You are only mine- ragsan- part 17

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Hi sissy’s.. happy new year to all of u..
I wish god to make ur dreams come true this year..

Lets start

@sanskar room
San was thinking of karan words.
San: Is he rite? He was true, I worried when she hurt. But how can I love her after whatever she did. Has she really changed? How can I believ. But recently her doings proves that she’s no more old ragini. Shall I give her a chance? But my mind cant accept her love. But my family is happy to make DIL of this home. For me my family comes first. For family I accepted her before. This is also true that after that she dint force me. She’s still waiting. I don’t know whether I love her or not, but for my family I’ll do anything.
Karan enters that time. Its dinner time bro. I know u r thinking of my lecture now. Lets have dinner. Before that I wanna know hav u decided anything or still …?
San: u r rite. But m not fully agreed too. But for my family I accept her. I’ll say her this tmrw.
Kar: when u wil propose her?
San: dude I don’t love her. M ready to marry as she loves my family and my family too loves her.
Kar: sighs. Ok. I can understand ur situation. Atleast u took some decision. Now come for dinner.
San: wait . I’ll get fresh.
He went.
Kar: it’ll take time I know. But u care for her. soon this care turns to love.
All were having dinner.
Suj: I have to talk to u all.
All look at her.
Suj: I got my 3 bahus. I want u to get marry soon. Karan, I talked with ur parents. They told me to inform after deciding.
(karan is close to san family as his parents always stay outside. His family also consider san family as theirs)
San: but mom. Don’t u think its early. Let dad come atleast.
Suj: I talked with ur dad. He told to do engagement. Till marriage he’ll come.
San: ok. First karan’s engagement.
Kar: y me? U first.
San: u proposed naina. She agreed. So u first.
Kar: hello bro, if so then ragini proposed u first. So first u.
San in mind(was that proposing)
Suj: stop fighting. All 3 of urs engagement on same day. Then abt marriage we will think later.
Lak: shocked. Mom m still very small.
San: but swara had said yes. if u say no then…
Lak: (excited) she agreed? Then no prob.
All glares at him. He understood that it was their trick.
Lak: ok sry.
Suj: tmrw I’ll talk with panditji.
@ragini room
Ragini was sitting holding pillow on bed. She was lost in something.
Nai: hey ragu… sujata aunty fixed our engagement. Its after 2 days. Karan msged me. Tmrw aunty will come to home to talk with ur and my parents.
Rag: y my parents.?( still lost)
Nai: idiot. Our both. I mean karsanlak with nairagswa.
Rag: ( happily) wat? Really?
But soon got sad.
Nai: wat happened?
Rag: but baby dint tell me still. M expecting him to tell.
Nai: don’t wry. Think that wat he told first. He will take time. He’ll agree if he himself agreed. It means he started to love u.
Rag: (happily)really? U think he loves me? But I don’t think this much soon he fell for me.
Nai: ok. If u think that, then I also agree but just think if he lilked u, then slowly he’ll love u also. Stay positive ragu. M really happy for u.
Rag: I hope same. M waiting for that day.
Both hug.
Next day @sinha house
All gathered. Ragini’s parents, naina’ parents and swara’s parents, sujata. Ram dint come as he was not in city.
All were happy. They decided to do engagement very grandly. Its only 2 days so they started to plan everything. Everyone lost in their work. All were busy. Swalak were staring each other lovingly. He winks at her she blushes. Karan also giving flying kisses to naina, she too was blushing. Ragini observe this and looks at sanskar. He was busy in his mob.
She felt sad.

Parents to all six: u all go and decide whatever dress and stuffs u like on the day. Now only make list.
All six went to ragini’s room. All sit together round and started making list. All were excited except ragsan. San was busy in mob and ragini looking at him. Naina saw this and felt bad.
San got call and attended and was talking roaming in room from here and there. While talking he turned and some thing touched his hand. He dint observe and moves talking. He heard a tune. He stopped hearing that. He felt that he listened it somewhere. He turned and saw. It was same gift which he saw in the gift shop. He took it in hand.
San in mind: it means ragini was that girl who fought with owner to get this. Wats special in this that she created that much scene.

It became evng. All called them for snacks and tea. They all stood and started to go. Before leaving…
Lak: now directly we will meet after 2 days coz before engagement our parents wont allow to see us.
While going outside room kar and lak hugged nai and swa. They kissed their forehead and left for snacks. San was also going out. He was walking slowly. Rag got hurt and bend her head down. San stopped at door for few seconds. Then fastly he comes to ragini and hugged her and rushed to door. Again comes fast kissed her forehead and went out without looking at her. For few seconds swara, naina and ragini shocked seeing this. Swara and naina happily turned to ragini. Naina knew wat she’ll do know. Ragini starts jumping on bed happily taking pillows and teddys throwing one by one up. Again taking and jumping. Naina and swara were smiling.
Ragini drags both on bed, hold their hands and starts jumping again.
Rag: happily. Did u see both? My baby hugged me. He kissed me. And that too without asking. He himself hugged and kissed me. Naina m so happy.
Nai: stop now ragini. Or else bed will break.
Rag: let it break. I cant stop myself.
She put on music and start dancing with pillow and teddy smiling happily.
Nai in mind: this is my real ragini. After very long time m seeing real ragini. U r happy this much now. Only sanskar can keep u happy like this daily. He can only make u like my early ragini whom we r waiting to see. That ragini who loved by all. Thanku sanskar. God, pls make sanskar fall in love with ragini.

Don’t with this part.
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Love u all…..

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