You are only mine- ragsan- part 16

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Hi sissy’s. here with next part.

Mrng sanskar room
San: pls karan. This wil definitely work.
Kar: no
San: pls, pls. u know its not real.
Kar: she’s my life yaar.
San: I know. But its only a drama. Pls I’ll not let her get harm.
Kar: ok. But nothing shud happen to her.
San: smiled. Thanku buddy.
Karan called naina to come to mall with ragini, as he has to do some shopping. Naina agreed.
Kar: I told her as u said. She’ll come with ragini.
San: great.
Nairag entered mall. They were searching karsan. Finally they found them on second floor.
Nairag were busy in buying something. Sanskar was standing just little far to them. He sent karan to go other shop to avoid him from prob, but karan hide and was watching.
Few college boys come near naina and starts to flirt. Naina avoided them and goes t next shop leaving ragini in that shop only. Boys followed her there too. Naina was scared. Her eyes were searching karan. But he found no where. Sanskar was there only. Ragini saw this and goes to those boys.

Rag: u r college student. This is ur learning age. Not flirting. Ask sry and leav.
Boys ignored her talk and continues there flirting.
Rag: last warning for u.
San in mind: I know she’s thinking of calling me to save them from boys. But I’ll not go. Then she’ll think negative abt me that I don’t save girl if needed.
Actually boys were sent by sanskar only. He heard nairag convo abt how ragini dint like the guy who dint help any girl.
But he shocked to see the next seen. Ragini herself took stick from there and started to beat boys.
Rag: I warned u. then also u don’t understand. Give me ur address , I’ll tell ur parents abt ur doings.
Boys: sry madam. Don’t tell our parents. We wont do this again. Don’t beat us pls. its paining.
After beating little she left them to go. Sanskar was seeing this with open mouth. Ragini consoles naina. She saw sanskar standing there.
Rag: baby . u r ok na. don’t wry, nothing happened to naina. U just be with us. I’ll take care of everything.
Karan ran to naina. She hugged him and cried.
Kar: hey nothing happened. They went. Stop crying.
All went to there home after making naina normal.
Sanskar room
San: pls talk to me karan.
Karan was silent.
San: pls karan. M sry. I just thought when those boys tease naina, ragini will call me. Then I wont go making her angry , then she’ll leav me. But..
Kar: (little anger)but wat sanky. U saw na how naina was crying. She is very innocent and sensitive.
San: m sry , pls forgive me. Pls…..
Kar: ok yaar. I cant b angry on u, but I cant see naina in pain. Pls understand me.
San: I understood bro. it wont b repeated.
They hug.
One week passed. Sinha company got big project due to which nairan and ragsan cudnt meet eachother.
Karan was getting ready very happily where sanskar was sitting sadly.
Kar: hey y u r sad.? After one week we r going to meet our partners.
San: glared. My partner?
Karan sits beside him.
Kar: let me tell u one thing. In these days, I mean from starting to till now, ragini’s behavior has changed. I know whatever she did at first is not forgivable. But only on that basis we cant judge anyone. As I observed she’s not possessive also. She just need ur love. Ur only one yes has changed her this much, then think if u love her then she’ll be like as u wish, she wont b talk single rude word too.
San: ur lecture over?
Kar: ya. Over. I know, now u’ll ignore my lecture, but at night u’ll think of it. Coz I know u from childhood. Get ready.
San: my other plan also ready.
Kar: uff. Sanskar, let me tell this not gonna work.
Sanskar was silent.
Kar: ok bro. keep trying. M with u only.
They left to meet their partners.
Nairag parking car. Karan called naina little far from ragini telling reason of network prob as this time he don’t wanna naina include.
Sanakar hired some goons who r danger in look. He gave them money to just threaten ragini.
He thought atleast seeing real goons she’ll scare. He was standing like ragini cant see him but he can listen and see them.
Goons came near to ragini who just came outside car. They started to scare her by telling how dangerous they are.
One goon was showing knife, but by mistake it touches ragini’s hand and got hurt.
San: hey wat he did? She got hurt. Wait.. y m worried for her. Let it be.

Here karan comes near naina. Seeing karan she rushed to him hurrily and slipped in his arms. They had an eyelock.
Kar: one week over, now m seeing u. I missed u very much.
Nai: me too.
They were in that position only sharing eyelock.
Here ragini thinks sahil may sent them. She took some money from her bag.
Rag: take this money. I’ll giv more than this. But instead of scaring me go and beat them who sent u. I don’t want to take his name also.
Goons saw money and get greedy. They took money.
Rag: is he near here?.
Goon: yes.
Rag: then y r u waiting. Go and do as I said.
Sanskar got shocked.
San: oh no. they r coming to me to beat. Sanskar beta, now only option is to run.

He started running. Goons followed him. Ragini dint see them. Sanskar saw nairan holding eachother in a eyelock.
San: karan, u can hold and stare her later also. Now run, they r behind us.
San: yes. Run now.
Naina dint understand anything.
Both run from goons. Some how they escaped and reached a safe place. Both were breathing heavily.
Kar: breathing heavily. I had told u. it wont work. But u dint listen to me.
San: everything is going opposite to me.
They took rest there for some time.
Kar: lets go home now.
Sanskar got up sadly.
Kar: sanskar . did u think abt my lecture?
San: glares.
Kar: fine. Tonite u have time to think. One more thing have u noticed. U only sent those goons, and u told she got hurt too, then y it matters to u. sanskar, I know u don’t like her but u don’t hate her also. Keep in mind. Lets move now.
Sanskar stood lost in his words.

Hows this part guys?
Hope u liked.
Love u all………..

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