You are only mine- ragsan- part 18

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Hi sissy’s. M really thankful you all for liking my story. Let’s start next part..

@sanskar room

Sanskar entered his room. He saw karan and laksh sitting on bed. It seems like they were waiting for him only. San went to table , took his lappy and start working something. Karan went to him took his lappy and kept aside.

Kar: wat was that?

San: wat?

Kar: naina told me.

San dint answer.

Kar: If u don’t love her then y did u hug and kissed her? Answer me.

San: its simple karan. U both hugged naina and swara.she felt bad so I just did so that she shud not feel bad infront of naina and swara that her fiancé doesn’t respect her. That’s it. No love nothing.

Kar(smiled): this is only love sanskar. I agree its respect. But it is ur respect towards ur love. Y u shud bother abt her feeling whether she feels gud or bad. If she doesn’t matter for u then u wud have left it. Let it b swara or naina.

San: karan u r unnecessarily dragging this to other way.

Kar: m dragging it to its correct way. M making u understand. Ur heart already started feeling for her. But its ur mind which is stopping u.

San closed his eyes and holds his head from both hands.

San: karan pls leav me alone for sometime. M not feeling gud due to these all things.

Kar: I understand. U do rest. Me and laksh will make arrangements for engagement.

Suddenly it flashed that laksh was also present there. San looked at karan.

Lak: don’t look at him bhai. He told me everything. Don’t wry. I wont tel to mom or uttara. After listening I too felt karan bhai is rite. Well take rest now. Tmrw we have to go for shopping with our fiancé.

Both went from there.

San: m not understanding that wat m doing and y? wat is correct and wat is not? Day by day struggle between my mind and heart is increasing. I saw changes in her. But do I love her? …………. Not getting answers for any of my questions. M marrying her for my family and for her family too as they consider me as gud person. M I in love?

After struggling with his own conversation san finally decides.

San: I don’t want any headache in thinking of love and all. Rite now its my engagement with her. And all r happy with this. And my duty is to give respect to our relation. I don’t know abt accepting her. But I do respect. Remaining I leav on time. Let god only decide.

Thinking this he slept .


Next day all went for shopping.

Elders went to shop at other side and youngers to others. They decided to meet at home after shopping. All went to Thier respective shopping sections. Swalak, nairan and ragsan went to buy dresses. Laksh and Karan were helping in selecting lehenga for their partners. Ragini was looking at sanskar hoping that this time also his mind get change and he’ll help her like others. But sanskar was standing and just seeing here and there in mall lost in his world. Karan saw ragsan. He went to laksh and said something. Laksh nodes and went to sanskar.

Lak: Bhai. Y r u not helping Bhabhi in selecting?

San: lucky pls.

Lak: ok. Ur wish. But atleast help uttara.

San: wat u mean?

Lak: uttara had called me and told to select dress for her and one of her best friend. As she’s busy in her studies and she’s having other work too. And moreover she likes ur selection than mine. So pls select 2 beautiful dresses.

San: y don’t u select?

Lak: Bhai m helping swara. Pls. Can’t u do that for ur sis.?

San: ok.

Lak: Bhai we all will see who’s selection is best.

San smiles. He goes to select. He selected a dress.

San: it suits uttara. But wat abt her friend? I don’t know how does she look like? According to her look I wud have selected. He looks at a dress which attracted him more. He took that.

San: uttara frnd is lucky that she got this beautiful dress. Whoever wear this, it increases her beauty more.

He smiles and told to pack both. Laksh was seeing this. He took dress which sanskar select after for uttara. He gave it to Ragini.

Lak: Bhabhi. Bhai selected this for u.

Rag: but he didn’t call me.

Lak: this is only love Bhabhi. Ur love story is starting now. It’ll take time. And bhai is shy type. So may b he din’t tell u directly.

Kar: he’s rite Ragini. He did his work now remaining on u. I hope u understood.

Ragini smiles widely. She made remaining shopping with happily. She happily selects jewelry for her checking whether it matches dress or not. She purchased everything. Swalak and nairan were amazed seeing her excitement. Sanskar was unaware of this.
All did shopping and left to home. On the way. Sanskar was thinking that y Ragini dint ask him any help in shopping.

Kar: getting tensed?

San: hmm? For wat?

Kar: that she didn’t ask ur help in shopping.

San: no. Y shud I? It’s her wish.

Karan smiles.

All reached Sinha’s home. They decided to do engagement there only. Decoration was already started.

Jan: it’s already late. Go and sleep. Tmrw is ur engagement and u have to wake up early.

All went except sanskar.

Jan: wat happened beta.

San: I want to decorate this section with my hands.

Jan: they r best decorators.

San: no aunty I dint mean that. Actually from beginning I had a wish that in Karan and Lucky’s engagement I’ll decorate this part by my hands.

Jan: god bless u beta. U r best for my Ragu.

Ragini was seeing this from far. She smiled.

He started decorating. Ragini was standing looking at him. Her inner Ragini comes out and goes near to sanskar. No one can see her. It’s just ragini’s imagination. (I hope u understood)
(By listening song if u read this, u can feel it too)

She was staring him lovingly. She starts to sing

Main taan tere naal hi rehna ji
Har gham sang tere sehna jiiii
Jo jag se kaha na jaaye woh
Mujhko bas tujhse kehna ji

(She goes close to him looking deeply in his eyes)

Sohna sohna itna bhi
Kaise tu sohna

Sohna sohna itnaaa bhi kaise tu sohna
Tere ishq mein jogi hona
Mainu jogi hona

Mainu jogi hona

(He was instructing decorators, she lost in him. She was moving wherever he goes)

Ho ishq ka rang safed piya
Na chhal, na kapat, na bhed piya
Sau rang mile, tu ik varga
phir aatish ho,ya reit piya, reit piya

Jis jung mein tera, ho rutba
Us jung ka main to
Junaid piya, junaid piya

Sohna sohna itna bhi kaise tu sohna
Tere ishq mein jogi hona
Mainu jogi hona

(Flowers showered on them by mistake. Sanskar started to collect flowers and arranging them. She took few of them and showered on him)

Main taan tere naal hi rehna ji
Har gham sang tere sehna ji
Jo jag se kaha na jaaye woh
Mujhko bas tujhse kehna ji
Joooo jag se kaha na jaaye
Mujhko Bas … kehna jiiii

She starts to twirl around him happily.

She came to sense when Naina tapped on her shoulders. Wat r u doing by standing here. Come let’s sleep. Have to wake up early.

Both went to sleep.

Precap: engagement

Hope u guys liked it.
I hope u understood abt song explained.

Do likes and comments.

Love you all ??

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