You are only mine- ragsan- part 21

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As u all wanted ragsan scenes, I wrote two parts in one. I made FB small and tried to complete in this part itself.
This was needed so finished in this only. Hope u’ll like.

Ragini ran to hospital. There she saw Kavya on bed talking with all.

Rag: r u ok? Wat happened to u?

Kavya: m ok Ragu. Don’t worry. Due to studies I didn’t sleep properly. So got unconscious. That’s it. And u people r very tensed.

Sam: we r 6 bodies one life. If anything happens to one remaining will get pain.

Kavya: ok Baba m sry. I’ll take care of mine.

After few mins she slept due to tablets effect.

Doc called all 5 to his cabin.

Doc: if u don’t mind, will u all give ur blood test?

All: y?

Doc: pls co-oprate. I’ll tell u.

All agreed and gave blood test. After few hrs results came. They went to doc cabin.

Doc: I’ll ask u one thing. Ans honestly.

All nods.

Doc: u all take drugs?

All 5 shocked.

Rag: wat r u telling doc? We never saw it. And u r telling we take it.

Doc: there’s little content of drug found in ur blood.

All shocked again.

Doc: in Kavy’s blood too it’s there. Due to over dose she fell unconscious. I didn’t tell this. I just told her due to stress it happened. Coz I wanted to clarify with u all first.

All lost in thought. They were thinking how it’s possible.

Rat: Ragini, kavt. U trio r always together. Think deeply have u ate or drink something which usually we don’t. Sam, Ankit, we too have to think. It’s serious Matter.

They all think but there was nothing like that which make them suspicious of having drugs.

Next day Kavya discharged and came to Ragini’s home as janki forced her not to stay in hostel.

Night Ragini took food for Kavya in room itself as she was little weak.

Kavya: Ragu. I don’t want to eat. M not hungry.

Rag: u must eat. No reasons.

Kavya started to eat. Ragini was sitting with her till she finishes food. Suddenly she remembered something.

Rag called Ratan and told to come to college tmrw with Sam and Ankit.


College canteen.

Kavt and Ragini were waiting for Sam Ankit and Ratan. They reached.

Rat: wat happened?

Rag: I think I know how our has drug content.

All look at her puzzled. She showed them parcel.

Rag: we need to get it tested first. Then I’ll explain u.

They reached hospital. She gave parcel. After few hours doc tells them that the thing in parcel has drugs.

Ragini shocked.

Rag: guys. It’s our canteen food.

All shocked: wat?

Rag: yes. They are mixing drugs in canteen food. We all usually sometimes eat canteen food. So our blood has drug content.

Ankit: but how u knew?

Rag: yesterday I gave dinner. Then I remembered that earlier years Kavya always love to eat food sent by my mom. But this year she joined for canteen. She refused to eat mom given food. It’s like she addicted to canteen food. That’s y her body has much drug. And our body little.

Kavt: but in our canteen.. how? We shud inform principal.

They went to principal cabin and told them everything. He was not shocked after listening. Seeing this Ragini and group shocked.

Rag: sir we are telling u serious matter and u behaving normal? It’s affecting all students. Their future is in risk.

Pri bends his head: I know this.

All again shocked.

Sam: after knowing also u kept quiet? How can u sir?

Pri FB

Pri went to management.

Pri: sir there’s serious problem. Someone mixing drugs in our canteen food.

Man: we know.

Pri: wat?

Man: yes. We r management. We see buiseness. Making money is our work. This is just a small part. We added in canteen so that all students should addict and eat canteen food only. And we will increase price of each item. We did like this many things. This is a small thing.

Pri: it’s wrong sir.

Man: if u want to b principal here then be quite or else u’ll b fired.

Pri family was big. All depends on his salary. So he kept quiet and thought not to interfere in this.

FB ends

All shocked listening to him.

They come out of cabin.

Rag: how can someone be this much low that they not even thinking once that future of this country will b in risk? We must do something.

Kavt: but wat we can do?

Rag: we have to complaint against management.

Kavt: r u in sense? U know wat u r telling? Princi cant do anything. We r just students.

Rag: he has reasons for being quite. We don’t. we can save many life yaar. Just think abt it.

Ank: I agree with u. ragini is rite. We shud complaint.

Ragini gets video call.

Rat: who’s call?

Rag: its cheeku. She wanted to see kavy.

She received call.

All: hi cheeku. How r u?

Nai: u idiots. M staying in other city means u will forget me ha? No one told me abt kavy.

Ank: arey. We r missing u. we want u to come soon. So dint tel.

Nai: shut up. I knw ur drama.

Sam: come and join us yaar. Only u left in hum saath saath hai family. U made us six.

Nai: m coming next week. When u’ll reach kavy call me k. bye.

All: bye.

Rag: ok guys. We shud know details before complainting. We shud know with which food company our management is with. And main thing every where there will be a manger who will check food before sending from company and one more manager who recies in canteen. With there permission and signat5ure only food comes in canteen. They too r responsible.

Ank: till tmrw I’ll find out that.

All left for their place. Rag gets naina’s call.

Nai: so. Wat was the discussion?

Rag: wat discussion?

Nai: ragu , u know that I knw each and every one of my frnd very well. U all were tensed. I dint wanted to give tension by asking u all. So I called u separately..

Ragini tells her everything.

Nai: its risky work ragu. Any way. Be carefull. I’ll b there in this weekend.

She cuts call.

Next day boys found the company and those 2 managers. They went to station and gave complaint. Police told they’ll take action.

Rag: we shud talk with managers. I think they both r involved.

Sam: but we don’t know manager’s name.

Rag: leav them. First let us see wat police will do.

After 2 days management called all 6.

Man: wat u 6 r having prob with us? It’s our business. Don’t interfere in this.

Rag: but u r spoiling students. We won’t let that happen.

Management angrily: u? U don’t know what I can….

Other management man holds him signing no. They kept quite.

After 6 left from cabin. Management discussed that it’s not gud to take enimity of students. They have to handle in tricky way.

They called them and offered them money and told them to take there complaint back.

Rag: we r not doing it for money.


It was evng time. All were sitting in hall. Of college.

Sam: guys. I think we should take money. And shud stop here.

Ankit: yes guys. I agree with him.

Kavt: wat happened to u both suddenly?


Management called Sam and Ankit separately.

Man: we saw sparkle of money in ur eyes. We will give u double money. Understand ur frnds and take complaint back.

Both agreed.

FB ends

Rag: how can u be so greedy?

Sam: money is everything in world. And y we shud think abt others?

Kavt: u r so selfish. U were not like this?

Ankit: we shud plan our future too. Kavita, we can b happy with this money in future.

Kavt: I don’t want happiness from this kind of money.

Ratan: exactly. Give that money to me. I’ll give them back.

He took bag and started to go. He heard noise from his back. All saw Sam stabbing Kavya. He was abt to stab Ratan but Kavya came between. Kavita, Ragini and Ratan shocked. Ragini ran to Kavya. Kavt holds Sam’s collar.

Kavt: u cheat? How can u do like this? We r frnds. And Kavya is ur love. Don’t u value our emotions?

She was slapping him. Ankit came and pushed her. She fell and her head hit to wall hardly. She fell unconscious with pool of blood. Ragini and Ratan were shocked. They were not understanding Wats going on.

Rag: I’ll not leave u. U r dead for me now.

Sam and Ankit: money is important for us. No one can come between this.

Rag: m going now to complaint on u.

Ankit took gun out.

Ankit: Ragini. Already Kavya and kavita’s condition u saw. Now don’t make us to repeat on u.

Rag: u’ll shoot me? Fine shoot. I’ll also see how weak our frndship is.

Ankit: m serious.

Ragini dint move. Ratan started to fight with ankit.bin fighting Ratan got shot. Sam and Ankit scared and ran from there with money. Ragini ran to Ratan. She took his head and kept on her lap.

Rag: tears were rolling from her eyes: y did u do this? U shud let me die.

Ratan: m ur best friend Ragini ( he was trying hard to talk) . How can I leave u like this.

She was crying continue.

Ratan: don’t cry. Sry that m leaving u all like this.

Rag: don’t say like this. Nothing will happen to u.

Ratan: I don’t have much time. I want to tell u one thing. I love you Ragini. I loved u from first day I saw u. But was scared to tell. Now m going so I want to tell Wats in my heart. I always love you. Pls don’t hate me. Don’t forget our friendship. I…

Rag: Ratan, speak. Ratan.

She screamed: Ratan.

He already died. She was middle in hall crying seeing his friends.

FB ends

Janki was crying. Unknowingly tears were rolling from sanskar’s eyes also.

San: aunty. Control urself. I never ever thought that Ragini wud have gone through like this situation.

Jan: she still suffered sanskar.

San: wat happened to her friends? How Ragini came in this city?

Hope u liked guys. Sry for no ragsan scenes. But this part was needed to show there strong bond and how it broke in a whole.
In next part u’ll get ragsan scenes.
Ignore spelling mistakes as I wrote fast and updated without checking again.

Do likes and comments.

Love u all ?????

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    1. Palchin

      Thanku Priyankashaurya.. now sanky will know reason behind her rudeness

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      Thanku cute girl. Ya. Wil do soon. Nice to see ur comment after many days

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