You Complete Me (Ishra, Rivanya, Abhigya) (Epi-2)

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A beautiful girl was getting ready in a beautiful pink saree . she looked at herself in the mirror and said , you look perfect

“my pragya looks even more beautiful when she smiles”

Pragya turned back to find her mother

She  hugged her mother : ma ritik bhai delhi se vapas a gaye

Mrs.bhalla : ritik , yes he just came ,you were sleeping then

A handsome man in his late twenties entered the  room , he looked at pragya and said : what is this , whats so special that you are getting ready so early , that too with contact lens and saree , you hate sarees

Pragya : some government officials are coming to our school , i need to talk to them and  they may check the details and do queries about our schools

The man laughed

Pragya : raman bhai why are you laughing ?

Raman : no no ,  you yourself  are like a small child , i wonder how you manage so many schools

Mrs.bhalla : raman , already she is tensed and you are making her even more tensed

Raman hugged pragya , he said : you will do really well , dont worry

Pragya smiled : so i am leaving  , bye ma , bye bhai , tell ritik bhai that i left

That night

Pragya wanted to buy a gift for ritik as his birthday was approaching  , she went and bought a beautiful watch . And was coming to her car when she saw a cute puppy running in the middle of the road

. she was shocked to see a car fast approaching . she went and took the puppy in her arms and protected it . the car that  stopped right in front of her.

It was abhi inside the car . abhi looked at her from inside . she was relieved and held the puppy tightly . she slowly looked up and silently went aside .

Abhi had fallen in  love unknowingly with her innocent eyes , he could not drive , in these days when people take videos of dying people , pragya’s move surprised abhi

Pragya took that puppy home

Mrs.bhalla : pragya , kya hai yeh , i am  afraid of dogs

Pragya : ma pls pls , yeh puppy kitna cute hai dekho and brought it near mrs.bhalla

Mrs bhalla hid behind raman , pragya laughed

Ritik : ma please , pragya  keh rahi hai , puppy wont come inside the house , i will take care of that

Mrs.bhalla :  as ritik said , if this comes inside , i will go out and you will only take care of it

Pragya : ok ma , now atleast say ok

Abhi went home , dadi was sitting there  glaring at him

Dadi : where is ishita ?

Abhi : how do i know ?

Ishita entered holding her ears .  dadi forgot to tell you i will be late , sorry

Dadi : all this should be put to an end

Ishita : how can you put this to an end , sometimes i get more appointments

dadi : i know all that……i am talking about something else , now it time for you both to get married

after hearing about marriage the first thought that came in abhi’s mind was pragya , he wanted a girl just like her , so caring and innocent

ishita : but…

dadi :let me finish , i wanted you both to get settled professionally , you both are done with it and i  have no  problem if you find somebody on your own , i will also search for a perfect bride and a groom for both of you . i have trust in ishita , you cant be trusted at all , that day also you brought  a funny girl telling that she was your girlfriend , if at all you find somebody make sure that the person is suitable for you

ishita laughed at abhi silently

abhi glared at her

precap : ishita-raman meet . abhi thinks of pragya . dadi gets a marriage proposal for abhi



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  1. Jasminerahul

    So happy that u updated it.I really missed ur ffs yesterday.

    Pragya dressed in saree n contact beautiful.perfect pic.liked raman Pragya scene.pragya saving the puppy n abhi getting impressed by her act was sweet.cute puppy.Mrs.Bhalla’s reaction seeing it was funny.Dadi wants Ishita Abhi to get married n so sweet that Abhi was reminded of pragya.But y dadi said Abhi brought a funny girl as his gf?Who was his gf?

  2. So beautiful

  3. lovely update raman and pragya scene was cute mrs.bhalla is scared of puppies dadi want ishita and abhi to get married dadi was scolding abhi for bringing funny girl and saying she is his GF ishita was laughing on him he glared her that was cute

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