You are only mine- ragsan- part 28

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@ragini home

All were there including maheshwaris. They looked at door where ragsan were standing full of sand on Thier dresses and hair.

Kar(widens eyes): sanky. Did u people had first nite on beach? Oh sry. First day.

Sanskar blushes whereas the Ragini smiles.

Nai: Ragini. U have to blush not sanskar.

Now Ragini also blushes. All friends hav group hug.

Suj: now I’ll take my daughter with me. No one can stop me. Not even u Ragini.

Rag: of course I’ll come.

Kavya and kavita: no.

Nairag looks at them.

Kavya: we friends had many dreams on eachother’s marriage day. As me and Kavita were not present at marriage. So…..

San: so wat?

Kav: so curious jiju.

Kavya: we will keep reception. We will make Ragini ready like bride again. Then we will send her to u jiju.(she winks at him)

All laughs.

Shek: on then tmrw evng will b reception. I’ll start inviting all now only.

Jan: I’ll see other preparation.

Suj: I’ll also prepare for her welcome.

All were telling their particular work.

Kar: wat Wil I do then?

Rag: do romance with cheeku.

Both nairan blushed.

San: my Karu is blushing. So cute.


Hall is decorated. Guests r arrived.

Ragini is getting ready in her room. Naina, swa, kavita and Kavya were making her ready.

Kavita: Kavya. Do u remember wat we had thought to do in ragini’s wedding?

Kavya: oh yes. how can I forget?

Rag looking at both: wat u r going to do with me?

Both kavita and Kavya smiles.

All were waiting for Ragini.

San was looking restless.

Kar: don’t wry. She’ll come. U r already married. This is just a reception.

San: then also m feeling nervous.

Kar: sanky. Girl shud say this line. Not boy.

San: don’t pull my leg.

They see 5 girls coming in same lehenga wearing veil covering their faces.

All get confused. Uttara comes front.

Utt: Bhai. Here my 3 Bhabhi’s r there along with kavita and Kavya di. U have to tell who’s Ragini Bhabhi in this? Only one chance u’ll get. Or else Ragini Bhabhi Wil come home after one week.

San: wat one week?

He kept quiet seeing all smiling at him. He moves to them.

Utt: stop Bhai. One condition is there. U shud not touch them.

San: then how to identify?

Utt shrugs: ur prob. Ha but they’ll do as u say.

Sanskar looks at all of them. All wore everything same. From sandals to veil.

Kar: pls sanky. Identify properly. Meri wali bhi hai isme.

Lak: ha Bhai. Meri wali bhi.

San glares at both.

San: ok fine. Only one thing u all have to do. Just go up and come down once.

Kar: y?

San: shut up Karan.

All 5 goes up and comes down. Sanskar smiles. He goes to them and holds a girl’s hand.

Utt: r u sure Bhai?

San nods with confidence. Uttara goes to takes off veil. All were curious to know whether she’s Ragini only?

Uttara takes off her veil. She’s Ragini. She was smiling at sanskar.

Remaining 4 takes off their veil.

Utt: wow Bhai how did u do?

San: that’s secret.

Utt: Tel na.

San: that’s hubby wifey secret. I’ll Tel after ur marriage.

Utt shows fake anger.

Reception starts. All do dance and enjoyed so much.

It’s time to send Ragini.

Rag: idiot friends m going to my in laws home. I got married. Atleast cry while sending me. I know u won’t. But atleast act like crying. Wat people will think.

Kavya: first of all sanskar is very nice. He’ll never make u sad. Then y shud we cry when we know that u’ll b happy with him.

Ragini smiles. Sanskar winks at Ragini raising his eyebrows.

Kavita: and main thing is….. (Looks at sanskar)

San: wat?

Kavita: Naina told me.

San: wat Naina told?

Then suddenly

San: no no pls. Don’t say.

Rag confused: wat happened. Tel me. Wat he had told.

Kavita: he told that his bossy Ragini will not only let him to speak then how Wil he will control her. Already Ragini has controlled him.

Ragini glares at sanskar. Sanskar closed his and opened slowly one eye to see whether she’s still glaring him.

Nai: stop teasing them. Now let them go.

Ragsan and other maheshwari sits in car and moves to there home.


@ragsan room

Ragini was standing near window. Sanskar comes to her. He wanted to hug her was hesitating. Ragini understood this and herself hugs him. He gets shocked and hugs her back.

Rag: thanku sanskar.

San: not sanskar. Wat m to u?

Rag: my baby.

She broke hug and asked

Rag: how did u identify me?

San: it’s secret.

Rag: (little serious tone) m not uttara. Tell me.

San: ok my bossy. When u all were coming down all holded Thier lehenga to prevent from falling.

Rag: so? I had also holded.

San: not only holded. U had clutched lehenga tightly in nervousness. Only bride Wil get nervous during marriage. So like this I identified.

Rag: my smart baby.

San: my lovely bossy.

They were looking at moon and talking. She has kept her shoulder on his head.

Rag: m very lucky to have u sanskar.

San: me too.

Rag: m more than u. Coz I had forced u. I hurted u many times. Some time knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. Sry for that.

San: Ragini I know how ur past was. Now everything is fine. Don’t look at past. Nor on future. Just concentrate on present where I love u and u love me.

‘and we all love u both’

Both look at door and saw all family members standing. Ragini shyly bends her head.

Swa looks at sanskar holding ragini’s hand acting like with attitude: ragini’s baby, we r taking her rite now. U continue ur romance tmrw.

San: wat? Where?

Swa: shhhh.. secret.

San: meri billi mujse meaw.?

Kav: sry. We friends always do everything together. We got lot of gifts on ur marriage. We want to see them. Without Ragini we can’t enjoy.

Rag suddenly: wat? U r going to unwrap without me? Let’s go.

San was abt to stop but she already left with them.

San: I wanted old Ragini not kid Ragini. Ridiculous Yaar. Sanku sleep alone on your first night. GN my bossy.

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