You are only mine- ragsan- part 14

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Ragini enters and saw sanskar with other girl. She just stopped there only without any expression. Sanskar sees her standing slowly acts like now he’s waking up. He saw ragini.

San(acting): shocking. Ragini. U? (bend his head down) sry actually we were drunk last nite so we lost ourselves and this happened. M sry ragini. I know after knowing this u don’t want to keep any relationship with me. Its ok ragini. I will get hurt by going far from u. but I’ll manage. Coz its my fault. I betrayed u.

San was getting happy inside thinking that she’ll get angry and reject him.
Ragini starts laughing loudly. San got shocked. He just seeing her laughing. She is laughing continuously.

San in mind: has she gone mad? She’s laughing. Did she get sudden shock by seeing this and lost control on mind and became mad? Well, it doesn’t matter. All I want her to leave me.

Rag: baby, today is not 1st april to make me fool. (still laughing holding her stomach).

San: ??
Rag: first of all I know u cant betray me. If u want also u cant. Coz u r so sweet. U cant even think bad for others.
San in mind: that’s true. But y she is laughing? She saw me naked and still?
Rag: if u want to fool atleast u cud have brought real girl. Y u made karan dressed like girl?

(guys how many had thought that it’s a girl. Do mention in comments)

San shocked: how she got to know?
Rag: karan. Get up I know its u.

Karan slowly got up, removed his wig and turned towards them holding towel. He feeling awkward in that attire. But he also confused how she got to know.

Rag: well. I’ll tell to naina also. She’ll also laugh. M going to uttara’s room now.

Sanskar throws his towel getting frustrated, thinking this dint effect her and this plan also failed.
Rag: peeped in room. Karan. If u did waxing of ur leg, then there was a chance of thinking u r a girl.

She went laughing. Karsan looked at karan’s leg. His little part of leg was visible which completely shows that it’s a boy.

San: u idiot cant u do waxing?
He jumped on bed with karan and starting beating him.
Kar: ouch. Stop sanky. It is girl’s thing. How I can do that? Ouch. Stop it.

San: atleast for one day u can na.?

Kar: I dint had this in mind. Sry yaar. Stop now.
They were rolling on bed beating.
San stopped and sits on bed.
San: sh*t man. This also failed. I was expecting this to be success. My bad luck.
Kar: (kept hand on his shoulder) sry bro.
San: m sry. I got angry on u. let it b. now mind is not working. Lets have breakfast first. Then we will think.

Both went to have breakfast and saw all laughing seeing them. They went and sat without talking anyone.
Lak: bhai. U dint fool bhabhi. Really ur idea was funny. I too wanted to see karan bhai in that dress.
Karsan dint talk.
@sanskar room
Kar: wat naina thinking of me that I did this.
San: stop it yaar. Only naina, naina all time.
Kar looked at him sadly. San realized wat he said. He goes near him.
San: sry bro. in my tension m including u. I dint think abt ur life and ur love. Atleast lets talk with naina to know wat she thinks abt u. she’s nice girl. I liked her nature.

Kar smiles and hugs san.

karsan goes to his sir’s cabin as he called them.
Sir: sanskar, karan we r shifting u both to sinha company.
San: wat? But y sir? We r happy here.
Sir: we got offer from sinha company. They r going to sign deal with for 2 yrs, if I shift u both there. So from tmrw u shud join there. And ur salary also increased.
San without any option agreed as he knows this is all done by ragini.

Both came out.
San: congrats bro for new office.
Kar: y? u know na now u daily have to see ragini whole day.
San: ya. I know that. But m happy for u as u can also see ur naina daily.
Kar smiles.
San get call from ragini.
Rag: hi baby. How was my surprise? I think my baby is very happy. Rite na?
San: ya m happy.
Rag: now u can know me more. And I know soon u’ll also love me after knowing me. Ok bye baby. See u tmrw.

Naina enters rag cabin and saw her happy.
Nai: wat happened? Boss is very happy today?
Rag: yes cheeku. U know I shifted both karsan to our office. Now I can spend my whole time with my baby.
Naina luks at her in little serious look.
Rag: don’t wry cheeku. I promised u na, I ‘ll not harm him. M just giving him more time to know/understand me. Trust me.
Naina is still quite.
Rag: ok. U keep eye on me. If u see me doing anything u can do with me whatever u want. Agree?
Nai: ok fine. I trust u.
Naina feels happy inside thinking now karan also will b here.
Rag: yes dear. Karan also will b here.
Nai: wat?
Rag: I can read my bestie mind and heart. For u only karan also joining here.
Naina showed fake anger.
Rag: now stop giving this look. Tmrw get dressed very well, they are gonna join from tmrw only.
Evng karsan comes to home. Laksh hugs sanskar.
Lak: bhai, I got job in ur company. Ur sir had called me and told that u r shifting to bhabhi’s office. So they r giving ur position to me. M happy bhai.

Sanskar feels happy as finally laksh got job.
San: this big news u gave and no sweets prepared here?
Utt: already everything is ready bhai. We were waiting for u both and our bhabhis.
San: bhabhis?
Uttlak: we know that karan bhai’s girl is naina bhabhi. He loves her so much.
Kar: who told u?
Lak: come on bhai. Everyone noticed whenever ‘naina’ name u hear ur face becomes pink and small smile appears on lips. And samething we noticed in naina bhabhi also.
Kar: u think that she too loves me?
Uttlak: of course bhai.
Suj: girls feels shy they’ll not tell directly wat is in their heart.
Karsan remembers ragini’s direct proposal for sanskar. All understood and changed that line.
Suj: I mean naina is very shy type girl. So u shud propose her. Don’t make delay. If possible I’ll make both ur marriage in same mantap.
Karsan looks at each other. Both of them feeling happy for one(kar) and sad for one(san).
Just then nairag enters. They also brought many sweets.
Suj: Wat is need for this beta. I already prepared.
Rag: no mom. Its my devar’s job. We shud celebrate grandly.
Nairag gets mingle with them and starts talking. San got thinking seeing ragini.
San: she looks good while she’s with close one’s. she’s beautiful too. Hey wait. Concentrate on ur mission sanky.
Nai to rag: ragini there was no need of scolding that boy in mall. Wat was his fault?
Rag: no cheeku. U saw na. there boys were flirting with girl and he was simply seeing. He cud have at least scolded them or called police. I don’t like such people.
San heard this and smiles weirdly.

Precap: another attempt 

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