you & me : part 28

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Thapki lied there on the floor all still…her headache almost butchering her…..she soughed as the stinging pain vanquished her and dominated her enervated stature….she cud sense her brain to blast any tym…….she almost shrieked… soon as thapki’s voice after  travelling a long dist reached its destination Bihaan hastened inside & seeing her like that absorbed him in the twinge of penetence…his soul was filled with pain and rue….thapki slowly became half conscious….which concerned bihaan….he lifted her in his arms….& made her body rest on bed….thapki with her half open eyes gazed at him….she spoke in a muffled voice…
Thapki : l..leave m..e dnt touch me….u r bad….no u r w..worse….u..cheated oon me….i..hate…u
She balled her hands into small fists & did invane efforts of hitting him,
Bihaan (roaring) : shut up….!!!
Thapki was horror-stuck, bihaan’s cheesed off face….was a aghastly sight to afright her….
Bihaan : cool !! Now…obidiently place a finger on ur lips….shush urself comeon….uk what can i do….
Thapki threw daggers at him….through her perfectly shaped halfopen eyes….
Bihaan placed her gingerly on bed and he was abt to stand upright…..when thapki clutched his t-shirt…..
Thapki (muttering under her breath ): bbihaan…..

She spoke pouring all her emotions in his name….bihaan cud sense his eyes melting…he looked at her innocent & heavenly visage having traces of her sufferings….her eyes mirror of her hrt….
Bihaan sat there next to her holding her tender palm in his brawny one ,
Bihaan gently tucked her flicts behind her ear and pecked her forehead….he stayed there close to her face….she too tried to be awake….& drowned in his tiny eyes….bihaan stroked her cheeks…& then pecked her both velevety cheeks….he kissed her tears…& wiped them through his lips thapki cud feel her lips carving a painful smile….she provided  her palms with a license to wander on his chest….she slowly sliped her palms from under his armpits….to his back & she pulled him closer now bihaan was almost over her there was just a finger gap b/w their  shivering & cold lips….thapki roamed her hands in his hair…and bihaan held her firmly around her waist….thapki bited his earlobe….bihaan moaned in plsr…and thapki chuckled sarcastically near his ear…..
Bihaan kissed her earlobe and then drawing circles on her waist whispered in her left ear ,
Bihaan : y r u laughing mrs thapki bihaan pandey ?
Thapki : c..coz u will spend this night with me….& then u’ll isolate me…llike others u just want my…body llike dhruv….u r also a beast….u all mmen are same….nd once u had s*x with me u will dump mme….? Right ?…m aall urs bihaan pandey aall urs….u can use me and then throw me…i wwont complaint coz ik if i ddoes u ‘ll make me ddo something even worse like this marriage of oours…..m such a ccoward….i guess m a sl*t….ffor u mr bihaan pandey not only ffor u for that dhruv pandey too…only mmy kabir loved me….
Thapki broke down….now she was not left with anything to say she surrended herself to bihaan…she silently sobbed but her words were enough to shatter bihaan…his own wife called herself somethin’ which he cnt even think in his wildest of dreams….his brain was numb similar to his hrt….the so called b for brave b for bihaan’s hrt was assasinated rt now by his wife….her confession was hrt wrenching….bihaan was now boled….he dint knew how to react…only his eyes behaved the way it wanted to without listening to his orders…..he jerkingly pulled back his hands from under her waist & went out from the room his hrt was bleeding rt now….he shut himself inside store room & knealt down….bihaan was broken from inside her pain broke him…..but this was the only way he cud take his revenge….he was helpless…for him no one mattered over her mother….but he was confused y thapki affects him this much….bihaan lied down sobbing….like a 2 yr old kid separated from his mother….he closed his eyes and the golden moments he had with her hitted him hard…..
Their dance performance when they met in hotel…

When thapki fell and he catched her on karvachauth preventing her from falling,

When she was arrested the hug they shared ,

Bihaan opened his eyes & reality kissed him , he was adhered to the hard floor…..and closed his eyes again….and this tym thapki ‘s face which was displayed before him was….

Bihaan opened his eyes again….he was pricked..pricked hard  and acknowledging the harsh factuality that he ‘s resp. For all these things killed him from inside….

Bihaan’s room,
Thapki was now left alone in room & all the incidents were relived by her brain it recalled everything how bihaan cheated on her how she was forced to marry him….

9 hrs ago ,
Thapki was home from jail…..each & every member of pandey family was taken by a shock they all were rocked…except sahir….sahir was quite sure that something’s brewing in bihaan’s head….so he was still calm….
Piu ‘s anger was fueled having thapki in front of her….coz she loathed criminals from bottom of her hrt & she was among them….so was bihaan….she headed towards her to slap her when her wrist was held in a rough & comparitively bigger hand than hers….she was stupefied recognisisng the person to b dhruv ….
Dhruv : dnt u dare touch her….& its ma’s orders that no one will utter a single word…against thapki also this is to inform u all that today itself i m getting married to her….
Everyone was again knocked for a loop,
Piu : wth !! How can u ? I mean u r so lusty that u r marrying this girl ? Like srsly…bhai this is not done…..i wasnt expecting this from u…..
Bihaan looked at thapki & thapki at him , bihaan winked at her & she nodded…..thapki neared dhruv and she stood beside him dhruv gave her a what do u want look , and she smiled at him that too lovingly all the pandeys this tym sahir too….gave each other wierd looks….thapki made her next move she grabbed dhruv’s hand and held it tightly…..smiling again warmly at him…..dhruv was now astounded….he looked at her strangely & almost gaped at her but his hrt overflowed with joy…it almost jumped….
Thapki : dhruv idc…aabt anything jjust marry me…pplz….
Dhruv (cupping her face) : thapki u…u love me i mean i cnt blv this i knew one day this will happen when u will fall for me…a..and see it did i just love u u like hell….
He embraced her….and faked tears..
Bihaan was provoked his blood t
boiled….he fisted his hands and punched the table….thud…
Thapki (heaving a sigh & pushing dhruv) : hah !! W..what r u ddoing mr bihaan this isnt ur house tthat u can break things in here just gl…ffrom here rt now….
Bihaan : thapki i love u nd u r doing this with me ?
Sahir was confused he tried to comprehend but failed that too miserably….
Bihaan : fine thapki m going..but this is not fare…
Bihaan rushed out of pandey nivaas and before stepping out he turned around and smirked at thapki..she reciprocated the gesture…sahir observed them heedfully….
Sahir : thapki r u sure regarding this sudden decision of urs ?
Thapki : u bbtr dnt interfare iin fact none of u nneed to…
Dhruv : exactly…..(he again tried to encircle her and was almost close to it when thapki shouted )
Thapki : noooooooo !!
Dhruv : why ? What happened darl.
Thapki : vo ac..actyally dhruv its just that i m exhausted…m zonked… i just wanna have some rest i mmean then all the relatives aand guests will flood in…& my beautitionist will b here in 1 hr….and i hhave to b ur bride…ddnt u want me to look like a queen….
Dhruv : yeah absolutely thapki u go and take rest sweethrt…& u all start getting ready i want everyone there its biggest day for me and my thapki…plz…
Thapki hastened upstairs….
Thapki’s room,
Thapki entered in and lied down on bed sahir followed her and entered in too ,
Sahir : what the hell u r upto ?
Thapki : wwhat ?
Sahir : u r marrying him ?
Thapki : yup !!
Sahir : this isnt done…thapki…u r sneaking things ffrom me….u and ur way is mystical…
Thapki : ssahir if u dnt mind plz get lost i wwill b highly obliged….
Sahir : hopeless….
Sahir went out without saying a word…& thapki leashed the door…..
She recalled what bihaan told her ,

Fb, jail,
Bihaan : thapki i ‘ll bail u out but on one condition  that u will do what i ‘ll ask u and thats for ur own betterment rest is ur choice….
Thapki : u r so mmean…i m just wwordless….how can u be so selfcentered man….u rr putting up conditions for bbailing me….its basically uu r taking aadvantage right?
Bihaan : u r taking me wrong thapki i love u nd i just want u to stay safe dhruv isnt right for u thapki….try n understnd staying here is much better than staying with him….see thapki i want to b yr shield i want to protect u that’s it….
Thapki : m..m ssry i was pissed off….nd i vented my aanger on u…m sry…
Bihaan (cupping her face) : its fine sweethrt i love u ……u r my responsibility….
Thapki : what do i have to ddo i ‘ll do anything but i wont marry him….
Bihaan : ohk so plan is simple we r going pn from here and u have to just act that u r happy from this marriage nd u love dhruv…and then before vows we’ll run away….
Thapki : we ?
Bihaan : i mean u….not us…ohk now is it fine…i can stay away from u….to see u happy….
Thapki ‘s eyes welled up and she hugged bihaan….bihaan caressed her hair….

Present time,
Thapki was bizy thinking abt him and bihaan entered in room by the means of window…
Thapki was smiling to herself….wondering abt her freedom…bihaan slowly embraced her in an intimate hug from behind….
Thapki opened her eyes joltly….
Thapki : huh !! Thank ggod its u i thought it was ssomeone else……
Bihaan : what do u mean by someone else ? (Irked)
Thapki : nothing….(giggeling)
Bihaan broke the hug, although he was faking it but rt now his emotions were real which he was denying,
Bihaan (facing her) : whom were u expecting ?
Thapki : aare nhi…vo u ccame all of sudden so i was just afraid that’s it….nothing much….
Bihaan : u r a cheater….traitor…
Thapki : no m not….ssrsly m not lyng…
Bihaan : are chill i was jk….btw i swear on u if that dhruv again touched u i’ll kill him he’s f**kin’ moron…how dare he touched u ? 
Thapki : hey !! Calm down….wwell i think u shud leave….i mean my beautitionist will b here any tym.
Bihaan : yeah ! Btw i came to inform u that i have booked ur tickets for new york that’s my fav place where i want to go with my wife…
Thapki : oh !!
Bihaan : so…u ready ?
Thapki : yeah !! M thankful to u i mmean i dnt have wwords to express my ggratitude to u…
Bihaan : thapki today u’ll leave forever…i mean we wont meat again now only fate will decide….so
If u love me too…then plz confess…i cnt live without u…but plz…do confess…if u do..i beg u…is se phle bhot der ho jae…ek br soch lo….(before its too late think once )
A lone tear escaped bihaan’s eyes as he spoke…and….as he started moving…away thapki felt her hrt shrinking…her hrtbeat raised unevenly….she looked at his retreating fig and all the time all the memories they made she relived in that very moment….this was it.. when she realised that she cnt live without him…
Thapki : bihaan…ppause and remember its never too late to bbegin again, forgive ssomeone , to dream tto meet someone , oor to love someone…its never too late just a matter of chance…
Bihaan (astonished) : ye to…i mean i told u this when we met in hotel…(its in one of my parts give love a secnd chance if u want u can refer it )
Thapki : so can i get that chance ? Plz….
Bihaan : what do u mean ?
Thapki :  moti bhudhi (thick headed)
(Chuckling) i have just realised that i have fallen for u…sso mr b for bihaan pandey this miss thapki cchaturvedi has turned ccrazy and insane in ur llove….i m madly in love with u….”I LOVE U” will u marry mme ?
Bihaan : what…i..i..i love u….i just love u….
Bihaan almost choked her in his arms.
Thapki too snugled against his chest….
Thapki : acha baba !! Now u leave….nd text me the changes in plan…
Bihaan : i dnt want to go….
Thapki : jjust few hrs then we’ll marry each other…..nd then they stayed happily ever after
Bihaan : acha thike bye….going but not to part but to b one…
Thapki heard someone on the door and she panicked….and suddenly bihaan pecked her cheek…and she was left bewildered…she turned around and threw an angry yet cute glance at him she pushed him down the window….and he left…..
Thapki opened the door and was welcomed by her beautitionist….
Thapki : heya !!
Btnst : hey !! So u freshen up !! U have to become a bride it will take tym…ohk ?
Thapki nodded.

Pn as usual was decorated like a newly wed bride….everyone was dressed up be it dhruv , sahir  , piu or shradha but 2 for still taking time the groom b for bihaan pandey and his bride thapki…..

Piu wore a btfl black, red & blue lehanga…..she applied very light make up….she left her hair loose…

Sahir wore a white sherwani…

Shradha looked stunning and mouthdropping in a btfl floral printed long skirt with a dark blue crop top her nose ring complemented her face…

Raj & sheena were dressed up too…amazingly

Sahir keenly waited for bihaan….he called him up several times but he dint answered any of the calls. Worrying him….sahir was done with all the preparations the only thing he waited for was bihaan..
Bihaan enterd the venue breaking the strict security…he was disguised as a woman….he passed by sahir…& sahir noticed the awkward lady & was suspicious of it…..

Thapki’s room,
Thapki was ready for her special evening as a bride she slayed in a golden and red lehanga the studded jewells enhanced her beauty…she blushed as the beautitionist covered her head with the  chunri…the symbol of bride…..

When she was perfectly dressed up shradha entered in and was mesmerised she almost screamed…
Shradha : wooooooowww !! Thapki is that u i cnt blv my eyes….u look jawdropping tantalising amazing…
Thapki flushed strongly…and smiled looking down thinking how bihaan will react….

Thapki then questioned shradha regarding piu….
Thapki : piu dint come tto see me ?
Shradha : uk her right she wont come….
Bihaan (disguised as lady with a veiled face and speaking in fake voice) : hello g !! Myself manju g m fine u tell how do u do ?
Thapki : g hello but wwho u r ?
Shradha : exactly…
Bihaan : areee….m here to b with bride all the time if she needs anything i’ll help her….vese everyone ‘s waiting downstairs shall we….
Thapki felt something strange as if bihaan was near her…and when bihaan touched her she was sure abt it….
Thapki : rr u sure u r manju ?
Bihaan : oo..fcou..rse…
Shradha :thapki chalo jldi….
Bihaan : ha plz…
Thapki : shradha i ‘ll b down in 5 mins u go na…
Shradha  : r u insane…u r bride…i have to take u along with me u cnt come alone…
Thapki placed her hand on bihaan’s shoulder ,
Thapki : manju aunty is here with me…dnt wry…uu go na i’ll ccome with her…
Bihaan : ya ya !! I’ll bring her….
Shradha : fine but hurry up !!
Thapki :yeah
As soon as shradha left thapki closed the door….and faced bihaan folding her arms….close to her chest…
Bihaan : what happened beta ?
Thapki : aaunty g shud i remove this veil or will u do the honours…
Bihaan : n..nhi i i mean beta….this is the tradition of my family i m forbidden to do that…
Thapki : but m not…wait i ‘ll do it….
Bihaan closed his eyes…tightly and when he opened it the crystal clear..light welcomed him he was no more in the darkness….
Thapki : so…mmr b for bihaan pandey i was prty sure that this will b u….i recognise ur touch so well….so mmany times we have hugged kissed…n all
Bihaan (naughty glint ) : acha g !!
reality dawned on thapki as she realised what she spitted out…
Thapki : v..vo i…i…i mea..n t..that…….
Bihaan pulled her on him ,
Bihaan : u r the most btfl bride i have come across nd m so fortunate that…that this btfl creation of god….has been done for me….thapki we’ll b together forever till the end…till eternity in fact beyond it ur & my love is so very pure that it’s immortal….
Thapki : i …love u bihaan…
Bihaan : i love u 2…
Bihaan pecked her right cheek…& he let his hands roam on her bare belly….thapki moaned as plsr overpowered her mind…& soul…
Thapki : b..bihaan !! Stop this nonsense…nd take me down….bihaan i wwont marry hhim nd ik u might hhave planned something to stop this wedding….

Present time ,
Thapki was dragged back to present time as a drunken bihaan staggering stepped in room , she looked at him but her body was badly tired and she dint stood up….just gazed at semiconscious bihaan…..nd she was like wtf….
Thapki finally decided against her body she stood up & helped bihaan she cautiously made him to ly at the bed….she was returning to her side when a strong grip prohibitted her to do so…she looked back at her husband…and sighed pityingly….
Thapki : god !! I cnt hhlp it.
Bihaan : never leave me plz….

To b continued…

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