You Complete Me (Ishra, Rivanya, Abhigya) (Epi-6)

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Ishita was going out when suddenly abhi stopped her

Abhi :  ishita….you helped dadi before , now you will help me , now i will take you with me to meet the girl and you will tell that girl that i already love somebody else

Ishita : ok ok i will come with you , just for you i am lying  and i still have the guilt that i cancelled your appointments without your permission

Shivanya : i am getting late for my recording , you guys handle this yourself .

Abhi : your recording was scheduled in evening right?

Shivanya : yes i pre-poned it as i have some important work in the evening

Abhi : ok fine we also will leave now , chalo ishita

Abhi and ishita left together . shivanya went for her recording

Abhi stepped down and saw the cafe . dadi had said that the girl was wearing a green dress and would be sitting in the second table .

Abhi : come ishita , lets wait.

Ishita and abhi waited .

Abhi : why are we waiting here for so much of time

Ishita :she’s here abhi , at least look at her and talk to her , i will lie to her that you are in love with somebody else

Abhi looked back , he was stunned to see pragya

Pragya turned around and searched for abhi

Abhi turned away , he could not believe his eyes

Ishita got up , she waved at her . pragya smiled seeing her

Pragya came . abhi was stunned and surprised that the girl was actually her . pragya was equally surprised .

Ishita got ready to speak her part  in this pre planned drama

Ishita :  sorry….but

Abhi cut in : sorry for coming early

Ishita looked at him in disbelief .

Pragya :why are you saying sorry actually i am sorry for coming late

Abhi : so never expected you here

Pragya : i too never expected you here

Ishita : you know each other already ?

Abhi : but how do you know me ?

Pragya : and how do you know me ?

Ishita : you both talk i will wait there in the next table

Pragya : ishita could you please call my brother who is waiting in the car , actually i had told him not to come as i was ready with an excuse to cancel and stop this whole meeting plan pragya blurted out

Ishita smiled at abhi

Abhi : now you wont do that is it ?

Pragya blushed

ishita smiled looking at them

Pragya : its the white car thats waiting just outside

Ishita went

.pragya : so what do you think about all this

Abhi : i think its wonderful

Pragya smiled

Abhi : i mean….

Pragya : lets order something

Ishita saw raman in the car, she was surprised

to be continued….

i am posting 2 more parts after this , do read and comment on them .

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  1. Jasminerahul

    abhi wants ishita to help him to cancel the wedding.but seeing pragya he stopped ishita from doing was so cute.abhigya surprised to see each other was so sweet. liked them talking.ishita saw raman perfect pics .they showed the expressions perfectly

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