You have to come back for me, for us, for our… Part 6

You have to come back for me, for us, for our…~6

Doctor: Congratulations, he is out of danger and coma too, he will regain his consciousness in some time. But Haan he is fine but still weak so I will suggest you to keep his proper care and also he needs a proper bed rest for almost a week.

Riddhima: Can we meet him!

Doctor: Yes but just one at one time and please don’t give him any type of pressure.

Doctor said and went from there while a smile drew on the faces of the whole family as they thanked Bappa for sending him back in there life. But between them the one who was most happiest was none other than riddhima who was standing in corner with a small smile on her face and tears of joy in her eyes.

How much she waited for this moment, how much she waited to listen her name from his deep voice, how much she wanted to listen that three magical words from him but now her wait was over, her love was back, her vansh was back.

Ishani: Dadi I think you should meet bhai first.

Dadi: No Ishani before me the one who has right to meet him is the one who waited for him more than us, who cried for him more than us, who prayed for him more than us, who loved him more than us.

She said and walked towards Riddhima taking her hand in hers she smiled cleaning her tears.

Dadi: It’s you riddhima who have the first right to meet him, go baccha and meet your love.

She said while riddhima smiled at her and took her blessing by touching her feet and literally ran towards the ward where vansh was admitted. Opening the door she looked at Vansh’s sleeping figure and smiled.

She walked towards him and took his hand in hers. She bent down a bit and kissed him on his forehead whereas a small smile crept on his face.

Riddhima caressed his face and was about to go from there but before she can do that she was stopped by Vansh as he encircled his hand on her wrist and pulled her back softly causing her to fell on his well built chest and they shared an eyelock pouring all there emotions in it.

Suddenly he started coughing badly, she panicked and started rubbing his back, she looked at her surroundings and took a glass full of water from the side table and made him drink.

Riddhima couldn’t control more and burst into tears and cried her heart out on his chest while he finally was there to console her and started rubbing her back softly and Whispered some soothing words in her ears until her cries was turned into hiccups.

Riddhima: I’m sorry vansh, because of me you were in this condition. I’m sorry…

Vansh: Shhh…. sweetheart bhulo mat tumhara pati Kon hai. Main aaj bhi Vansh Raisinghania hi hun Meri maut bhi mujhse puch ke mere paas aati hai kisi tooche insaan ki chali goli ko izazt nhi ki meri jaan le sake, so chill my love.

She smiled seeing his attitude as same as before and hugged him tightly.

Riddhima: You will never change Vansh.

She said and chuckled.

Vansh: Never I’m not gonna change my attitude. Vese you tell me how’s my princess doing?

He asked caressing her belly softly while she pouted.

Riddhima: How are you so confident that it will be a princess, it can be a prince also my prince, mummy’s boy.

She said while vansh laughed.

Vansh: Well sweetheart why not we ask our baby only is she a daddy’s princess or he is mummy’s boy. So baby tell your mummy that you are your daddy’s princess.

He said while Riddhima frowned as actually baby kicked in her womb telling them that she is a girl daddy’s princess. Riddhima with her tiny hands pushed vansh while he winced in pain.

Riddhima: I’m sorry.

She apologized while rubbing his chest softly.

Vansh: I love you!!

He confessed pulling her closer while she smiled with tears in her eyes.

Riddhima: I love you too vanshu.

She also confessed her love for him and hugged him tightly.

To be continued….

Precap: . A family get together. Riansh kaa romance.

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