This tym his eyes too brimmed up and were afraid to flow down…and thapki squeezed his palm and his eyes relaxed and a drop trickled down but before it cud fall thapki pecked it from his subtle cheeks…
And bihaan looked at her blankly stabbing her coz she wanted to see love in his eyes a bit…but not finding it she sunked into gloom and then a curve appeared on her face when she again looked in his eyes…this tym there was a hope which took birth in thapki coz he looked at her with a bit of love assuring her she acknowledged the fact that…this love is clouded by pain and hatred and yes one of the main ingredients misunderstandings…..

Tere dar pe hi reh jaunga…
Mai fir bhi tumko chahunga (2) ,
Is chahat me mar jaounga ,
Mai fir b tumko chahunga ,

Thapki too joined in the song and hugged him as she sang provoking dhruv more ,

Tum yu mile ho jb se mujhe,
Or sunhri mai lagti hu ,
Sirf labon se nhi ab to,
Pure badan se hasti hu ,

She smiled at bihaan at her part as a sign of reassurance that she love him & will never leave him ,

She spinned around him & then stopped hugging him from back ,

Mere din rat salone se,
Sb h tere hi hone se ,

Before singing the next line she tightened her eyes as if she means it…and then gazed in his eyes…making him realise that yes she means it….and the tears yet again trickeling down were proof ,

Ye sath hmesha hoga nhi,
Tum or khi mai or khi ,

And she rushed from the place but bihaan blocked her way and embraced her tightly as a unknown fear clouded his pumping organ he says that he hates her & wants her to leave him but listening the same thing from her gave him gossebumps and rise to a pain….and he tightened his grip more choking her & their tears ran down simultaneously ,

Lekin jb yad kroge tum ,
Mai bnke hawa aa jaonga ,
Mai fir b tumko chahunga (2)
Is chahat me mar jaonga
Mai fir bhi tumko chahunga…

Mai fir b tumko mai fir b tumko chahunga mai fir b tumko chahunga mai fir b tumko chahungaaaaaaa……

The lights pointed on them again making them realise where they were and bihaan suddenly jerked himself away from her…and thapki smirked at his gesture and wiped her face and bihaan reciprocated the action , they sat on the chair made for them ,

Thapki smiled at everyone standing there on the stage & then slipped her forearm beneath his armature and then gripped it..firmly showcasing her authority..that this man belongs to her… and the sacred mangalsutra and vermillion in her hair partition were the proof ,

Bihaan (murmuring) : dnt think something else i sang that coz i dnt wanted u to make ppl think that i forced u for this marriage and u being a mahan atma still love me which ik u dont…
Thapki : ohhhh…that’s y u sang soo foolish of me knw ? I dint understood iit…& felt u llove me….

Thapki then grabbed the mike and began ,
Thapki : tysm to one & aall present here for being a part oof our rreception…at such a short nnotice..well i & mr bihaan pandey just want u all to shower ur blessings on us..coz we both wants to begin our journey ttogether as a cpl..that too hhappily married…
Bihaan looked here & there showing disrespect to her speech…but that dint bothered her but it bothered him himself…her ignorance…

Thapki : nd today my husband just surprised me…i mean he lloves me this much m astounded….bihaan that surprise ahhh it was so cute bbut bbaby trust me such things dnt matter to me….for me if something matters that’s u… nd i llove u… but still ur gift means alot to me and u pursued me so much to accept it sso i m accepting it… bbut i want u to do that in here in front of everyone in oour reception…
And she smiled at bihaan ,
Bihaan dragged thapki to a corner ,
Bihaan : ab ye kya naya tamasha h madam ? Nd can u tell me which blo*dy surprise u r talking abt….
Thapki : bihaan…ccalm down and come na i’ll tell u there…..itself..
She pulled him with her to the stage…
Thapki : sry actually mmy husband was being a bit shy…ohk sso i was telling u regarding the surprise just wait a sec…i’ll be back….

Thapki came back hiding something behind her back and reaching to the pedestal she presented the surprise it was property papers…..
Thapki : ohk sso my dear husband has decided to transfer all his property including his house offices…etc under my name….
Bihaan was paralysed for a moment hearing her words while vasu smiled…to herself..blessing thapki…
This was a biggest shock for preeti & ashwin…who just entered the party…
Bihaan whispered to thapki ,
Bihaan : i wont give u a single penny is that clear ? Miss chaturvedi…just stop ut blo*dy drama right now…
Media too arrived at the venue and fired questions on bihaan ,
Reporter 1 : sir , u married miss thapki chaturvedi all of sudden secretly so when did u realised ur feelings for her ?
Bihaan : ahh!! I…i..vo…i
Thapki : stop blushing..we mmet at a temple….nd it wwas a love at first sight…right bihaan ?
Bihaan nodded wearing a synthetic smile ,
Reporter 2 : sir u r giving her all the property i mean do u love her this much…i mean its commendable we all r waiting for the moment when u will sign the papers….
Ashwin and preeti looked at each other fumingly and were almost on the verge of crying…
Bihaan(to himself) : godddd….i wont sign this….

Hello all ik i m late but what to do bizy these days actually my czn ‘s wedding is around the corner so is my 2nd prebrd…m bizy…these days a bigg sry….
If u all liked it then do vote and if loved it then do comment…
Love u all ???
Nxt update dnt knw when it will come….

Sionara..will meet in next part…
Credits ~ SIMRAN….

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    Simi Didi as usual you rocking..
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