You are my Valentine (AdiYa) OS

Feb, 14, Morning 10 am, Zoya is standing infront of mirror infront of mirror in white coloured dress.

Zoya’s POV: Hope Aditya will like me in this dress.

She put veil on her head and she sit to pray.

Zoya(joint her hands): God, today my prayer is only one thing. I am going to propose Aditya. Please give me enough strength to speak to him. Whenever he looks at me, i lost words to speak. Today, i should speak to him.

Her prayer gets disturbed, when her mobile rings. She went to pick up the call. She smiles at the caller’s id.

Zoya: Adi.

She picks the call.

Zoya: Hello, Adi.

Adi: Zoya are you free today? Shall we meet?

Zoya(excitedly): ofcourse Aditya. We will meet.

Zoya gets ready quickly and she went to meet Adi. Zoya looks at Adi expecting him to comment on her look. But Adi just wish her formally. She becomes upset.

Zoya: Aditya i

Adi(interrupts): Zoya, will you help me?

Zoya(puzzled): sure, Aditya. How can i help you?

Adi: Actually i am in love with my classmate Pooja. (Zoya shattered) She resides in Delhi. I am nervous. You are good at uniting lovers na. Even we too met each other when you try to unite Noor with Arjun na. I know you can help me, if you wish.

Zoya(verge of tears): Aditya, that i have some work. Also, what i can do in this?

Adi(Pleads her): Zoya please. Just 7 hours for me. We will return from Delhi within night. I already booked tickets because of my belief on you.

Zoya tried to avoid. But she can’t she agrees atlast.

They went to Delhi from Mumbai. Adi took her to Taj Mahal. They sat under a tree in bench.

Adi: i asked her to come here.

Zoya nods.

Adi: What will come to your thought, when you look at Taj Mahal?

Zoya: it’s pain of love. Some where i read it, i don’t know whether it is true. It is a pain of love for another couple. When Shahjahan asks his painter to paint the replicate of Taj Mahal to his court painter, he can’t able to replicate it. Because it is pain of love. So, he who doesn’t know pain of love can’t able to paint it with feeling. Next day, he finds a letter in his home that her wife killed herself in order to make him feel the pain of love. With that pain he completed his last master peice Taj Mahal.

Adi(who listens patiently): last master peice?

Zoya: yeah, after to that he killed himself.

Zoya wipes her tears. Adi can feel pain in Zoya’s heart. Because she too undergo same pain.

Zoya: sorry, just overwhelmed. when she will come?

Adi: i think she came.

Zoya looks here and there. Adi pats her shoulder. Zoya turns to him and see mirror in his hand.

Adi: Zoya, she is in this mirror.

Zoya: what Aditya? My face only in this mirror. Where is your lover?

Adi: you are my love. I love you Zoya.

Zoya is stunned for a second.

Zoya: Aditya.

Adi: I love you Zoya. Do you remember our first meeting?


Mosque is shown. Adi and ArNoor standing outside.

Adi: we will go to coffee shop and speak about your issue.

Noor: bhai, my appi is inside. We will go after she came.

Adi: where is your Appi?

Noor(gestures inside): Appi

Zoya turns. She wears black colour dress and she puts veil on her.

Adi is mesmerised at her face. He is stunned.


Adi: i can’t see anything around us that day except your face. I can’t see anything behind your veil. When you put your veil, your face is only visible to me.

Now also, in this white dress, the veil on your hair. It is killing me Zoya. Will you marry me?

He kneel infront of Zoya and forward a ring.

Zoya is speechless. Tears roll down her eyes. Β She hold his shoulder and make him stand and hugged him tightly.

Zoya: for about 4 hours, you killed me. Even me too love from our first sight. You are such a cute person who always make everyone laugh. Keep everyone happy. I love you Aditya.

Adi kissed her forehead and slides a ring in her finger.

Adi: Sorry baby, just to tease you. I love you so much. You are my Valentine.

– Happy ending.


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  1. Happy valentines day….after a short break u came back sissy…the update was so nice and lovely…at first I was shocked to know that adi love pooja..felt so sad for soya…later they went to Delhi…to Taj Mahal the symbol of eternal love…their conversation at Taj Mahal was so touching. …and when she asked adi where is his lover ..she showed the mirror and said it is zoya. …it was so nice and the twist was awesome…I loved it so much…adi proposing zoya was so cute and lovely…thank u sissy for adding these beautiful and lovely pics…wish u a happy valentines day…and may God bless u with a life of true and unconditional love

    1. Anuva

      Thank you so much dear. Thanks for your blessings. And i wish the same to you God should bless you with lots of love

  2. Jasminerahul

    wow zoya wants to propose adi.shocking that he loves Pooja n he wants zoya to I it’s him with pooja. but had a hope that adi doesn’t love pooja. going to taj Mahal in Agra was a surprise. zoya narrating the story of court painter was touchy.pain of love was striking. finally adi introducing his beloved as her own reflection on the mirror was a surprise twist.lovely. adiya first meeting was sweet.their confession of love. ..hug. ..ring scene were romantic. loved adi saying that zoya is his Valentine.perfect pics.hats off to you for that.

    1. Anuva

      Thank you so much sissy. I learnt to add pics from you. Thank you

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