You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s love (Pagal Nilavu serial) Season 1 Episode 9

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You Are Always Mine!

Season 1 Episode 9

RECAP : Karthik asking Revathi Jr to trust him. Rethik get emotional.


Scene 1 :

Karthik : You are stupid to say that you will die.

Revathi Jr : Sorry Karthik. I won’t tell like this hereafter.

Karthik consoles her by hugging.

Revathi Jr (tears in her eyes) : I’m so stupid, I called you over here to surprise you, but I said such.

Karthik (wipes her tears) : Baby, it’s history. But don’t ever utter that word.

Revathi Jr : I won’t.

She gives him a gift. He opens it and it’s his favourite watch. He gets happy seeing it and romantically hugs her.

Karthik : Thanks Rev! Thank you so much. I had my watch broken, I thought to buy a new one, but I got this one with love.

Revathi Jr : No thanks between lovers. I didn’t know you had your watch broken lol. I know what boys like. I also have another gift for you. Just close your eyes.

She then makes him wear a ring.

Karthik opens his eyes. He gets surprised seeing the ring with a heart sign indicating them.

Revathi Jr : See, it’s indicating us, Karthik and Revathi. This suits a lot for you. Make sure you won’t remove it. I also have your ring worn.

Karthik : Trust me as I told you before. If you’re wearing the ring I bought for you, how could I remove this one? I won’t baby. This ring is cute as you.

Revathi Jr : Sometimes you compliment me too much. I won’t believe you. You are a fraud! (Runs away from Karthik)

Karthik goes after her and searches for her. Revathi Jr scares him and laughs seeing him frightened.

Karthik finally catches Revathi Jr and holds her hand. They share a romantic moment.

Scene 2 :

Ten Days After, Revathi Sr and Andal are packing their luggages.

Revathi Sr : I knew that those two men will get up late.

Andal : They challenged us that they will get ready within time. See what happened.

They tease Shakthivel and Azhagar.

Azhagar : We got ready, going to see the confirmation of tickets in the website.

Andal : Okay, see.

She and Revathi Sr laugh.

Shakthivel and Azhagar go to the website, later get shocked on seeing the tickets cancelled.

Azhagar : It means someone hacked the account and cancelled the tickets. So who it maybe?

Revathi Sr and Andal get shocked hearing this. They come over.

Andal : Who did this? He should get caught soon.

Revathi Sr : We have to report this to the police station. We should find the IP address of the hacker.

Azhagar : Don’t know who’s that imposter. Is he related to us?

Shakthivel : I feel bad for Karthik and Revathi, they would have been waiting for our arrival.

Revathi Sr : We can manage. They will be waiting for us. Let’s file a complaint.

Scene 3 :

Revathi Jr thinking of her parents.

Revathi Jr : Mom and Dad, I’m gonna meet you after a long time. Let’s see your change.

She gets a call from Andal.

Andal : Hello. How are you da?

Revathi Jr : I’m fine ma. Did you board the flight? I will be the happiest person to see you all.

Andal gets worried.

Andal : Actually Revathi, there’s a problem regarding the flight, we couldn’t come today.

Revathi Jr : Wait what? Are you serious ma?

Andal lies to Revathi Jr that the flight got crashed before they came to airport.

Revathi Jr in tears : Oh no! Are you safe?

Andal : We are heading back home.

Revathi Jr : I was happy by your arrival, but something tragic happened.

Andal : You must be very hurt. I’ll definitely come to you soon da. Bye, love you.

Revathi Jr : Your convenience matters to me the most. Bye, love you ma.

Revathi Sr consoles Andal as she lied to Revathi Jr.

Scene 4 :

Azhagar and Shakthivel back home, frustrated.

Azhagar : Soon we will catch that criminal.

Shakthivel gets an anonymous phone call. It’s a man.

Man : Hey! Looks like you are angry. Cool down. I know you all, but you don’t know me. I was the one who spoilt all your so called plans.

Shakthivel shouts angrily. Azhagar calms him down and asks him to put on speaker.

Azhagar : Who are you? Why are you doing this to us?

Man : Whomsoever I maybe, who are you? I know you are a bunch of losers.

Azhagar : Just shut up! What do you want from us?

Man : I know your children are in Canada. You wished to stay there permanently, but fate made your lives opposite.

Shakthivel : I won’t let you accomplish your mission. Surrender to police or else…

Man : Oh, I’m sooo scared!! (Sarcastic taunt)

Shakthivel ends the call angrily.

Azhagar and Shakthivel worry for Rethik.

Scene 5 :

Revathi Jr rings Karthik’s doorbell. Karthik opens it and Revathi Jr hugs him with tears in her eyes.

Karthik : Hey what happened Rev? Why are you crying?

Revathi Jr : A sad news Karthik.

Karthik makes her sit and asks her to tell him.

Revathi Jr : Remember I told you my parents are coming here. But they won’t come now as their flight got crashed before they came to airport. You also told your parents are coming in the same flight.

Karthik (shocked and panics) : What? My parents didn’t tell me! I have to call them.

He calls Revathi Sr but she doesn’t pick up.

Karthik : She’s not picking up her phone. I’m worried.

Rethik console each other and they feel the pain.


Next episode promo : Revathi Sr calls Karthik and lies to him about the incident.
She consoles him. Raja tells Rethik that there is no such news of the flight crash. Rethik shocked. Revathi Jr says to Karthik that they will go to Madurai for their parents and she will book tickets. Karthik agrees.


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  1. Nice part. Who is that stupid person? Atleast they should reach there.

    1. Sandhya16

      You will get to know tomorrow ?.

    2. Sandhya16

      I meant you will get to know in the upcoming episodes.

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