You are only mine- ragsan- part 12

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Hi sissy’s. M happy that u r liking this FF also. Let’s start

@sanskar room

Ragini sees room.

Rag: baby. Where’s my photo?

San: ur photo? Why?

Rag: m ur fiance, ur wud be wife. U dint stick any pick of me? After a pause. Don’t wry, I’ll only bring few frames and decorate this room.

San: now it’s gud only. No need to change.

Rag: now it’s beautiful baby. But after marriage we both stay together. Then it shud be not like this. We’ll change colour too.

She was seeing each and every thing. She got his college photo album. She sat with him. He sits forcebly.

Rag: wow. U r luking too cute in this. Who’s this?

San: he’s my classmate.

She goes on asking each and everyone and he was answering without any option. She saw one pic where many girls were there and only sanskar was there.

Rag: y only u r here? Wat abt Karan? Who all these r?

San: they’re juniors. During my final year we took this pic.

Rag: oh ok.

San in mind: it means she’s jealous. Sanky use this point.

Same time in hall all were talking and liked Ragini’s gifts. Karan was admiring Naina. He cudnt took off his eyes from her. Naina tried to avoid but he was continued staring her. Naina went in kitchen making excuses. Karan follows her. Naina takes water bottle from fridge and poured in glass. She was abt to drink, she heard footsteps behind, she scared suddenly turned back and all water fell on karan’s face. She started laughing. After few seconds she stopped laughing seeing him standing quite staring her.

Karan took one more glass of water and poured on himself. She shocked.

Kar: now laugh.

Nai: wat?

Kar: I want to see u laughing always. U luk very beautiful and cute while laughing.

She blushed and went from there.

Kar: Naina stop pls.

But she went. He smiled.

After sometime both nairag went from there.

Suj: sanskar she’s really very gud. If she comes in this home, she’ll make it more beautiful.

San in mind: if u come to know abt her then… Uff I don’t want to imagine.


Sanskar room

San: bro, I’ve an idea.

He explained Karan.

Kar: it’s gud. We can try.


Next day in park ragsan were sitting down on grass. Karan signs someone.

Per: hi sanky.

San turned back: hey Tina. Wat a surprise? U here?

Tin: just I was going from here and saw u. So thought to meet.

San: after so long we r meeting. M very happy.

Tin: me too.

Both hug. Ragini was feeling jealous. They both talking for few mins. Sankar acting like ignoring Ragini and was seeing her from corner of his to know her reaction. Ragini just seeing them without any expression on her face. Sanskar thought she’s jealous and he felt happy.

San: let’s have coffee Tina. Oh I forgot to introduce u. Meet Ragini my fiance. Ragini she’s Tina. My school bestie.

Rag: hi. Suddenly u appeared here. M also very happy. Coz if my baby happy, then me too.

She hugs her. Both San and Tina confused. They thought she’ll feel jealous.

San: Tina u r looking so hot. Really I regret y I rejected ur proposal when u proposed me.

He was trying to make Ragini jealous. But she was not at all showing anything. Sanskar tried all possible ways but saw no effect on her. At last

San: ok bye Tina we’ll meet again.

Tin: bye dear. She kissed his cheek and left.

She went to Karan.

Tin: I did as u said. Give my money.

Kar: but nothing happened.

Tin: that’s ur prob. My work over give money.

He gave her money.

San: Ragini how u felt meeting her? She’s gud na?

Rag: smiling yes baby. She’s very hot.

Sanskar became sad seeing his plan failed.


Next day Tina comes to karsan.

San: why u came? Ur work over. And u got money too.

Tin: I want extra money.

San: for wat?

Tin: for this.

She showed them video from her mob.

It shown:

Tina was going to her car. Ragini comes to her holding something in hand which he hides.

Tin: hi Ragini. Wat u r doing here?

Rag poured a bucket of water on her head. Made her full wet.

Tin: WTH.?

Ragini took water pipe which was kept there for washing car and opened her car and poured on her car engine.

Rag: u r very hot na. It’s very dangerous to b so hot. So I made u cool. And to remind u this made engine also cool.

Tina became angry. Ragini took a pen from her bag and went near her cheek and made a little dot of black colour. Tina saw in mirror.

Rag: it’s not simple pen. That mark will go after one week.

Tin: but y you did?

Rag: sanskar called u hot and u kissed his cheek. My baby is very innocent. He doesn’t know girls like u r dangerous. So I did to remind u that u shud not repeat it again. See I made video of this. Whenever u go to sanskar or any girl’s boyfriend. U shud not behave like this. Bye coooool girl.

Karsan mouth opened after seeing video.

Tin: if u don’t give money I’ll go to her and tell this all done coz u told.

San: k k. Take this. Del that video.

She went from there.

Kar: bro. This plan failed. If she’s jealous also she’ll not harm u. Instead she’ll teach lesson to that girl. In short she’ll not not leave u.

Both Luk at eachother seeing thier plan failed.

Precap: sanskar’s another attempt.

So how’s this guys. Do like and comments.
Waiting for that.

Love you all.??

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