You are only mine- ragsan- part 5

Hello lovely sissy’s. M back with next part.

Ragini was luking something in mob. Sanskar goes to his position.

San: hello guys. Wats up? So lets start..

Rag: stop.

Sanskar stops gulps and luks at her. Ragini luks up. She was staring him. He just looks at her in litle fear thinking wat he did. All were luking at both.

Kar in mind: he’s gone. Deal too.

Rag: u came here to represent ur company. Not to meet ur friends. Behave as a proffesional.

San: sry ma’am.

Rag: boss.

San: sry boss. I’ll keep in mind.

Rag: start now.

He gives his presentation. Everyone’s turn over. Whole time sanskar was thinking abt ragini’s behaviour towards him. He was little scared that if he lost this deal, then he can’t help laksh in getting his job.

Rag: thanku all. After 2 hrs we will Tel with whom we r going to deal.

She left. All left. Only karsan were sitting.

Kar: sanky wat happened.

San: m thinking wat if I lost deal.

Kar: hey. Why ull loose? Ur presentation was good. Really.

San: but at starting she said..

Kar: don’t wry for small things. If ur effort is true then ull succeed. Trust me.

He kept his hand on his shoulder.

San smiles: let’s have lunch. We still have 2 hrs. I heard this company’s canteen is good.

Both went to canteen and had food. Karan went to give bill at counter. There he saw Naina standing. In hurry he gives bill and goes towards Naina. He followed her but in crowd she disappeared.

Kar: again missed.

Here sanskar was waiting for Karan. He feels something strange.he sees all sides but dint find anyone. Karan comes. Both left to presentation hall for knowing result.

PA comes to hall: boss has decided to deal with xyz company. Others may leave. Thanku all for coming here.

Karsan get very happy. Others left from there.
PA: boss told that u have to come with ur senior to sign the deal.

San: can’t we sign now? I’ve brought papers.

PA: sry sir. It’s boss order. She doesn’t change her decision once decided.

San: fine. Tell ur so called BOSS that we’ll b coming tmrw.

PA: sharp sir.

San: ok.

Both left from there. Outside the company.

Kar: u shud b happy. U got the deal. Y r u like this?

San: how much attitude she has. Can’t she come and talk with us?. We r representatives of our company. We too have respect.

Kar: leave bro. They’re rich people. We r middle class. We r happy in this. Let her to do work in her style. Owner meets owner. It’s simple. Main thing is we won.

San : but I dint feel it gud.

Kar: y r u thinking so much. Think that now u can help lucky in his job.

San: ya. U r rite. I shud concentrate in my life rather than this BOSSY lady.

Kar: offo…

San: sry. Come let’s celebrate this.

Both left.


Sanskar’s senior gets happy from deal.

San: sir can I say something?

Sir: say sanskar.

San: sir my bro completed his degree. If u permit can he join for training in our company? Ours is a reputed company. He’ll get experience. And may b he’ll join here only.

Sir: ok. For training no prob. After seeing his performance only I can decide abt his job.

San: happily. Thanku so much sir.

San hugs Kar.
San: m so happy. Finally sir said yes for lucky.

Kar: I had told u. Come now we’ll tell to him.

San: evng we will tell him. Now I’ve to go with sir to Sinha company to sign that deal.

Kar: ok. We’ll meet evng.


@sinha company

Sanskar and his sir was sitting in Ragini’s cabin waiting for her. She comes. Both stands.

Rag: u may sit. I heard much abt xyz company. After seeing presentation I felt ok.

San in mind: just ok? I put so much effort. She’s saying just ok?

Rag: I’ve decided to sign only for some period. If I get satisfied we may continue.

Sir: ok no probs.

Both stands to leave.

Rag: btw there’s a party @ five star hotel to nite. U r invited.

Sir: thanku so much.

Rag luks at sanskar: u too invited.

San: thanku. I’ll come.

Both left. While going sanskar luks back at Ragini. He felt something strange. But dint think much and went. Ragini was shown staring at him.

@ five star hotel

Kar: y did u bring me here?

San: I’ll get bored alone. So.

Kar: see, how many beautiful girls r here. Enjoy seeing them.

Just that moment Karan saw Naina. She was going on call. She went outside talking in phone.

Kar: I’ll just b back.
He went behind her.

San: but come soon. Ask her and Take her phone number.
He smiled.

After sometime Ragini comes on stage holding Mike.

Rag: u might b knowing y I kept this party. It’s not only for finalising any deal or project. It’s abt my personal.

All were luking at eachother. They were thinking that Ragini who don’t even open mouth abt her professional things, today she’s sharing her personal matter. they were shocked. And wanted to know Wats that.
Luking at all, sanskar also lost in thoughts.

San: wow. Wat standard she kept of herself. For hearing her one word all r waiting. Let’s know Wats she’s going to announce.

Rag: as u all know m very strict when comes to professional. This is first time m going to share my happiness with u. I’ve selected my life partner.

All were surprised listening that. Few were feeling pity on that guy who’s going to b her hubby. Few were wondering how he impressed her. All wanted to know who’s he.

Sanskar also waiting to listen that name.

Rag: he’s…

All were holding there breath.

Rag: Mr. Sanskar maheshwari.

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