You are only mine- Ragsan- Part 33

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Sanskar was running here and there. He was busy in preparation of opening ceremony of his company. Guests starts arriving.

Lak: Bhai. Everything is prepared. But u dint Tel who’s main guest. Who’ll cut the ribbon?

San: look there. That main guest came.

He pointed at entrance. They saw Ragini standing there.

After arrival of all guests sanskar says

San: welcome to all for this ceremony. Now I invite Mrs Ragini to cut the ribbon.

Ragini with normal expression came near him.

San audible to rag: u must b feeling jealous rite. I wanted this only. I want u to see wat I can do.

Ragini without any reply cuts the ribbon. All clapped and started to see company interior.

Guest1: very nice mr.sanskar. it’s wonderful. Who’s ur financier.

San: Mr.gupta. come I’ll introduce u to him.

He went with him. Laksh comes to ragini.

lak: Bhabhi, I know Bhai did wrong and took some wrong decisions. But he was in anger. U were not in anger. U cud have handle it. But u fired him. It’s not rite Bhabhi. I never thought u’ll do this.

Rag: I better know Wats rite and Wats wrong. U go and help ur brother.

She left from there.

Sanskar comes to home where all were there.

San: I had invited u all. Can I know y u dint come? Mom, u also? It’s ur son’s company.

Suj: Ragini came na. It means we all came. No difference in her and us.

San angrily: fine. Be with her.

He left to guest room. Ragini who was standing in corner was seeing all this. She silently goes to her room and sleep.

After sometime someone wakes her up. She looks Kavita and Kavya sitting Infront of her. She hugs both and started crying.

Rag: I don’t want to lose him. Every time in life m losing something or someone whom I love most. It’s enough for me. I can’t bear anymore.

Both console her.

Kavya: don’t wry Ragini. He’s just little angry. And anyone can get angry in situation like this. He’s not angry on u. It’s just this society which is making this. Soon he’ll realize this. Give him sometime.

Rag: I know he’ll realize. But can’t see like this for much time.

Kavita: everything will b alright soon.

Suj: ha beta. They’re rite. Give sometime to my son. He’s not that bad also.


Few days passed. Sanskar was busy in his company. All were amazed by seeing his marketing style.

Man1: he’s really doing gud.

Man2: and he’s lucky to get mr.gupta.

A big and famous company of other country invite all company. They had a big deal which they want to give for best company in India.

San: laksh. This is golden chance. We have to get this.

Lak: yes Bhai. U r rite.

……. ……

In ragini’s company

Manager: ma’am. All r behind this company. We shud get this.

Rag: ya. U r rite.

….. …… ………

That day came when all company gathered. Ragsan were also there. They looked at eachother. Thier happy moments comes Infront of their eyes.

A person comes on stage with Mike.

Per: welcome to all. thanku so much that u all came here. after half an hour we’ll gather at presentation hall. Till that prepare or enjoy.

He went. sanskar to Ragini.

San: wat do u think? Who’ll get this deal done.

Rag: whoever deserve it, he’ll get.

San: we will see.

He left from there. She gets a call. She talks and cut the call.


After half an hour all gathered at hall. One by one all gave their presentation. After sanskar Ragini gave her presentation. Both were so confident.

All presentations over. They took one hour break and again gathered for result.

Same person comes to stage.

Per: first of all let me tell u all that every presentation was superb. It’s hard to decide. But after thinking so much, we have two companies name. It’s really hard to choose between them. We need few days time for that. Those company owners r Mr sanskar and Mrs Ragini.

All clapped.

All left from there.


Ragsan in there respective Room, were thinking abt eachother. While sanskar was thinking abt deal and Ragini was thinking abt sanskar. She again does a call.

Rag: do u think it works? I don’t want bad result.

Op: trust me. it’ll work.


After few days ragsan again meet at same company to know who’ll deal with that company.

Both sit in cabin. Owner comes there.

Own: welcome both of u. U both r very talented. But we need only one. So it’s mr.sanskar.

Sanskar gets happy.

San: thanku so much sir.

Own: congratulations.

Both shakes hand. They left from there.

San: so wat U’ll say now Mrs Ragini Sinha.

Rag: I already told that person who deserves, he’ll get. Congratulations.


Sanskar started to work with them. After some days.

Lak: Bhai, u have won. But u r not looking happy.

San: m happy lucky. I got this big deal. My company will get famous now. I won over her. I showed her that I can also do something big.

Lak: but m not seeing that on ur face. Don’t take me wrong Bhai. To satisfy ur ego u did all this. But in reality u love Bhabhi. After winning also u r not happy cos u can’t see Bhabhi losing something.

San: nothing like that lucky. Go from here and let me work.

He left from there. His words were ringing in sanskar’s mind. Unknowingly tear escaped from his eye. He sees that.

San: whatever lucky said, is it true?. I have won but m not feeling happy. Was that my ego? I became successful by getting this deal. But m not feeling happy.

Just then he heard a voice.

‘ coz u love her. U can’t see her losing something. U want her to be successful always’

Sanskar looks at him.

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