You Complete Me (Ishra, Rivanya, Abhigya) (Epi-4)

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for those who have not read the previous epis here is the link

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Ishita was walking alone in the middle of the night , her car was damaged  , she looked at her watch , it showed 11:30 ,  she thought , she saw a car come that way , she  waved at it

Suddenly somebody pulled her , she lost balance and fell on that person ,

Dil kahin rukta nahi
Dil kahin rukta nahi,
Chalta hi jaaye teri ore
Dil meri sunta nahi (bg)

Ishita looked at the person angrily , it was actually raman . raman-ishita shared a eyelock ,

Ishita : kar kya rahe the ap ?

Raman : what  were you doing ?

Ishita : how does it matter to you ? anyways it was you who pulled me ?

Raman : pulled you ? i saved you , you should live life not try to die, never ever try to kill yourself

Ishita : what  ? suicide ? me ? i am the happiest person in this whole world , i can never do that..

Raman : oh then fine , i am going …

Ishita : stop

Raman : what happened ?

Ishita  : thank you , even though i did not try to die ,  you jumped in to save me , that needs a big heart

Raman : thats absolutely fine , i understand the importance of life and the harms that a suicide can cause

Raman went . ishita looked at him as he went

Shivanya was walking silently on the road ,  her best friend who had promised to drop her was nowhere  to be seen . she looked back and saw a man fully drunk following her , she got shocked , what was she going to do , she looked back again  and instantly she recognized that man . he was her best friend’s  ex boyfriend , she had once slapped him when he had tried to misbehave with her best friend , never had she thought  , one day he would follow her like this . she walked fast . suddenly the man came running and held her hand tightly .

Shivanya  : you idiot , leave me coward , you cheated  my friend and now you are misbehaving with me . she kicked him , suddenly she saw some more men join him and follow   her , she tried to run fast , she saw a car come , she waved at the car . the car stopped , ritik came out from the car . shivanya did not see who it was , from her childhood , she had been protected by her elder  sister and brother  , so she was so frightened in such a situation  .

she hugged him tightly

. he put an protective arm around her . he gently  pushed her aside and fought with the men bravely , shivanya could not see somebody fighting for her , she fainted due to fear . ritik came back after fighting and saw shivanya lying there , he brought a water bottle from his car , he splashed some water on her face .

shivanya woke up and started crying

, ritik did not know  what to do .

he asked : why are you  crying shivanya , they are gone see .

shivanya hugged him tightly ,

she felt protected being with him .it was love at first sight for her

shivanya moved back as she realised she was  actually hugging ritik

ritik : are you fine ?

shivanya : i am fine….but you hand is bleeding , she ran to find a first aid box

ritik laughed : actually i dont have a first aid kit  in my car

shivanya : you idiot , who does not keep a first aid kit

ritik was surprised , shivanya was actually scolding him .

shivanya : baito gadi mein

ritik silently obeyed

shivanya tore a piece of cloth from her dupatta and tied it  in his bleeding hand .

ritik looked at shivanya , they shared a sweet eyelock .

ritik : i will drop you home

shivanya sat near him as he drove

to be continued…


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  1. Jasminerahul

    ishra meeting was beautiful. Raman misunderstood that ishita was trying for suicide.funny.ishita thanking him for saving her life was nice.wonder whether something happened in past bcz of which raman is saying about knowing the after effects of suicide. song in the bg was nice.but why no ishra pic?Shivanya being followed by that dirty guy.oh.Shivanya hugging ritik in fear..ritik fighting with them n their emotional hug…Shivanya tearing her duppatta n tying cloth piece around his wound was lovely .nice pics

  2. Superb dear…..loved it…….rivanya part was just heart stoling………keep it up.

  3. B_Ani

    awesome buddy… sorry fr the late comment

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