You are only mine- Ragsan- Part 32

hello sissy’s. lets start with this part

Ragini goes to sanskar.

San: leav me alone. I don’t want to talk wit anyone. Pls go from here.

She left with teary eyed.

After sometime sanskar goes out. No one tried to ask him. Everyone were like little scared due to his sudden change in behavior. Swalak consoles ragini.

At nun, lunch time also sanskar dint return. All get tensed. They called on his mob. But it was not reachable.
Its evng now. all were worried for him and thought to give missing complaint. Laksh was abt to go then he sees sanskar coming.

Lak: bhai, where were u? how much we worried for u. thank god u r safe.

San without any expression: m ok. I need some rest.

Sujata signs ragini. She nods and follows sanskar.

She sees him sitting holding his head.

Rag: Can we talk pls?

He was quite.

Rag: pls.

He looks at her. She sits in front of him.

Rag: I know wat u r feeling. I understand. But it’s not like that wat u r thinking.

He was still quite.

Rag: m ur wife. U can share with me.

After some silence.

San: nothing like that. I was just little upset.

She dint knew wat to do.


Next day in office all gathered for a meeting. Sanskar has to give presentation. He started. But in between he’s feeling weak infront of ragini. He dint do well.

All were gossiping. Sanskar left from there. Ragini felt bad. She calls sanskar in her cabin.

Rag: take this letter.

She gives him a letter. He looks at it shockingly. Then he looks at her.

Rag: u hav to leav this job. M appointing someone else in ur place.

San: wat do u mean?

Rag: u r not giving ur 50 % work also. I don’t give sal for not working.

He angrily goes from there. She closed her eyes.

Rag: u don’t know how much I gathered energy to tel u this. But I need to do. I cant see u like this.


At home ragini returned home and saw all in hall. All were looking tensed. She saw sanskar sitting with bag. He sees ragini.

Rag: wat happened? Y u r all so serious? (to sanskar) wats this?

San: this is ur luggage. We can’t stay together.

All including her get shocked.

Suj: sanskar. Wat r u saying? R u in sense?

San: yes mom. M talking in sense.

Suj: if u had any fight then sit and sort it out. For small things u r telling staying away.

San: not small thing mom. Its abt my self respect. According to her m useless person. So no need to stay with a useless person.

Ragini was just looking at him without saying anything.

Suj: sanskar. That’s professional thing. Don’t mix it with personal life.

San: mom I decided. I wont stay with her.

Ragini cudnt stop her tears.

Suj angrily: then listen my decision too. she’s DIL of this house. She wont go any where. And keep ur professional matters away from this house. Here we r family. Anyone’s wrong decision affects on every person of family. I want my family always together.

San: u r not with ur son?

Suj: m at rite side. Now m feeling ur decision is wrong. In wrong decision I don’t support.

San: ok. Then I’ll only leav this house.

He was abt to leav. But he stopped remembering something.

San: I cant leav this house in dad’s absence. But m living in guest house.

He left from there.

Suj sees ragini crying.

Suj: stop crying beta. I don’t know y u did this. But I know that u always want him happy only. I trust u. don’t wry abt him. he is angry now. after sometime he’ll become normal. U go to room and take rest.

Ragini goes to room and locks it and starts crying.

Rag: m sry. But I need to do. I wish whatever I thought shud come true.

She takes mob and calls someone.


Sanskar sitting in guest house. Laksh comes there.

San: I don’t want to listen anything in ur boss favor.

Lak: I came to talk abt u bhai. I know bhabhi did wrong. She thinks u cant do anything. But I know abt u. m with u bhai. I thought something.

He tells something to sanskar. Sanskar agreed for that.


Few days passed. Ragsan dint talk with each other. Sujata and other family members felt bad seeing their condition.


Ragini was sitting in her cabin just then sanskar enters.

San: how r u boss. Oh sry. U r not my boss now. so how r u ragini sinha.

Rag: its ragini maheshwari.

San: for me u r ragini sinha. Well I dint come here to argue with u. I came here to invite u to opening ceremony of my new company. Its not so big as urs. But it is mine. There only I can order. So pls come on time. Don’t miss.

He kept card and left from there without listening her answer. She takes card and opens it.

Rag: everything is urs only. But YOU ARE ONLY MINE.

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