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hiiiii guys

thank you all for ur support for my stories . As I am caught up in some personal work I will be uploading a promo for my story .

Scene 1

Annika is in a party . She is looking through the place and finds some photographs of shivaay with his parents .She is shocked .

Annika- No No this cannot be true . Shakthi singh oberoi is shivaay’s  father . did shivaay betray me ???

scene 2

Shivaay – annika i wanted to tell a lot but now i dont think i will be able to tell you everything but just want to say …..

Annika – tell me shivaay

Shivaay – actually i love you

Annika – sorry shivaay i have no feelings for u shivaay or should i call you Mr. Shivaay singh oberoi

Shivaay – i am sorry annika i didnot do it intentionally i just wanted to ……

Annika – enough shivaay enough!!!!!

Annika turns and was about to walk ,but shivaay pulls her and she lands hitting his chest . She saw a different shivaay not the one she was used to, there was a unrecognizable emotion in his face. He turns her and holds her from behind and whispers in her ears

Shivaay- listen to me annika or should i say Ms. Annika Vihaan Verma !!!!!

Annika is shocked and turns to look at shivaay who is having a stern face

so thats it . before this segment there will be few epi then this segment will take place . I think there are a lot of suspense in this story right now

silent readers pls comment . your comments give me strength to cont further . thank you all my lovely readers for commenting in my previous update . I love u all .thank you nithu , diya ,nikitha_ jai29, itsmeprabha,shanaya_rajput thank you soo much you guys encouraged me a lot.



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  1. pls post it soon

  2. Awesome promo
    Looking forward to the sorry
    Update soon

    1. **story**

  3. Ananyagour

    Oh… really interesting plzz post ASAP I m waiting for ?

  4. Nyc yaar come soon with ur cool epi ????????

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

  6. ItsmePrabha

    Promo looks promising…

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