You are only mine- ragsan- part1

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Hi frnds. Welcome to new ragsan ff. M trying different in this. This is all of ur support. Thanku so much to all.

Let’s start

A man was shown standing near the door. He was scared. He was thinking whether to enter in the cabin or not. Soon he heard a noise from inside. He went in. He saw a glass of water fell down. A girl was facing him back. He suddenly went and cleaned that place. Threw it in dustbin and came back to the girl.

Girl: what u did just now.?
Man was silent in fear.
Girl: did u hear wat I asked. (With anger and loudly) answer me.

Man shakes and told.
Man: I cleaned the floor.
Girl: why?
Man: (still in scaring voice) coz u want neatness.
Girl: (in serious tone with little anger and loudly) when u know I want everything perfect then how can u make such a mistake.?
Man: ma’am it was …
Girl: boss. Call me boss.
Man: actually boss by mistake it happened. No loss happened. Just a small mistake.
Girl: I don want ur loss profit explaination. I just asked hw u did mistake?
Man: boss.sorry. bowed his head down.
Girl: mistake is mistake. U r fired. Leave.
Man: boss sorry. Pls. Don fire me for a small mistake.
Girl: just leave.

Man went out. Outside other employees were listening.
They were talking in eachother.
Girl came out. And shouts.
Girl: if ur gossip over then get back to work. Or else all will be fired.

All went to Thier respective places. Girl went inside and sat on chair. Phone rings.
Girl: yes.
Op: boss ur deal.
Girl: take tomorrow’s time.
Again phone rings.
Girl: yes.
Op: Ragini (yes she’s Ragini)y r u not recieving mob?
Rag: I was busy in work mom.
Janki: Ragini atleast talk nicely with ur mom. Always bossy type serious tone.
Rag: mom. Y u called?
Janki: u have not taken ur lunch box.
Rag: I’ll do outside.
Janki: but it’s nt healthy…
Till she completes Ragini kept phone.

Janki to herself: don’t know when this girl will change.

Next day mrng at home

Ragini got ready and came to dining table for breakfast. Already shekhar was sitting there.

She: Ragini. I heard u made a employee out of his job.
Rag: (without looking at him) he was not worth of that job dad.
She: Ragini it’s just a small mistake. Anyone can do sometime.
Rag: (luked at him) i don’t want that anyone in my company. It’s Ragini Sinha company. I rule my company. I don’t need any suggestions. I’ll take my own decisions. My breakfast over. M going. Bye mom.

Jan: shekhar m worried for her.
She: leave on time janki.

Precap: sanskar intro.

Just a small update. If u liked it then I’ll continue. In this Ragini is always serious. Want evry thing perfect. Can’t bear anything against her wish.
Just let me know shall I continue or not?

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